otp: the little bird and the hound

Sansan Reunion 

“I thought you were dead,” she stated, her eyes meeting his.

“So did I,” he mumbled.

“I can’t believe…” Slowly she reached her hand out to him, letting her pale fingers brush lightly over his scars. His eyes looked to the ground, unable to watch as her bright eyes scanned his marred features. “I didn’t think I would ever see you again,” Sansa breathed, her voice little more than a whisper, letting her hand fell back to her side.

“I didn’t think you’d miss me.”

She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him as tight to her as she could. She felt his muscles stiffen at the sudden touch, but it was only for a moment. Soon enough she felt his arms wrap around her, lifting her feet from the ground. She felt his fingers gripping at the fur of her cloak, and knew her own hands were clinging to the fabric of his winter wear. As they stood there, locked in an embrace that kept the cold of winter at bay, she wondered which of them had needed it more.

(First attempt at Sansan, I’m such a sucker for the Beauty and the Beast trope. I haven’t actually finished season 7 yet, soooo.)

  • <p> <b>Sandor *singing and pretending to play the guitar*:</b> CAUSE I KNEW YOU WEREE TROUBLEE WHEN YOU WALKED IIIIN, SO SH..<p/><b>Sansa, breaking into the bathroom:</b> ARE YOU SINGING TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT?<p/></p>
  • Littlefinger: Sansa ;)
  • Jon: bitch ur so dead
  • Tyrion: Sansa!
  • Theon: ....sansa?
  • Davos: uh btw your grace, this is ser sandor clegane aka the hound. he'll help us with the wight hunting.....
  • Jon: oh... hello :)
  • The hound: wow little bird *_*
  • Jon: !!!!!!ASDGHUHW$--&@GWGS7/GAUSUAHAHQU%[*€AHWIEI!!!!!!!!!!

If you go when the snowflakes fall, when the rivers freeze and summer ends. Please see for me if she’s wearing a coat so warm, to keep her from the howling winds.

Girl From The North Country

-Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash-

  • Abi’s SanSan Playlist + Briemund
Their Featherbed

(Post S7 Arya/Gendry Acorn Hall/My Featherbed fanfic that I wrote to be in the show-version of events that have happened.)

The Starks are having a feast before the Long Night comes, and Arya has to wear a dress.

Sansa was holding the world’s most hideous dress in her hands. And she expected Arya to wear it. Arya didn’t even like wearing pretty dresses, let alone dresses covered in awful acorn patterns. “Where did you even get that ghastly thing?” Arya asked derisively, eyes narrowing and lips curling downwards as her gaze slid over the dark green fabric. If she wanted to wear any sort of dress, she wanted to wear Stark colors. Not an acorn dress.

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Sandor: Tonight I’m cooking chicken

Sansa: Again?

Sandor: But I love chicken

Sansa *raising eyebrow*: what do you love the most? Me or chicken?

Sandor: honey.. that is…so unfair..

Sansa *picking up car keys* : Petyr asked me to go out tonight..


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“Wolfs and dogs are natural enemies, but when the destiny grabbed his arms on it, this story fulfilled all the clichés of a beautiful and tragic romance..”

How would I start the book about Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark.