otp: the memory of my first love

young justice panel thoughts

let me be real about the panel

  • i really hope that zee is 13′s mentor bc my girl deserves so much more love
  • that’s if she’s a magic user as in traci thirteen
  • the fact that they said “zatanna and dick were to show you don’t always marry your first love“ really broke my heart but don’t think for a second i’m giving my otp up
  • uh steph/tim/cassie love triangle????? i want it but i don’t
  • why have the whole jason memorial if y’all aren’t gonna give any jason info???
  • bluepulse is gonna be canon no doubt in my mind pls and thx
  • virgil’s new look is fucking LIT and honestly i can’t wait bc i love him sm
  • still really sad about chalant
  • WALLY WHERE ARE YOU pls greg and brandon save him pls
  • what is up with this new ninja look???? 
  • i bet they’re their own covert team and they’re gonna get wally out of the speedforce pls
  • where’s m’gann???? 
  • and babs
  • kinda hope for wondergun but at the same time cassie and tim
  • is my girl zatanna okay? is she sleeping well? eating? i’m v worried about her
  • where is wally i’m so concerned about my fave speedster
  • lowkey glad they didn’t bring in starfire as much as i love kori i want to see other characters
One Direction Asks
  • What Makes You Beautiful: Name three things you love about yourself.
  • Gotta Be You: Talk about your crush!
  • One Thing: What's one thing your dream girl/boy HAS to have?
  • More Than This: What's the bravest thing you ever did?
  • Up All Night: Talk about the craziest night of your life.
  • I Wish: What's your biggest dream?
  • Tell Me A Lie: What was your most recent lie?
  • Taken: Talk about your last relationship.
  • I Want: Name three things you want in life
  • Everything About You: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • Same Mistakes: What's your most common mistake?
  • Save You Tonight: Which three things would you save if there was a fire?
  • Stole My Heart: Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn't have fallen for?
  • Stand Up: What's your favourite sport?
  • Moments: Talk about something good that recently happened to you.
  • Another World: Which fictional world would you want to live in if you could?
  • Na Na Na: What's one thing you can never say no to?
  • I Should Have Kissed You: Is there something you regret?
  • Live While We're Young: Talk about a childhood memory.
  • Kiss You: Tell the story of your first kiss.
  • Little Things: Name five things you find attractive in others.
  • C'Mon, C'Mon: What's your dream destination for a good vacation?
  • Last First Kiss: Do you want to get married? If so, talk about your dream wedding.
  • Heart Attack: Are you jealous?
  • Rock Me: List your ten favourite bands.
  • Change My Mind: Are you good at making final decisions or do you easily change your mind?
  • I Would: Name three guilty pleasures of yours.
  • Over Again: Talk about your first love.
  • Back For You: Talk about your best friend.
  • They Don't Know About Us: Share a secret!
  • Summer Love: Talk about a summer memory.
  • She's Not Afraid: What's your favourite horror film?
  • Loved You First: Are you a possessive person?
  • Nobody Compares: Who's your idol?
  • Still The One: What's one thing you can't seem to get over?
  • Best Song Ever: List your ten favourite songs.
  • Story Of My Life: List five things you can't live without.
  • Diana: What would you name your children?
  • Midnight Memories: Talk about a dream you recently had.
  • You & I: Talk about your OTP.
  • Don't Forget Where You Belong: Where do you feel home?
  • Strong: What are your three best qualities?
  • Happily: Name three things that make you happy.
  • Right Now: Do you miss someone at the moment?
  • Little Black Dress: How would you describe your style?
  • Through The Dark: What helps you when you're feeling down?
  • Something Great: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  • Little White Lies: Talk about your #1 sexual fantasy.
  • Better Than Words: Do you read fanfiction? If so, what's your favourite fanfiction?
  • Why Don't We Go There?: Which big cities have you been to?
  • Does He Know?: Would you be up for a threesome?
  • Alive: What's one thing you'd never tell your "real life" friends?
  • Half A Heart: What's your favourite lovestory? ( Book, film, etc. )
  • Steal My Girl: Did you ever steal anything?
  • Ready To Run: If you could have one super power, which would you choose?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Talk about the best concert you ever attented.
  • 18: Do you wish you were younger or older?
  • Girl Almighty: What makes you sexy?
  • Fool's Gold: Do you fall for people quickly?
  • Night Changes: What's one thing you don't ever want to change?
  • No Control: Can you control your temper ?
  • Fireproof: What scares you?
  • Spaces: Did you ever let someone go for good?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Name five kinks of yours.
  • Clouds: What's your star sign? Does your personality match it?
  • Change Your Ticket: What would you do with a million dollars?
  • Illusion: Do you believe in higher powers?
  • Once In A Lifetime: What's three things you want to do before you die?
  • Act My Age: Do you consider yourself mature?
  • Just Can't Let Her Go: Name five turn ons.
My OTPs part 3

Touya x Yukito or Touyuki: I have some good memories of watching Cardcaptor Sakura while I was chopping vegetables and preparing lunch.

