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A tribute to Demo

Over time Demo has become one of my favourite characters in this whole series. It’s very sad that he gets so little attention (from both the comic team and the fans it seems). That’s why I decided to make a small appreciation post about what I like about him.

Let’s start with chapter 1: Gray Mann took over Mann Co. and fired all mercs. Most of them went into hiding or just moved on with their lives:
Scout: Helped Soldier and then wanted to get his money from the bank before vanishing. Ended up in prison though.
Soldier: Was kicked out of his castle and then started working as a tourist guide.
Pyro: Apparently became the CEO of a freaking engineering company??
Heavy: Returned to his family in Siberia.
Engie: Disappeared and took care of the Administrator.
Medic: Started working for a different team.
Sniper: Went back home to Australia and then started looking for his birth parents.
Spy: Wanted to go underground for a while. Ended up in prison with Scout unfortunately.

But what does Demo do? Nothing. He is depressed and unable to move on with his life. This job was everything to him.

He seems to drink even more than usual and completely lets himself go, not caring for anything. 

And now look at him when Miss Pauling is giving him his job back.

Look at his face: He is so genuinely happy and blissful when he is offered to join the gang again. Totally changed from one second to the next! :D

Another thing to notice about Demo is that he doesn’t bear grudges against his friends, no matter how shitty they may treat him.

Sniper knocks him out and then wants to throw him into a shallow grave!

But who is the one who supports Sniper after he got shot by the TFC mercs? Demo. 

In Chapter 6 Medic joins his old comrades in battle again. 

Medic betrayed the team and got Sniper killed, but he brought him back to life later - and that’s all that matters to Demo. He also doesn’t really mind Medic cutting pieces of his brain out.

(Don’t forget, he also immediately forgave his liver for leaving him.
DemoxLiver = OTP lol)

Look how happy and enthused he is to be back in action and to blow things up. This guy loves his work!

Look how happy he is to be reunited with his team. This guy loves his friends!

He is the only one of the mercs who visibly cares for the others and is happy to work with them. And that’s why I love him. :)


8 Things I Love About Wolfgang

1. His love for Felix, brother-by-choice

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Wolfgang has protected Felix, since the day Felix reached out his hands to him. And Felix never left his best friend alone.

Original post [x] @therxbellion

Before Wolfgang was reborn as sensate, Felix has been the one who shared his joy, anger, and grief – and he still does. They’ve spent their moments together. Because it’s always been two against the world.

Original post [x] @dizzeikipling

Choice is not accidental, and Wolfgang chose Felix to be his brother. It is a strong connection – strong as sensates in same cluster – which Wolfgang will never break nor betray. Wolfgang will do anything to protect his brother, and so will Felix.

2. His smiles which are mostly smirks

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Yeah.I don’t buy any of your bullshit, bitch. smirk.

Original post [x] @skylerlockerbie

Bring. It. On. smirk.

3. The way he cares about his cluster pt. 1 – the (ง'̀-‘́)ง trio

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A man who believed in choices. Who did not believe in something that is beyond his control…something that is as accidental as blood. He now has a whole new family, not by his choice.

Original post [x] @nestarearland

Nonetheless, he loves and protects them with all cost.

Original post [x] @amanitacaplan

He doesn’t talk much, but you know he’ll always be there for his cluster.

4. The way he doesn’t ask for help (…but everyone knows)

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Wolfgang doesn’t need anyone. He never asks for help, ever.

Original post [x] @oils-n-stuff

But everyone knows when he needs one…because he literally visits everyone with I-think-I-might-die-today-face but says he’ll handle it alone.

5. Wolfgang + Water

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even better with Kala.

6. The way he cares about his cluster pt. 2 – with Lito

Friendship between Lito and Wolfgang was something unexpected, especially when Lito with one flip flop (#OperationFlipFlop) appeared to help Wolfgang. At first I was like, really? Lito? How is he gonna help Wolfgang? and soon it turned out to be one of my favorite relationships in the cluster – of course, I adore all relationships in the 8/8 cluster.

