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*different anon* wrITE THE ESSAY

All right little ones, gather around! And by little ones, I mean every poor soul out there who knows of the coupling that is Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. Due to anon demand, I’ve decided to compile a list of reasons why I ship Bellamy and Clarke, and because I know my rambling tendencies, I apologize in advance for the novel that’s likely to slap you in the face and send you tumbling to the floor.

1. ♫ FROM HATE TO LOVE, FROM LOVE TO LUST, FROM LUST TO TRUTH, I guess that’s how I know you ♫

Fuck this song honestly, I’ve spent too many nights crying over it and applying it to these two idiots. Obviously Bellarke have not reached the lust stage just yet, but they have transitioned from hate to love. This is canon. The kind of love is open to interpretation, but we have been blessed with seeing their relationship transform from hostile enemies, to begrudging co-leaders, and currently, to close friends who need each other. I mean, in the S2 finale, we had both of them in tears because Clarke needed to leave Camp Jaha. If anyone told Pilot!Bellamy or Pilot!Clarke that the future of their relationship consisted of respect, admiration, protectiveness, and a preference of leading together instead of alone, they would laugh in their faces. They wouldn’t believe you. AND THAT IS FUCKING EVERYTHING TO ME. Give me beautiful, drawn out development filled with fluff, and angst, and conflict, and yearning. Give me slow burn. I don’t want to root for a couple who gets together in less than a season. I want to root for a couple who fights against obstacles, both as a team and as individual characters, and decide that they still need each other, want each other, at the end of the day. Each season. Because they are that important to each other.

2. Opposites Attract

I’m weak for this trope and always will be. Bellamy and Clarke are from different worlds despite both of them falling from the same damn sky. Bellamy had responsibilities that a child shouldn’t have when he was growing up. He witnessed the corruption of the system that was suppose to protect his people, his family. This system, the government, was the reason why his sister wasn’t allowed to live above the floorboards, why his mother had to resort to sleeping around to support her family and give him opportunities, why he ended up as a janitor for trying to give his sister a moment of freedom, and why his mother ended up being executed. Bellamy was part of the working class. Clarke grew up under completely different circumstances. Clarke grew up as a privileged person on the Ark, the princess that was the embodiment of everything Bellamy grew up to resent. This didn’t exempt her from struggles and grief, no, but how could she ever understand him? Oh, but she did. Eventually she did. When we were introduced to Bellamy and Clarke, they constantly butted heads. He was wild, she was all about the rules. He was rebellious and chaotic, she was serious and moral. He was selfish, she was selfless. If he said blue, she would’ve said red. And then it all changed, slowly, and the dynamic between them was suddenly much more complicated once they start leading together. It changed the moment they started trusting each other.

3. Two Sides of the Same Coin

Yes, I know I just said they were opposites. But they are also very similar and work so well together, I just cry thinking about it. They don’t change who they are for the sake of the other. Their co-leadership and relationship involves actual discussion and compromise. She’s the head and he’s the heart. Yes, different functions, but one cannot function without the other. They both prioritize their people. They both felt loss, had their lives turned upside down, before they were sent to the ground. They both shoulder the responsibilities of being a leader. They are both whole people with broken pieces inside, still having the capability of loving others and persevering despite life trying to knock them down. They make such a fantastic team, the King and Queen of the Delinquents. They infiltrated Mount Weather and fucking brought them to their knees, don’t underestimate them. Be very afraid because this power couple will FUCK YOU UP, make no mistake. 

4. Boy is willing to do anything for his girl

I have a weakness for OTPs where the boy is willing to fight or die for the girl he’s in love with. Bellamy is this tall, baritone badass who’s insanely attractive and Clarke is this tiny, blonde badass who’s also insanely attractive. But I’m going to be real, I’m all for a guy being wrapped around the girl’s finger because it’s a damn good dynamic and has the potential for so many good scenes. Bellamy is protective as fuck and we’ve seen this 

clearly being

extended to Clarke

5. They’re always in tune with each other and have an understanding

Do me a favor and just watch them on screen together. 

