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You’re important to me - Part 3.

Title: You’re important to me.

Fandom: Mystic Messenger.

Pairing: Juminzen.

Word count: Approximately 1,605 words. 

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Part three is here! Yay! Haha, well, this is based on @mariamagica ‘s post and I just have to say, thank you so much for the compliments! It’s really nice to hear that, although I’m nowhere near as good as you.. And Yooran and 707 x MC are one of the million OTPs I have, I just couldn’t leave them out.  

Also it seems, I’m writing more and more for each part. This is not the last one.

I apologize in advance if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language.



He was late.

He had woken up later than he had intended to, an hour before the wedding. It took him thirty minutes to get ready… Well,  he just couldn’t attend an event full of media people looking pretty, he had to look perfect. It was Jumin’s wedding he was crashing, after all.

Ten minutes before the cab arrived, he wouldn’t take his bike. It would take more than an hour to get it from the warehouse, and his hair would get all messed up.

08:55 am

Five minutes before it all begins…

Forty minutes until he arrives at the designated church.

Just why did Sarah fucking Choi chose the prettiest church in the most isolated place in the city?

She just made everything harder for Zen.


She would pay for it.

And for trying to take away what was his.

He paid the driver a generous amount of money, telling the old man to keep the change.

Hurry up.

Didn’t even bother to close the door before he started to run.

Almost tripped but caught his balance, arriving to the entrance in record time. The guards didn’t even blink when he ran past them, and he swore he could hear one of them mutter, ‘you’re late, Mr. Ryu’ as he scribbled in his notebook.

Please let him be on time.

He had to.

The doors of the main place where just a few meters away.

She can’t marry him.

Anyone but him.

I can’t lose Jumin.

He slammed the doors open, ran to the middle of the room, and shouted.


Gasps echoed around all the room, and he looked around the room as he panted for air. Both Saeyoung and MC were smirking as they pulled out their phones, Saeran looked smug, and he noticed Yoosung was pulling some money out of his pocket. He would scold them later for making a bet.

V was smiling, and nodded in acknowledgment when he noticed Zen was looking at him. Jaehee was surprised, obviously disturbed by what he had just done, but Mr. Chairman, Glam, and Sarah’s faces where the best of the bunch.

His eyes landed on Jumin, who was looking handsome in that black tux, and now Zen was the one surprised. Jumin had his lips parted, forming an 'o’, his eyes were wide open and he seemed frozen in his place. It was the first time, or at least the first the actor had seen, he had shown that amount of emotion.

Zen started to walk towards the two in front of the altar, noticing quickly that Sarah was still clinging to his Jumin and her dress was just horrible, it made her look like a giant cake. When she was at arm’s reach, he gently pushed her away from Jumin. She may be a witch, but she was still a lady.

“… Listen, Trust fund kid, because I’m only saying it once… Don’t marry her and her stupid fashion sense. You’re a spoiled jerk, an idiot, and a selfish guy who thinks money can solve everything. I don’t understand how or when it happened…”

He took a deep breath, Jumin seemed confused, if not a little hurt. He hoped he didn’t look like that when Zen was done. 

“..But she doesn’t love you… I do. At some point in my journey, I fell head over feels for a guy like you. And it’s about time I stop denying it and say it out loud.”

Another deep breath and a glance around the room, before his eyes returned to the CEO.

“You’re important to me, because… I love you, Jumin Han.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw how Glam Choi fainted, and his ears hurt from how Sarah screamed. How Jumin handled that girl for two weeks was something he had to admire.

But he wasn’t answering.

God no. Oh god had he made the wrong choice-

He gasped and felt his cheeks burn as Jumin pulled him close. Then he felt soft lips on top of his own.


Jumin was kissing him.


He had to close his eyes when they started to ache because of the camera flashes. Wrapping his arms around Jumin’s neck, he pulled the other close, and they would have stayed like that if there wasn’t something called oxygen.

He panted, he was sure his cheeks were red, and he tried to glare at the entrepreneur. But he couldn’t do that when the other was looking at him like he was his everything, and no one had ever looked at him like that.

“You’re late. We will have to work on that, however… I love you too, Hyun.”

That made Zen feel a huge amount of happiness.

And he wasn’t going to let that go.