One of a few people whom Wolfgang shows his genuine smile to – Lito, Felix, and Kala.

Original post [x] @wolfgagnbogdanow

It was sad to see their last interaction is when Lito felt Wolfgang’s pain during his torture and had nosebleed. I hope to see them smiling at each other in real life. #BringBackSense8

7. The way he looks at Kala (OTP: Thank God For Gravity)

Original post [x] @kalawolfang

Pure, gentle, soft.

Original post [x] @pajamasecrets

Intense, passionate, breathless.

Original post [x] @omgkcjade

cute, adorable, playful.

8. Although he doesn’t seem to care, he is the king of Berlin

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Do not even dare to get in his way or hurt the ones he loves, because this guy will show no mercy. He does things intensely, but only ones that matter to him.

Stop With The Hate

I see too many LuffyxNami shippers being way too aggressive with other shippers and vice-versa. A bunch of ganging up, name calling, and insults between different ships IS NOT something I support in my blog or in my shipping fandom. It is nothing more than BULLYING. I think shipping should be something that everyone can enjoy. People have a right to support whatever ship they like and people don’t have the right to bash someone for it.  

There are ships that I do not like and even hate, but I try my best to not bad mouth other ships and shippers in my blog because it’s about respect. Even if the other side is not showing any respect towards you, you should just ignore it or try to show some respect towards them because it makes you the bigger person. Don’t give me that bullshit excuse of “We have to defend ourselves”. That answer is UNACCEPTABLE. If you want to defend your ship, then make posts that builds supports within your shipping fandom and NOT to argue against other shippers that oppose your ship. It will get you no where. I don’t want to hear “It will make them and their ship look stupid because they can’t defend their ship and bring support for our ship.SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! Leave the other shippers alone because at that point you are only trying to make yourself feel good by putting other people down.  I understand that some people do not do anything, but still get hate and all I can say is just ignore the haters or you can simply block whoever is harassing you.

 The kind of shipping I like is showing actual moments, hints, and development that shows why I think my otp will happen. Whether you think your ship will happen or not you shouldn’t care what people say because what matters is what you like and want (unless Oda says otherwise).

Remember these are only fictional characters. People shouldn’t obsess on One Piece or on pairings. You have other things in life you should prioritize on. If you obsess, then you could end up getting depressed when things don’t go your way. I made my blog as a hobby that I can peacefully enjoy. A lot of the time people should just go with the flow in One Piece and just accept things that Oda gives the readers and not complain because he is the author of the series.

 If you felt mad or offended by my post, then GOOD because all that says is that you have bullied someone too and you are upset that someone had pointed out the actions you have done.

I hope people can ship in peace again and stop with childish nonsense because this doesn’t make supporting pairings any fun. I hope this post helps people of all kinds of fandoms.



 P.S. If I didn’t tag your pairing, then feel free to tag in.

Reasons Luke & Lorelai are the ultimate OTP. 


There is a lot of debate amongst Gilmore Girls fans about whether or not Luke Danes or Christopher Hayden is Lorelai’s one true love. On one hand, Christopher and Lorelai have a history (aka Rory) and have a great time together. On the other hand, Luke has been there for Lorelai through almost everything since Rory was a kid.

I have always thought it was pretty obvious that Luke has had the upper hand. Lorelai and Christopher have good chemistry and everything, but the sparks between her and Luke are undeniable and last seven painful seasons (plus the 4+ years we don’t see on the show).

I feel like the epitome of Christopher’s relationship with Lorelai is when he inherits that huge sum of money from his grandfather and offers to buy Lorelai whatever she wants (a castle, a Bentley, a new house). He goes one step further when he convinces her to let him whisk her away on a romantic trip to Paris, rents out an entire restaurant, and then persuades her to get married.

Similarly, Max Medina (Maaaax Medina) sends Lorelai 1,000 yellow daisies when he proposes to her.

To an outside viewer, these seem like perfect grand romantic gestures - how could anyone say no?

