otp: the junkie and the angel


I’m on my knees in fascination, looking through the night.
And the moons never seen me before but I’m reflecting light ♫

anonymous asked:

Hi lovely person, You've been tagged to post your top five OTPs of all time, using gifs if you want to!

@angelandbuffyaremylife also asked me this!

I’m just going to stick to Gilmore Girls and The Buffyverse, because I literally did not know what happened in my life previously.

1. Bory (Buffy Summers/ Rory Gilmore) because I invented it! (I think?)

2. Tillow (Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg)

3. Java Junkie (Lorelai Gilmore/Luke Danes)

4. Spuffy (Spike/Buffy)

I get kind of nervous saying this, but oh well. You found me out!

5. Gellmore (Paris Geller/Rory Gilmore)

Oh, man, that one was tough. I feel like I should give an honourable mention to Literati (Rory Gilmore/Jess Mariano), because they were my first OTP and I still have very strong feelings for them, Cangel (Cordelia/Angel), and I have a weird passion for Spander (Spike/Xander).

Anyways, thanks for the asks, friends! :)

rogangilmore  asked:

Challenging you to name five Gilmore Girls OTPs, Notps and Brotps!

These are in no particular order lovely. I just jotted them down whenever they floated into my head. xx



Luke and Lorelai are my OTP of OTPs. They hooked me from the pilot episode with their “Junkie.” “Angel. You’ve got wings, baby” dialogue, and I haven’t stopped obsessing over them since I first started watching the show in 2004. And I probably never will.


-Emily and Richard

-Paris and Doyle *still not over what happened to them in the revival*

-Sookie and Jackson

-Lane and Dave (I like Zach, but these two were the damn cuuutest!)

-Kirk and Lulu

-Babette and Morey


Hmm, I don’t know if I technically have any of these? I’m more inclined to say that there are relationships/couples I know shouldn’t last. Or won’t last.

There are aspects of Dean and Rory’s relationship that bother me later on in the series circa s4-s5 (hello cheating with married!Dean) but I can see how they dated s1-3. They were each other’s first love.

And hopefully nobody crucifies me for saying this *hides*, but I quite enjoy Lorelai and Christopher’s development. They have great chemistry, and while there’s certainly a lot of emotional baggage between them, they do truly care about one another. It merely comes down to the fact that Christopher can’t be the steady, stable, supportive man that she needs. Their story’s kind of tragic, if you think about it haha.

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