otp: the idiots


Secret Agent AU: Secret Agent Mike Lawson has been tasked with infiltrating a drug cartel/mob to gather intel on the organisation and their diabolical leader.

It was supposed to be simple: infiltrate their ranks, earn their trust, find as much information on their illegal activities as possible, take them down.

One thing he didn’t count on: The leader’s gorgeous fiancée that manages to take his breath and sleep away.

They tiptoe around each other for months.She teases him and he tries, really tries to resist her because he knows what her ruthless fiancé is capable of. She is too innocent, too good for this world of bloodshed. Mike wants to protect her. Only, maybe she’s not as innocent as she appears and maybe he’s the one needing protection.

like…listen…everything is messy as hell and Lukas is in a really bad place and it’s all stressful as anything but…that scene with Philip and Lukas and Anne…where Lukas admits out loud to someone other than Philip, that he likes Philip and it’s hard for him…and Anne reassured him it was ok and kissed his cheek…I’d like to thank each and every deity for that scene because it cleansed my skin and watered my crops and added years to my life

Philip and Lukas sitting under the tree and holding hands and playing with each other’s fingers and smiling and laughing with each other and kissing each other saved my entire soul, it cleansed me, it rebuilt me as a better person, not a word of an exaggeration

  • Lukas: Philip help me I spent basically all my money on fake drugs and I need to sell something to get the money back so my dad doesn't find out
  • Also Lukas, like 5 minutes later: Hey Philip I spent the rest of my money on this vintage Polaroid camera for you bc I know you like taking pictures but like,,,,it doesn't mean anything