Lorelai is a sucker for grand romantic gestures. She has been starved for affection her whole life, so any time someone goes out of their way to validate her value to them, of course she is overcome with emotion. But here’s the thing: those things aren’t her. Lorelai left the life of money and extravagance to live her own life totally separate from that. When she did this, she put herself in a place where she was unable to provide the people she loved with over the top expressions of adoration, so she did a lot of little things to show everyone how she felt. She passed this on to Rory, who did things like spell out “Happy Birthday Lorelai” in mallomars. Of course, in Stars Hollow, when you’re as beloved as the Gilmore Girls, it’s likely that you’ll get a little extravagance anyway. But the Hollow does it simple - just a party in the square with food, dancing, games, drinks, maybe some silly handmade decorations. Everyone in town pitches in to throw a celebration - a million little things for one big thing.

So let’s talk about Luke Danes - and we won’t even get into how Luke loves and cares for Rory no strings attached + was her father figure growing up.

Luke has been one of Lorelai’s closest friends in Stars Hollow for a majority of her time there. He has the coffee and he feeds her and her kid. We all know that Luke has been in love with Lorelai pretty much since the day he met her, and still he performed all these selfless acts with no ulterior motives.

Luke fixes the crap shack without being asked.

Luke doesn’t make the girls pay for all their meals.

Luke makes Rory a coffee cake and gives her balloons for her birthday.

Luke makes Lorelai a Santa Burger.

Luke lets Lorelai borrow his car to move Rory into Yale.

Luke helps Lorelai move Rory into Yale.

Luke attends Rory’s high school graduation.

Luke gives Lorelai (lovely) jewelry that’s handmade by his sister.

Luke takes Lorelai to his sister’s wedding for their first date.

Luke takes Lorelai to his second family’s restaurant for their second date (first official date I guess).

Luke asks Lorelai what music she wants him to buy for the apartment so she has something to listen to when she stays over.

Luke buys a TV for his bedroom for Lorelai even though he knows they’ll disturb his REM sleep.

Luke buys Lorelai flowers for the inn’s test run.

Luke comes to Lorelai’s rescue both times Richard is in the hospital.

Some bigger gestures by Luke include:

Luke builds Lorelai a chuppah by hand.

Luke builds Lorelai an ice rink.

Luke lending Lorelai $30k to open the inn.

As far as these big gestures go, Luke’s motives behind them are selfless. Luke builds her a chuppah because he felt bad about what he said to her about marriage, and he wanted her to have a beautiful wedding. Luke built Lorelai an ice rink because he hated that she had such a shitty experience with snow, and knew she’d had a bad night because of how she acted at the diner; he is trying to cheer her up and repair her precious relationship with her beloved flurries. Luke loans $30k for the inn so that Lorelai can achieve her dream; loaning her the money was his way of saying that he believed in her and knew she had what it takes to make her goal a reality.

The difference between Luke’s actions and all of the other men in Lorelai’s life is that Lorelai can easily reciprocate. The small gestures are more meaningful to her because she can return the favor (even though Luke doesn’t expect her to). This is something that Lorelai is incredibly stubborn about; she doesn’t like people to do her favors that she can’t repay. It makes her feel like a charity case and like she is incapable of taking care of herself. Just like how she wanted to write out specific terms and repayments for Luke’s loan, Lorelai wants to be able to return the love and kindness others show to her. It creates a great balance and helps her make sure that her relationships don’t feel one-sided.

Luke knows this about Lorelai - it’s how he convinces her to take his loan for the inn and almost convinces her to take a loan for the termite repairs (among other things). He knows how to selflessly offer himself to her without making her feel overwhelmed, helpless, or invaluable. He somehow manages to do all of these things for her while also continuing to build her up and validating her worth to him and others.

This is why they’re so perfectly matched. They both want to give each other the world but they know that the other is simply too stubborn to accept, so they give one other small but wonderful pieces of it without expectations. Except the two of them always reciprocate :)

that thing when your otp is having a casual conversation on the phone but one of them is dying and the other one doesn’t know, but it doesn’t matter because the one dying can’t tell the other one what’s happening and because they only wanted to hear the voice of the love of their life one last time.
y'all gotta stop, it’s sad I can’t handle that shit.