They are so lovely! It was the first time I’ve watched a m/m pairing in an anime.

And they are a confirmed canon pairing! The scene when Sakura asks Yukito I was like: Is this real? OMG” 

The arc where Yukito starts to disappear and Touya sacrifices his magical powers is so amazing.

I’ve first watched the anime,then some couple of years later I’ve read the manga. I’ve always get warm feelings when I rewatch some of my favorite episodes. They make me want to cuddle!


Those tears in Baekhyun’s eyes.

That look in Baekhyun’s eyes.

Feels like he’s replaying all his memories with Yeol since the last six years and thinking to himself, “look how far we’ve come Yeol, but it still feels exactly like the first time I fell for you, everytime I look at you.”

Don’t tell me that’s not real. I’m so soft rn. Don’t touch me.


Cherik FTW comic strip 02

WOW i never expected the part 1 got so many notes!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for liking it !!! *crai*

I loved First Class so much ( I bet most Cherik fans started from that episode lols, YES I AM)

thank God the director deleted all the possible CharlesMoira scenes

Thanks again for the likes and reblogs! I really appreciate it and I SUPER enjoyed reading all the comments and hilarious hastags XDD 


You asked about the colors of the memory balls? 
I called it MIXED FEELINGS (youknowwhatimean)

[part 1]  [part 2]  [End]


Last Salvatore standing

Dedicated in loving memory to bri - bri was one of the first people I befriended on twitter and she was one of the best people I ever met on there. She was funny, kind, loyal and always excited and enthusiastic about Steroline, she made screencap edits and posted all their scenes right after they aired for us to all fangirl. The “Forbes-Salvatore” scene was one that she was so excited about and she passed before it was released but I believe when she found peace she still got to see it.

Love and miss you Bri


my third entry for klanceweek! this time, for prompt #3: scars

still debating whether or not to cross-post these entries on ao3 so let me know what you think. again, you can also find these short ficlets on twitter!

day 1 / day 2

Twenty years of protecting the universe can really take a toll on someone.

Two long decades of travelling through space, fighting a tyrannical empire, saving innocent lives, and piloting giant mechanical lions that can only do so much to protect the pilot within. Of course, taking on missions and fighting in hand-to-hand combat is dangerous; there’s no doubt about it. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

Or something along those lines. Lance stares out at the waves, lapping lazily at the shore. The sand glistens, a muted orange under the light of the star duo overhead, like a couple of miniature suns. Although it isn’t exactly like Varadero beach, Lance can’t help but take some comfort from the familiar sounds of the ocean.

At his side, Keith has yet to say a word. He sits a bit hunched over, naked from the waist up. They wear a matching set of red and blue swim trunks that have, according to Coran, been worn by the paladins for centuries. A faint sheen of sweat covers his body, and Lance finds himself mesmerized.

Carefully, Lance closes the gap between them and situates Keith between his legs. He goes willingly, and Lance can’t help but snicker at what his younger self would say if he knew Keith Kogane let him maneuver his body like this.

Well, there are a lot of things young Lance wouldn’t believe about their current relationship.

“Easy, Lance,” Keith warns but his words don’t have much bite. Lance has learned over the years that the heat turns Keith into a pile of moldable mush. “My back is sore.”

“Don’t worry, samurai, I’m just going to reapply some sunscreen so you don’t turn into a lobster. Again.”

“Hey, I didn’t get that red last time.”

“Sure you didn’t,” Lance drawls. He squeezes a generous amount of the Altean equivalent of sunscreen into his palm. “Maybe it’s a Galran thing. I’ve never seen one of those guys hanging out at the beach.”

