otp: the name that keeps me fighting

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But what about Adam introducing Caleb to Pokémon Go!?! (It's worth noting that it's 2:03 am where I am, I'm in my pjs in my yard, and until I thought of asking you this, I was looking of Pokémon. I'm really sleep deprived.)

But what about Caleb introducing Adam to Pokémon Go? 

“Caleb, I told you, I’m never going running with you.”

“No, wait, trust me, this isn’t running. We go around the neighborhood and catch pokémon!”


“They’re really cute?”


“We can go to the gyms and fight the guys on the team and probably actually beat them?”


“…fine. You can choose all the names.”

“Okay, let’s go. But this counts as me going to the gym with you - now you can stop bothering me about it.”

I think both you and I need some sleep. 

Dramione You’ve Got Mail AU

Hermione Granger owns a small independent bookshop called The Little Blue Bookshop - and she also owns a tumblr account under the name of ‘quickfoxjumpsoverlazythedog’. There she has an online relationship with another tumblr user called ‘wizarding’. They change messages on a daily basis. Little does she know that ‘wizarding’ is Draco Malfoy himself, the owner of Dragon Books, a chain of bookstores, and Hermione’s rival in business. While Hermione fights for keeping up her bookshop in the shadow of the gigantic Dragon Books store, ‘quickfoxjumpsoverthelazydog’ and ‘wizarding’ bond over love poems, their relationship deepening…


She’s my plus one.

Give her back to me!

Just tell her… Oh she knows.

Imagine that happened someone you-

And I’m never gonna leave you.

Quite right, too.

Where is Rose? WHERE IS SHE?!

That was our first date.

I’m so glad I met you.

Stuck with you, not so bad.

In my dreams, she keep walking away.

Rose would know.


Big mistake. That name keeps me fighting.

I only take the best. I’ve go Rose.

We’re calling him captain now?

… Yeepp. Still got it.