Manhattan | a Dair fanmix

01. we’re after the same rainbow’s end / 02. she’s high society, she’s got the best of everything, what could a guy like me ever really offer? / 03. when she knows what she wants from her time, and when she wakes up, and makes up her mind / 04. he keeps his word, and for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts / 05. out of my league, old school chic, like a movie star from the silver screen, you’re one of a kind / 06. to put it nicely I’m likely do anything for you / 07. can I help but rejoice that a song such as ours came to be? / 08. I have never loved a darker blue than the darkness I have known in you / 09. will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty? / 10. you never find what you’re looking for, but keep searching for something that’s more than you can ever dream / 11. is it to late to make you mine, tell me there’s still time / 12. but in the real world we must say real goodbyes, no matter if the love will live, it will never die / 13. you can have Manhattan, the one we used to share, the one where we were laughing and drunk on just being there, hang on to the reverie, could you do that for me? ‘cause I’m just too sad to

[ L I S T E N ]

anonymous asked:

why do you say don't be rude to others??? if a ship is abusive and possibly incestual and literally includes what is meant as a metaphor for rape then why would it deserve any respect??????

Cause the ships aren’t real. Fiction is used to explore and imagine different things. If someone can imagine a coffee shop Au why can’t others imagine darker/taboo themes? I got notps that are abusive and/or incest and I got otps that are . It’s a matter of taste and what one likes in fiction and only fiction. And even if I never shipped abuse and incest I’m not gonna be bugging others saying why they are wrong for liking it. Especially at random people I don’t know and most likely never meet face to face. People that have those types of ships have common sense to know fiction from reality. I like Hannibal x will which I a toxic ship, if I saw that in real life I call the police in a heart beat.

Also some y'all take fiction to seriously, it’s not a job just a hobby to pass time and have fun, others to cope. It’s not that deep and I stand by what I said don’t be rude and nasty to each other. I don’t care if you hate abuse and incest ships that’s perfectly fine to hate it and I’m not gonna force you to like it. If I can respect you hating something why is it hard to respect those that do like it?
Let me say this again it’s fiction not real anything and everything can happen in the story. If I want to write a canon abusive ship and creat an Au where they are happy and healthy no abuse then I will. Just how I can turn an innocent character into a dark and scary person.

If you can’t stand that people like something you aren’t fond of block and blacklist move on with your day it’s easy respectful, and stress free. So again hate or like a ship it don’t matter just don’t be rude and nasty to each other for it cause everyone has different opinions and reasons on ships.

Clarke tries to do what she thinks is right. And many times, Clarke fails, makes mistakes, hurt people in the process, and regrets. And NO ONE in this entire show, understands that better than Bellamy Blake, because he too, tries, fails, hurts people. And always, always, the only thing that matter is that they have each other’s back.
You know, your average very extra dramatic otp :)))))

I’ve been trying to think of the right words to say ever since the wedding and finding out about Jen. This is gonna be a lot of cheese though so bare with me. 

OUAT has mean the world to me. For six years it’s been my hope and something I always had to look forward to. Emma Swan was everything I wanted in a character. She’s my hero. She went from being a lost little girl to a woman who knows “she was never nothing” and is surrounded by people who love her. She gives me hope every single day. 

This show/Emma helped me during some of the toughest times of my life. Nothing can ever take away what it’s given me. How it’s changed me. 

I’ve always known that one day this show would come to an end, but having a week to process losing my favorite female character of all time… is a lot to deal with. I went from being the happiest CS shipper to the saddest Ugly Duckling. 

But I want to remind everyone what I’ve been reminding myself these past couple days. Just because Emma won’t be on our screens anymore and maybe Once might not be on anymore doesn’t mean it’s over. It isn’t tied to just the 6 seasons, these characters and stories will  be with us forever. I will take the lessons I learned with me, and we can all carry on the legacy of Emma Swan. 