Keith clicks his tongue but doesn’t protest further. Muscles twitch beneath Lance’s hands as he slowly spreads the crème across Keith’s back. Miles of pale skin stretch out before him, begging to be appreciated. Lance maps out Keith’s body with his fingertips, places he’s touched hundreds of times before. There doesn’t seem to be a single spot Lance doesn’t have committed to memory.

Lance’s fingers skitter up Keith’s spine, brushing over each vertebrae along the way. Once he reaches the base of Keith’s neck, he sweeps his palms down and across his shoulder blades. A mole here and, oh, a birthmark there. And, almost as numerous as the moles, are scars.

Tiny patches where puckered skin hints at past battles. Purple tinges each mark, just slightly off from Keith’s natural skin tone. One jagged scar stretches from the top of Keith’s right shoulder down to the middle of his spine. Another sits at his lower back, a rectangle-shaped mark Lance speculates has been there the longest.

Scars cover Keith’s body, and Lance knows them all by heart.

Lance kneads, pinches, and rubs as he works. His hands settle on Keith’s shoulders, trying to ease every bit of muscle tension. A minute or two of massaging is all it takes to draw pleased sighs and moans from Keith. Lance grins contentedly, glad to know he hasn’t lost his touch.

“Pretty sure I won’t get a sunburn now,” Keith jokes, tone soft and breathy. Lance stops for a moment, and Keith outright whines. “Lance, c’mon.”

This man will be the death of me, Lance decides with a mock exasperated sigh. “Yeah, yeah…”

Lance skims a diamond-shaped scar with his pinky, one he can only ever see at times like this when Keith’s chest is bare and hair tied back. Keith flinches at the contact, as he always does. The origin of this scar is… terrible, to say the least.

About ten years ago, Keith had been kidnapped by Galran soldiers. The skeevy Prince Lotor planned everything, capturing both the red lion and its pilot. His main focus, however, had been Keith. The only paladin with Galra in his blood—Lotor wanted to ensure Keith didn’t have any secret information about the empire tucked inside his brain.

So, until the other paladins could rescue him, Keith was trapped. He rarely discusses it, but, from what Lance has heard, it involved torture.

Lance shudders at the mere thought of Keith being battered and manhandled. Mental scars certainly require greater care—and more time—to mend. And Lance had been there every step of the way to help Keith heal. The scar is a hideous reminder of the torment Keith had experienced but also symbolizes how the two finally came together, gradually progressing from friends to something more.

“Hey… Keith?” Lance worries at his bottom lip.  


“I don’t think I say it enough so… you know that I, uh. That I love you. Right?” Lance’s mouth struggles like it’s stuffed with cotton. This is nothing like when he first confessed his feelings to Keith and yet that’s how it feels. That’s how it always feels.

“What’s gotten into you?” Keith tenses, and Lance draws his arms back against his chest. “Oh.”

“I sometimes forget it’s there.” Lance lightly presses a finger to the lavender little triangle. “But I don’t know how I could forget about…”

“It’s alright. That happened years ago.”

“You know how scared I was,” Lance mumbles. “And you—you weren’t you.”

Don’t cry, Lance silently begs. Please don’t.

“Well, I’m definitely myself now.” As if sensing the tears threatening to spill over, Keith looks over his shoulder. A small smile takes shape on his lips. The skin around his mouth wrinkles, as well as around his eyes, from many hours spent grinning and laughing at Lance’s nonsense. “That’s what matters.”

A weak laugh wrenches its way up Lance’s throat. “Yeah, but…”

“No ‘buts,’” Keith scolds. “You helped me back then. I wouldn’t be here right now if you hadn’t.”


“I’m serious. I could hardly sleep, and I felt like I was going crazy. You were the only one who knew what I needed.” Keith pauses, brow furrowing. “At first, I didn’t care about whether I got any better. But then you… you were doing so much.”

Lance shakes his head; words have totally escaped him. The telltale warmth of a tear gliding down his cheek forces him to curse. Stupid, stupid tear ducts.

“Lance, I— Shit.”

Keith turns all the way around and practically throws himself at Lance. Caught off guard, Lance falls backward, landing with Keith pressed against his chest. For a moment, their eyes meet, and Lance sees the entire universe reflected back at him. Then, just like that, Keith is groaning in embarrassment and burying his face in Lance’s neck.

“I love you so much,” Keith whispers against his skin. “So fucking much.”

