otp: the romantics

signs as Romantics era poets
  • Aries: John Keats
  • Taurus: Christina Rossetti
  • Gemini: Robert Burns
  • Cancer: William Wordsworth
  • Leo: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Virgo: William Blake
  • Libra: Hannah More
  • Scorpio: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Sagittarius: Thomas Moore
  • Capricorn: Lord Byron
  • Aquarius: Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Pisces: Mary Robinson

And we three. We elegant three within. I should like to think that an irate Jehovah was pointing those arrows of lightning directly at my head. The unbowed head of George Gordon, Lord Byron. England’s greatest sinner. But I cannot flatter myself to that extent. Possibly those thunders are for our dear Shelley. Heavens applause for England’s greatest poet. 

your mouth is a storehouse of surrogate
bones, you grow fruit trees and crocus
in the back of your throat.
give me
your moonshoulders, the stars all over
your body, and the keys. hand over
the map (…)
my love, my sphinx, my vanishing
point, I am not perfect. but
I was built for this.
—  marty mcconnell, excerpt of the chariot in love

Watch this extremely accurate thing and also the next one after it which is about Percy Shelley.


this was very fun to do but also remember this is an attempt aka pls ignore the weird yoUuuUuUU thing i did at the end

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romanticz talk dirty to me au

percy shelley does vocals

lord byron does the 2 chainz part

mary shelley plays the saxophone

keats dances in the background

coleridge moans uncomfortably but vaguely sexually

wordsworth does the intro and outro voice

MBTI Minis-Me’s! pt.1:The Romantics

I had this real cool idea to try and represent each MBTI type with a single mini-me (oozing originality, I know!)

I consider each of these characters Agender (or Graygender) and Pansexual for universality purposes. I won’t possibly be able to create a character that can dawn the physical qualities of every person of each personality type, but I will try my best to create characters that are relatable to everyone. And now, some tiny overviews and inspirations/comments for each type.

Iona Frooples (INFP): Rose-colored glasses…get it? (lol true comedian) My brother said they look a bit psycho, but that just means I’m stepping in the right direction! Oh, and: scarves.

Endo Frooples (ENFP): Wears a surgical mask simply because they get sick a lot. Probably due to religious practice of the 5 second rule. This little blue skittle has a fanny pack! Who even wears those anymore! (I love you nerds)

Inei Fujde (INFJ): What a cutey-patoot! Caution: beware hawk-eyes that see through your bullshit. Beauty mark on the forehead represents their wise nature (beauty mark readings are the best).

Enshi Fujde (ENFJ): Look at this sweet watermelon! Pens in the bag like a true teacher; always ready to give you a lesson on proper ethics. The founder of pink lipstick.

Next up, The Rationals (NTs)!