Let us remember the gifts this show has given us. We got the best hero we could ask for in Emma. We got years of pining with her TL. They went on every kind of adventure possible, from going to the past, to being Dark Ones together, from literally going to the underworld to save each other. Things most OTP’s could only dream of. They got engaged twice and they had the most beautiful wedding. 

How many people can say that their favorite character got a song exploring the journey their character has been through and then a song that your OTP is singing together at their wedding about “happy beginnings”? We’ve gotten everything we’ve ever asked for. 

So no matter what happens, this story is ours. We’ll always have Emma Swan, we’ll always have Captain Swan and we’ll always have OUAT. It’ll live on with fic and art and in the ways we treat ourselves and our lives. 

No matter what, Emma Swan got her happy ending. She got her true love. We can all get those things too. And that’s what this show taught us. So let’s try to be happy for the last week. Because it’s not an ending, it’s a beginning.

PROMPT: Your OTP having their first kiss while their half asleep and only Person A remembers it. (Link to Prompt: Here)

- Sirius was an insomniac since the ripe old age of … birth.

- He’s never had a decent nights sleep.

- Well, you can’t when you live somewhere like Grimmauld Place.

- The house creaks constantly.

- Usually his mother is shrieking about one thing or another no matter what time of day or night it is.

- He usually sleeps with one eye open because he swears Kretcher will kill him in his sleep if he’s not careful.

- When he got to Hogwarts, it wasn’t much better.

- But at least he had a friend there who was just as much an insomniac as him.

- Remus didn’t sleep much at night either. 

- Every time he closed his eyes, he remembered that night when he was four years old.

- Those yellow eyes and screams haunt him to this day.

- So Sirius and Remus would sit up at night and talk about anything, everything and nothing.

- Then when they felt tired enough, they would go back to their respective beds and get maybe an hour or so of sleep.

- In their third year, they were both lay down in Remus’ bed and somehow both fell into a deep, deep sleep.

- When they woke up the next day, their legs were tangled and they were cuddling each other.

- It was the best nights sleep both of them had ever had.

- And so started the platonic nightly cuddles and bed shares.

- James and Peter didn’t bat an eyelid at it.

- If it meant their other two best friends could get a decent nights sleep, then who were they to judge?

- Plus, they looked so cute together.

- Then the dreaded prank of fourth year happened.

- They hadn’t slept in the same bed for nearly 4 months.

- And neither of them had slept for that long either. 

- James had tried to sleep in each of their beds with them a few times, but it just wasn’t the same. 

- As kind as James was, he just couldn’t replace the empty space the other boy left.

- That and his snores were really annoying up close.

- Remus wouldn’t even look at Sirius. 

- He wasn’t even angry at him anymore. 

- He just felt so sad.

- James was the one who confronted Remus on how he was looking these days, as well as how Sirius was.

- Both of them looked like walking corpses. 

- They skin seemed to hang off them from the amount of weight they both had lost and the bags under their eyes were shocking against their pale complexion.

- That night, Remus got out of bed around midnight when both James and Peter were asleep and walked over to Sirius’ bed.

- He pulled back the curtain and saw Sirius sat up, reading Remus’ favourite book.

- “R…Remus?”

- He didn’t speak to him.

- He just took his hand and pulled him out of his bed and over to his.

- They wordless got under the covers, pulled the curtains around them and cuddle into each other.

- And slept for nearly 12 hours each.

- When James and Peter saw them in a deep sleep the next morning, they knew things would get back to normal soon, and decided to leave them to sleep a little longer.

- Classes be damned.

- On the way to breakfast, however, they did put a bet on to see how long it would take for them to realise they were always meant to be more than just friends.

- They were in fifth year now and the nightly cuddles still continued.

- Sirius finally admitted to himself (and to James who punched the air in triumph because “Finally, you idiot! You’ve been half in love with Remus since first year!”) that he may slightly, possibly be … in complete and total love with Remus Lupin.

- Which made the nightly cuddles … hard.

- When he finally managed to calm his body down at night, he would just watch Remus breath gently before sleep finally claimed him as well.