Lance wraps his arms around Keith, savoring the vulnerable truth in those words. He never gets tired of this—of having Keith at his side. I love you, too. A memory flickers to life in Lance’s mind, of their first kiss, of the time Keith first thanked him for everything he had done. Keith had been a quivering mess back then, clutching at Lance like a lifeline. More than you’ll ever know.

So Lance holds Keith close, like he never plans to let him go.

(He doesn’t.)

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry i was wondering if you have any suggestions for otp names? i love your blog is very helpful btw

i’ve never had a request like this but i’m super excited to answer it?? they’ll all probably be song lyrics ( some adapted to work better ) because i just find that easier and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse ( whichever you wish to call them ), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different ships and brotp’s: 

otp: thinking out loud, otp: wish you were here, otp: stay with me, otp: love me like you do, otp: as long as you love me, otp: where are you now that i need you, otp: never let you go, otp: nothing like us, otp: stuck in the moment, otp: die in your arms, otp: somebody to love, otp: catching feelings, otp: heart wants what it wants, otp: come and get it, otp: love will remember, otp: you belong with me, otp: i knew you were trouble, otp: back to december, otp: everything has changed, otp: bad bood, otp: our song, otp: i know places, otp: all you had to do was stay, otp: pictures to burn, otp: how you get the girl, otp: the story of us, otp: see you again, otp: when i look at you, otp: can’t be tamed, otp: 7 things, otp: someone else, otp: wherever you go, otp: give your heart a break, otp: gift of a friend, otp: fix a heart, otp: two worlds collide, otp: shouldn’t come back, otp: this is right where it begins, otp: promised myselfi wouldn’t let you complete me, otp: is there somewhere you can meet me, otp: didn’t mean to fall in love tonight, otp: could we pretend that we’re in love, otp: something that we’re not, otp: let’s cause a little trouble, otp: maybe you could devastate me. otp: we wrote a story in the fog, otp: thinking about the feelings that we hide, otp: would it really kill you if we kissed, otp: loving him was red, otp: losing him was blue, otp: no one has to know what we do, otp: swallowing my pride, otp: i realised i loved you in the fall, otp: i swear i’d love you right. otp: you’ll be mine and i’ll be yours. otp: your eyes look like coming home. otp: it used to be mad love. otp: bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. otp: they are the hunters, we are the foxes, otp: i’ll take care of you, otp: dealing with a heart i didn’t break, otp: best i ever had, otp: we’re running out of time, otp: set fire to the rain, otp: make you feel my love, otp: can’t make you love me, otp: is it too late now to say sorry? otp: missing more than just your body. otp: falling in and out of trust. otp: no one’s ever left my quite this sore, otp: once upon a time you were my everything, otp: you always be by my side, otp: knew that i’d love you to the day i die, otp: we’re a secret, can’t be exposed, otp: heartbreak girl, otp: beside you, otp: long way home, otp: english love affair, otp: what i like about you, otp: heartache on the big screen, otp: everything i didn’t say, otp: close as strangers, otp: wrapped around your finger, otp: the only reason, otp: love in the sky, otp: where you belong, otp: they don’t know about us, otp: midnight memories, otp: summer love, otp: last first kiss, otp: crazy in love, otp: drunk in love, otp: best thing i never had, otp: bed of lies, otp: right by my side, otp: one last time, otp: love me harder, otp: almost is never enough, otp: just a little bit of your heart, otp: best mistake, otp: break your heart right back. otp: be my baby, otp: next to you, otp: don’t be gone too long. otp: we found love, otp: love the way you lie. otp: hate that i love you. otp: better together, otp: everlasting love, otp: feels like vegas, otp: scars to your beautiful, otp: river of tears, otp: focus on me, otp: good for you, otp: girls like girls, otp: never forget you, otp: how deep is your love, otp: every time we touch, otp: all the small things, otp: here in your arms, otp: she will be loved, otp: teenage dream, otp: say my name, otp: since you’ve been gone, otp: this love is a sure thing, otp: the one that got away, otp: unconditionally, otp: thinking of you, otp: international smile, otp: not like the movies, otp: it takes two, otp: lay it all on me, otp: stand by you, otp: the trouble with us, otp: fire and the flood, otp: on my mind, otp: the girl is mine, otp: wildest dreams.

Main Reason I'm Team Sucy

Hi it’s me. I love Sucy x Akko.