They’re almost always in sync and aware of each other’s presence. 


They communicate with glances, for fucks sake. 


6. Their chemistry is insanely palpable

I live for the scenes where they interact. 

Whether it’s standing next to each other, walking together, strategizing, having deep conversations, joking around or fighting.This also includes the way that they look at each other and react to each other’s absence, mind you. Clarke is more subtle about it because Bellamy’s always been the more expressive of the two, but one thing is clear from the way that they look at each other: they mean something to each other. Yes, we are all well aware of Bellamy making heart eyes at Clarke, we cry about it all the time. 

But Clarke

reacts to him

in ways that make me want to rip my heart out

and throw it into a pit of boiling water 

7. They respect each other and support each other’s decisions

Clarke always acknowledges Bellamy’s importance and respects him as a leader 

and as a person that she’s come to care about

and Bellamy supports Clarke and always reassures her

8. Their foundation can set up one of the greatest sci-fi love stories on TV

The greatest thing about Bellamy and Clarke is that they’ve got room for so much more development. Their journey is goddamn beautiful and if it continues the way that it’s going, audiences won’t question if they do get together eventually. In fact, people are already questioning why they aren’t. Because it does make sense. And if it makes sense, eventually the narrative will make room for it in the future. Yes, this show, this couple, is in a universe that’s fictional and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but their dynamic is relatable. Their love is relatable. It’s not an all-consuming, love at first sight ordeal that’s romanticized all the time in shows today. Their romantic love would be a product of respect, trust, and friendship.

These are the reasons why I ship Bellamy and Clarke, and why I will ship them until the day that I die.

Reasons Why I Love Bellamy Blake

1.  He gave up his childhood to protect and raise his baby sister.

2. He then proceeded to risk his life and freedom to come down to earth and protect her. 

3. He couldn’t kill Atom, despite all of his talk about killing Jasper if he had to, and despite the fact that he already thought he was a murderer at that point. 

4. He tried so damn hard to protect Charlotte.

5. Despite fear of retribution from the Ark, he does decide to help Clarke and Raven try and make contact with them to save 320 people. (even if they weren’t successful, he still tried)

6. He saves Clarke’s life even when it’s inconvenient for him to do so. 

7. He puts the good of his people before just about anything except for Octavia, and that’s including Clarke, because he knows that Clarke would want him to protect the others first. 

8. He gets flustered touching Clarke’s fucking shoulder

9. He is haunted by the decisions that he’s made, and he allows them to shape his future decisions and make him into a better man.

10. He doesn’t want to include Clarke in the torture of Lincoln, but he doesn’t force her to leave. He then proceeds to comfort her later by assuring her that “Who we are, and who we need to survive are two very different things.”

11. He defends Clarke on several occasions (punching out the guy who dares to hold the princess at gunpoint? yes please.)

12. He listens to Clarke even when he vehemently disagrees with her (Murphy) despite the fact that he could easily overcome her if he wanted to. 

13. He treats Clarke as his equal. 

14. He knows his faults.

15. When searching for Clarke and the others, he still respects the fact that Clarke would not want him to become a monster in her name. 

16. He’s Bellamy Blake. How can I not love him?

In conclusion: Bellamy Blake is a perfectly imperfect human being who does the best that he can with what he has, and who never shies away from his responsibilities both as a big brother and as a leader and a partner. He is every bit Clarke’s equal, and simultaneously a total badass and a complete teddy bear. 

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Ok Saphael is great, but what about Sizaphael? Relationships arent always monogamy and Sizaphael would be really awesome in the show. The best forensic pathologist + vampire leader + Daylighter? Unstoppable

omg trust me i am so down for sizaphael, like can you imagine how badass that would be also I have a feeling it would involve a lot of rescuing simon and also izzy and Raphael arguing over how best to rescue simon, amazing!