- He always looked so harmonious lay in Sirius’ arms like this.

- His head rested on his shoulder, nose nuzzled into his neck.

- One arm was thrown over Sirius’ chest and one leg flung over his.

- There had been a few awkward moments in the mornings when they both had to move away and re-adjust because of the position, but they never spoke about it.

- This particular night, Sirius couldn’t help but to run his hand softly down the side of Remus’ cheek.

- He felt euphoric.

- Remus stirred slight and squinted his eyes open and pulled his head back to look at Sirius.

- God, he was beautiful.

- “Pads?” He croaked. “Everything alright?”

- Sirius just nodded and gave Remus a small little smile.

- “Yeah, Moons. Sorry I woke you.”

- “S’okay.”

- And then it happened.

- Unconsciously, Remus leant forward and place a slightly open-mouth kiss on Sirius’ lips.

- It didn’t last longer than 10 seconds

- But it felt like it lasted an eternity to Sirius.

- Remus snuggled back down and whispered something so soft, Sirius only just heard it.

- “I love you, Sirius.”

- And then he was out again.

- Did … did that actually happen?

- Did Remus just kiss me and tell me that he loved me?

- That was … that was our first kiss?

- That was our first kiss!!

- Sirius couldn’t sleep after that. He was too elated.

- He stayed awake all night replaying the memory in his head over and over.

- Remus kissed him! He loves him!

- By the time morning rolled around, Sirius was both extremely tired and wide awake.

- Remus stretched out and yawned before smiling over a Sirius.

- “Morning Pads. You look chipper this morning.”

- “I should think so! After last night, I’m the happiest person ever!”

- He grinned, pulling Remus in closer for a cuddle.

- But Remus was just confused.

- “Why, what happened last night?”

- Sirius immediately let go.

- Shit, what if that was a dream?

- “Do you … not remember?”

- Remus pulled a face and shook his head.

- “Remember what?”

- Sirius’ heart sank.

- “O-oh … well … it doesn’t matter. Nothing important …” He looked away.

- Remus placed his hand on Sirius’ shoulder.

- “Hey, if it’s important to you its important to me. What is it?” He coaxed.

- Sirius sighed heavily, then had the courage to look Remus in the eye.

- “Last night … you woke up and asked if I was okay … then …”

- “Then what, Pads?”

- “Then … then you kissed me. And told me that you loved me.”

- Remus’ eyes flew open as he abruptly sat up in bed.

- “I did what?!” 

- Sirius winced and started to get out of bed.

- “Hey, it’s okay. You were asleep and didn’t realise what you were doing. No big. I’m just gonna … go …”

- But Remus grabbed him and dragged him back onto the bed.

- “No, Sirius. That’s not what I meant … I meant … fuck, I can’t believe I told you that when I was asleep!”

- “It … it’s okay if you don’t …”

- “Sirius, stop. I meant that I can’t believe I wasn’t awake for our first kiss … or for the first time that I told you … that I’m in love with you …”

- Sirius’ eyes widened. 

- “You … you are?”

- The corners of his mouth started to spread. 

- Remus grinned and nodded back.

- “It .. it wasn’t just sleep talk? 

- Remus shook his head.

- “You really mean it?”

- Remus smirked even wider and nodding even harder.

- “I love you too, Remus!” He practically shouted.

- Then he pounced on top of him, throwing his arm’s around his shoulders in a large hug, toppling them both down onto the bed.

- They both couldn’t stop giggling and smiling at each other.

- Sirius lifted up on his elbows so he hovered over Remus who was lay on his back.

- Remus reached out to run his hand down Sirius’ cheek.

- “I really mean it, you know. I am so in love with you, Sirius Black.”

- “I’m so in love with you, Remus Lupin.”

- They both let out breathy laughs and stared leaning in toward one another.

- “Can I ….?”

- “May I …?”

- Both of their eyes slipped close as their lips slightly brushed together.

- Then suddenly, the curtain flung open with James and Peter stood on the other side.