So the main reason is episode eight (if that’s the wrong number I mean the one where Akko goes into Sucy’s mind and they just yah you know??). Because that whole episode just gave us so much potential. which was sadly never followed up on but like if diakko ain’t canon idk what is

Anyway we’re here to talk about my otp not Diakko. Basically we’ll start at the cinema. You know when Akko goes to the cinema with the other Sucys and they’re playing back memories?? Yeah so we see Sucy playing tricks on Akko and in general, it’s kinda funny.

Akko is at first a little miffed but starts to laugh. Note how most of these memories include Akko.

Then we get to the big part. Akko’s confused and asks one of the Sucys what’s going on. And that Sucy acts happy and is like “Oh it’s always playing, I love it” ( or close enough to). So basically, the memory of Sucy meeting Akko is always playing. She just keep remembering it.

And can we appreciate how the style of the tv thing changes to be so much nicer, obviously how Sucy sees it. And all these parts of Sucy just sit watching it play and they all love it. You know what I’m getting at?? I mean like, this is the girl that tried to sacrifice them to get a chicken feather. If this ain’t something idk what is

And then we get to the kiss part. (can we appreciate that Sucy was in room 666 tho? I mean I haven’t seen much on that and it’s honestly the best ).

So the kiss. I mean like I understand Akko was under pressure but even she could have though to idk maybe pour the potions in Sucy’s mouth?? Because that’s the logical thing?? But no. She was like no I’m gonna kiss her. Which take anyway you want but yeah. You see.

Also, the dragon creature. It actually stopped and started like fangirling because Akko was going to kiss Sucy. Hahaha so funny, it’s us fans idk. But really if you look into it, I do think it implies Sukko.

Because no one can deny that that dragon wanted Akko to kiss Sucy. And this dragon is made up of parts of Sucy . So basically it’s parts of Sucy wanting Akko to kiss her.

Also (here comes the sadder part), this creature was made out of the Sucys that were going to be killed. Sucy was killing these parts of her off to survive but Akko saved them.

So basically this was Sucy killing off the parts of herself that want her to kiss Akko, to survive. And that just gives me feels.

Also the kind!Sucy was a part of this. Sucy was killing off the part of her that was kind. Why? She’s not a horrible person, she really cared about Akko and Lotte. So why?

Because this part of her, the nice part, was getting feelings for Akko. And she was getting rid of it.

The court scene shows that it wasn’t even up for debate. Kind!Sucy must die because Sucy needs to survive. Funny? Was it really? Or did it have a deeper meaning? Hmm….. (also Akko being protective over the kind side of Sucy, just fuck me up down and sideways)

Also I like to think these feelings remained because we never saw if the dragon died. Or what happened to those parts of Sucy. So for all we know they survived and so did these feelings.

Well that was my thoughts ^-^ Team Sucy ftw


It’s kinda early but here is my first munday thingy XD

웃    Last thing you remembering thinking before you fell asleep last night.

✅    Picture of Mun

☿     Something that scares you to your core.

♒    A memory that still makes you cry.

☑    The biggest regret of your life.

❣     Tell us about your fist kiss.

♥     Tell us about your first time.

❥     The first time you had your heart broke/ detail your first major break up.

✄    Something about yourself you’re really embarrassed or ashamed about.

☺    A memory that always makes you laugh out loud

♪     Your OTP and what do you think it says about you and the love you want/think you deserve?

♫    Style icon? Who do you wish you looked like?

♋    Secret, guilty pleasure

☯    Strangest turn on.

✐    Tell us a bit about your first writing project you can remember.

✒     Tell us about your favorite book

✑    The worst book you have ever read.

ϡ     Have you ever lied or cheated to get something you wanted, whether a lover, a grade, a toy, ect?

۵    Random piece of love advice

❂  Tell us your three wishes for yourself

✬   Do you hate anything about yourself

✣   What do you think your muse says about you?/ Your mun says about you?

✌    Something you would change of the fandom/character’s universe?

✚   Religious views? Paths to said views?

❇   Tell the truth about _____ [ asker makes up question]

1/? of a set I’m working on. :) 

LISTEN you guysss I’m a sucker for the “rude tsundere jerk with good intentions +  sweet sunshine girl who can curbstomp your ass” pairings and I stg I always end up shipping this dynamic no matter what. kacchako is my newest obsession so I had this crossover idea! first up is inukag! Classic banter between these two just brings back the best memories. I always loved Kagome’s selfish obsession with Inu’s ears and how he lowkey loved it but would always pitch a fit. <3 (i have a rival otp from this series that’s even edgier when it comes to this trope tho and i won’t tell so don’t guess lol)  I picture Uraraka and Bakugou having a similar situation. @ochakos-trashcan this is dedicated to you because you’re encouraging and awesome! 

More to come! So far i’ve sketched these two out as fuu/mugen, zuko/katara, soul/maka, and junkrat/mei. i’m sure there are more because I’m a simple girl and I’m weak to this shit. whenever I think of one of my past OTPs i’ll add it to the list for sure lol 

Happy New Year everyone! I’m off to a pajama party~ 

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Thane Krios

1: sexuality headcanon

No one is Straight in Space but I’m also gonna go with demisexual. He doesn’t seem real interested unless he likes you so.

2: otp

My rarest of rarepairs Thane Krios/Hannah Shepard (yep Spacer!Shep’s mom: here’s some fic)

3: brotp

Thane and Garrus, theoretically, seem like they’d get along pretty well. Also Thane and Samara

4: notp

I saw a tag for Thane Krios/Kai Leng once :/

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

He loves the beach, but he can’t go there anymore because of his Kepral’s Syndrome :(

6: favorite line from this character

“When a memory feels as real as life, it’s as valid as life. Thinking about a moment brings back the smell of cut grass, the warmth of another’s hand in yours–the taste of another’s tongue in your mouth.”

tell you what boi if Garrus hadn’t shown up first and the only times I could flirt weren’t after he finished telling me about his dead wife I might’ve been seriously tempted

7: one way in which I relate to this character

I also am not so good at expressing emotions and tend to dissociate when doing unpleasant things.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

how can he say the words “the taste of another’s tongue in your mouth” with a straight fucking face boy turned the flirt up to 11 with that sentence

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Unfortunately, Thane’s somewhere closer to the Problematic Fave side, but that’s okay he’s still Good

Send me a character!


Jaeduck + Jaijin: Busan Boys

Prior to debut, Jaijin and Jaeduck were in a dance team called “Quick Silver” based in Busan. Having no where to go in Seoul, they lived together at a janitor’s house for a while. 

Hi~ This is Duck
It’s really embarrassing to write a letter to you.
After we met, I could learn dance,and I could become a member of Sechskies.
Looking back, I feel like it’s all thanks to you that I could live a life full of wonders and fun.
Recently, you’ve been making me laugh a lot and you’ve been telling me good things when it’s just two of us together. Life is really fun.
Innocent and honest Jaijin~
Let’s keep having fun together.
Also let’s practice dance
-Jaduck’s letter to Jaijin (2016)

My friend
Always be healthy. Health comes first.
We’re making same memories in the same era…
We have to be healthy to do anything.
Every moments of right now will be remembered as the most radiant in our lives.
I love you <3 bro
-Jaijin’s letter to Jaeduck (2016)

pic cr: Abril 



Manwha: A guy like you
Chapter: 30 Korean raws
Website: Lezhin.com/ko


Summary: jinha shows go siwon what really happened at the freshmen retreat and that he made the first move. After seeing this memory he tells jinha that he regrets saying terrible things to him and asks why does he like him. Jinha responds by saying he has loved him ever since they were little and that he was the only one for him. Jinha confesses to go siwon and the chapter ends with them kissing. THE BEST PART WAS THAT GO SIWON DIDINT REJECT IT YAY

two hands digging in each other’s wounds

bellamy/clarke; rated m; 3,335 words

set in an incredibly optimistic future, 3 years post 2x16

read: ao3 or below 

The first time isn’t great.

It’s not like it’s bad but Clarke never really considered that sex with Bellamy would be anything less than great, even when she barely knew him

Keep reading

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @meiyanaalexia Thank uuuu <3

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  1. Do you cry easily? Not really, but it depends.
  2.  Are you easily influenced by other people? I don’t think so, but when i hear something that hurts me, i feel like i’m really influenced by people.
  3. What did you do of you summer? I was finishing my exams for the most part, and then i was with my friends in Germany for 11 days.
  4. What’s your favorite weather? Sunny, but rather cold or cloudly
  5. What’s your favorite instrument? Probably piano, but i also love cello
  6. Who’s your closest in real life (or internet) friend? I don’t really know- people usually really like me and i have  a lot of friends, though i am not really open person, so…but if i had to choose, i would pick my friend Caroline.
  7. What does it takes to make you angry ? I am hothead, so unfortunately it doesn’t take a lot. But I’m trying to be more patient. 
  8. Have any song you hate? I just hate an intro from a cartoon Noddy. Uff, I hate this cartoon so, so much XD
  9. What’s your favorite pun? Unfortunately it’s in my native language, so it’s kinda hard to get it in English :<
  10. Are you an artistic person? I love singing and i do this a lot, I also like drawing, but I’m crap in hand made’s works:D so idk.
  11.  Favorite OST of all time? (or an OST that you can’t stop listening to currently) It’s probably HP, LOTR and Narnia soundtracks. I also love The Eagle OST:

My questions

  1. Which song reminds you of your otp ?
  2. What’s your beloved quote ?
  3. Do you have your favourite Disney movie ?
  4. If you could change your life, what would you change ?
  5. What do you like about yourself ?
  6. What’s your favourite book (or books) ?
  7. If you had a super powers, what would they be ?
  8. What’s your first memory ?
  9. Do you believe in soulmates ?
  10. Do you have a lot of existential crisis ?
  11. What’s your clothing style ?

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1. What was your favorite toy as a child?  If not a toy, then a favorite memory? A stuffed something my mom had made for me. I don’t even know what it was supposed to represent as it was just a lump with arms, but I loved it nonetheless. :D

2. Do you have any pets?  If yes, what kind? (pictures are always appreciate too! :D) A rescue cat :)

3. Who was your first OTP? Ummm I guess it was Ryden like a decade ago when I crashed headfirst into bandom :D

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Japan.

5. You win the lottery, what’s the first thing you buy? A house. Well okay, first I’d buy a goddamn expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate, but then I’d buy a house.

6. Favorite drink? (Can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic) Coffee. Or sparkling water.

7. Recommend a book! (Seriously, I’m a slut for new book recommendations) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Or Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Or the series called Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams.  So many good books out there, so little time…

8. Favorite animes other than YoI? (If not anime, other TV shows?) YOI is the first anime series I’ve gotten into… But I like Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki movies. For non-animes, well, the show Firefly is and will forever be my favorite series. (When I die, bury me in a coffin shaped like the Serenity while this song plays in the background thank you goodbye.)

9. Are you an early riser or do you sleep late whenever you can? I like to get up early, because I feel like there’s more time to do things during the day… but sometimes I slip and my sleeping routine turns upside down, like this summer when I went to bed at 4am nearly every night and then woke up late…

10. Favorite weekend activity? Writing/drawing/reading. I’m kind of an introvert so if I spend a lot of time with people during the week I like to relax alone during the weekend…

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Fan Disclaimer:

Look here’s the deal, I love Total Drama and have fond memories of it when it first aired, and among one of my first memories of it was the relationship of Duncan and Courtney in season 1. I could go on and on about why they’re my otp and all, but I won’t because I’m literally writing this at 3 am. I strictly ship Duncan with Courtney and Courtney with Duncan (I ship Heathney and Aleduncan, but only as brotps) other ships I’m flexible, I don’t know if there are other fans with the same opinion or not, but I do know that I will die knowing that Duncan and Courtney should spend their lives with each other.

You like this, it will show me you even remotely agree with me on some level, and it’ll make me feel really good, and I thank you for that ❤️

anonymous asked:

Heyyy <3 how many more children do you think Kenna and Dom will have? I still can't believe that TC&TF is finished :'( I will miss Kenna and Dom so much... What do think about them? They are #couplegoals honestly

Hey Anon! :)

No time at all to hit me right in the feels eh? What? TCATF ended? What do you mean? I’m still replaying the entire series in deniability. 

To answer your question I miss them too. They were my first and still one of my top OTPs after all. 

I think the story does a good job of wanting the player to root for them. I’m pretty sure I was coerced into believing they would work out, but in any case I fell for it, and loved it. 

Every time either of them thought of the other, it always started in concern - wondering about their well-being and such; even when they were far apart - they thought of each other. All the memories they shared had established this sort of kinship and bond that makes it easy to turn their relationship into something more, to mean something more. They also play off each other really well. Let’s not forget that Kenna could ride Dom into battle and that was seriously sooo badass.

They should at least have three children. I HC that they do anyway and one of them will inherit Dom’s awesome fire-wielding abilities!

They are #couplegoals ™ honestly.

Thank you for the ask anon!  💕