- “Aww man. You guy’s couldn’t of waiting until New year’s to confess you’re undying love for each other? Ugh … he’s going to be insufferable now. More than usual.”


I didn’t just get the cure to el cancer. I got the cure to el everything. But there was only one thing that really mattered.

Benefits of choosing Sweeran as OTP

Well, firstly you will get a reason to smile by seeing only one picture.You will know how to find happiness in small things.You do not have to worry about the crack in their friendship because It will never happen.You will feel butterflies everytime you see them together.Their friendship will never make you sad because it is a blessing for them as well as for us.You will start watching every award function just to see them together.You will never be sad again.Believe me, Sweeran is the most amazing thing in this whole wide world.Nothing else matters to me more than that.

The Super Awkward Public Confession Incident

SO! I am a little (make that a lot) embarrassed to have written/be posting this and of the sheer ammount of asks I’ve sent to @geek-fashionista for her #teacher AU (which were all in Anon so thankfully nobody will ever know the magnitude of my obssession). But well, it escalated to the point that I just had to write The Thing™️ (yes it is I, thanks again for the support Princess).

Much like my #miraculous ladybug genderbend fanfic, I’ll be posting random out-of-order snippets for the teacher AU (but fear not, when I post a thing I’ll tell where it goes in the general scheme), mostly Lunon because I’m just really hardcore shipping these kids. God, I need help.

Today’s snippet takes place almost at the end of the story/AU, at the middle/end of Lucas and Manon’s senior year.

So, here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy!

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Look, y’all know what we’re like by now, so @thefairfleming​ and I present:

The Stallion Who Mounts The West*, aka the Jon x Dany Crack Western AU: an OTP: Here’s A Thing Joint

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Pairing: Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen
Rating: Gen now, but will probably get filthy because that’s how we roll
Summary: Jon is a lonely rancher, isolated, tormented by past love. Dany is a dispossessed drifter, looking to reclaim what’s hers. Sexy hijinks ensue.

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It’s like something out of a movie. The sort of movies Jon’s always scoffed at, with their romanticized versions of a West that never existed, one with noble cowboys whose guns only ever shot a villain’s hand no matter where they were aimed, winsome ranch wives and attractive drifters, no racial strife and none of the tedium that comes with setting fence posts or battling an endless variation of pests. All dream and no reality. All hat and no cattle. A drifter is as unlikely to be attractive as he’s likely to be an escapee from the prison down the interstate.

But as the woman riding at a slow clip down his isolated drive comes into focus, Jon realizes he may have to reevaluate his ideas on the relative appeal of drifters.

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anonymous asked:

Sugawara Koushi for the character ask!

lol i realized i reblogged two character asks things right in a row and im not sure which one you want so im just gonna do both which is more than a-ok with me

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

1: sexuality headcanon

i headcanon that he’s bi but tends to lean more towards men

2: otp

daisuga aka the only thing that matters to me

3: brotp

oisuga is such a Good brotp like honestly i feel like theyd be such good friends if they got to know each other better

4: notp

uhh i dunno probs kagesuga and like i dont like HATE it i just ship daisuga rly hard and i just dont see them being a good match

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

suga is NOT a morning person. everyone thinks he would be cause they see him as like all sunshine and smiles and stuff but literally anyone who knows him well knows it takes forever to drag him out of bed. also, in relating to that, i headcanon that suga has issues with insomnia and has to take sleeping pills for it

6: one way in which I relate to this character

so like im not really the Mom Friend in my friend group but this year i was section leader for my percussion section and i was their Mother and they were my Children and i just hardcore related to being like the team mom (or section mom) and idk if that makes sense but yea lol

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

omg i dunno if ive ever felt second hand embarrassment over suga hes so great in every way. probs like when he was screaming at the team during that one match and daichi was like “omg calm down” but it really wasnt that bad it was mostly like “yea u tell em suga”

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

SINamon roll, listen,,,,,i kno ppl say hes an angel,,,and he is but like,,,,,,,he can be devilish ok,,,,hes Sneaky

send me a character headcanon or a character to rate!