So he took Jumin’s hand, and ran, past the RFA, reporters, guards, and everything that got in their way. He ignored the screams, whispers, and cheering. He only stopped when he was sure no one would find them, besides a small lake in the middle of the woods next to the church.

And  then he was pulled against something hard, which he later realized was Jumin’s chest. The other had his hands around his waist, and felt him lay his head on his shoulder.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Hyun. I don’t know what I would have done. I was actually thinking of running away.”

And he laughed. Jumin Han, the cat freak and the guy who never showed emotions had actually laughed.

It was a deep and breathy laugh, but Zen could die right now and he wouldn’t care.

He laughed too, turning around in the entrepreneur’s arms to face him. And this time, he was the one to start the kiss.

It was desperate, yet sweet. He didn’t want it to finish, he didn’t want to leave. He was addicted to the way Jumin made him feel… but not to the point that he would lock the other up just for himself, he was not insane.

At some point or another, the other took control of the kiss, and god… He was definitely more forceful than before, it became rough, and Zen was backed up against a tree in no time, his legs around his waist and Jumin was licking his neck. It happened so fast that his mind barely had time to register it.

“Can I mark you as my property?”

“… Just make sure it isn’t easy to see”.

By the time Jumin was satisfied, Zen was blushing like crazy. They hadn’t gone any further, because, number one: the place wasn’t ‘appropriate for someone as beautiful as him’. And, number two: the actor felt like it was going way too fast.

Patience was better sometimes.

They walked back to the church, holding hands. The reporters, and most of the other attendants had already left and he gave a damn if someone saw them, what they would whispered, it just didn’t matter. He had made one of the best decisions if his entire life, and he would never regret it.

Even if they pointed a gun at him and told him to change his mind. That person would be better off by shooting him.


He returned from dreamland when he heard his name, he just loved the way it sounded when the other was saying it.


“Driver Kim is coming to get us, you’re going to be staying with me until the media calms down about this. It is a probability that they are already knocking at your front door”.

“What about your father? Won’t he look for you in there?”

Zen heard someone coughing behind them, and they both turned around, only to see the other’s father there.


“I would like to get a word with my son”.

Not on his watch.

The older man crossed his arms over his chest, tapping his foot impatiently against the floor, and his frown seemed to deepen when a minute had passed, and the white haired male hadn’t move.

“Excuse me, Mr. Han. I think you would like to see this”.

Jaehee walked towards them, Seven and V following her close. They all had a serious expression, but Seven smiled and told them to go when he was close enough. He heard them talking about Glam Choi before they got too far, and it was impossible to hear anything that was said in the church when both men were already in a car.

He had to take some allergy medicine before he entered Jumin’s penthouse, there was just no way to be around the fur ball without them, he hated it when his face got puffy and he just sneezed non-stop.

“Are you hungry? Let me make us some breakfast, I haven’t eaten anything either.”

Jumin had said that when his stomach rumbled, and only then did Zen realize he hadn’t gotten anything in the morning. He was just thinking about time, and the consequences if he was late.

“… Sure, anything you get is fine. Except for snails, I would rather quit my career than have that in my meal”.

He had made some extraordinary strawberry pancakes as they talked over a lot of things, Zen had told him about how he felt the past two weeks, and Jumin shared the information about that as well. Then they talked about trivial things as they ate, and color never left the actor’s cheeks because the other made sure to compliment him now and then.

He would end up falling harder than he had expected.

But that was a good thing.


Part 1

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir, Adrinette

Words: 3,134

Description: (What can I say without spoilers?) After Ladybug is by a stray arrow in battle she is affected by the akuma’s power. It throws both Chat Noir, the normally suave hero, and his civilian self into a painful situation of scorn and longing. Watch was this hero comes over his fear of disappointing his lady (and not living up to his sexuality standard). Okay so spoilers.

Notes: Forgive me fandom for I HAVE SINNED.

Chat watched in horror as the arrow flew through the air, straight for his Lady. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as he launched himself forward, his feet moving below him long before his voice had even thought of leaving his throat.

He felt every muscle in his legs propelling him, the earth seeming to work for him as he virtually shot over to her. But, for once, he wasn’t fast enough.

He saw the point at which it struck her sternum. He saw the way it dissolved into the dark energy as the akuma’s power took hold of her. He saw the way her eyes rolled back into her head as her body was covered in a black cloak.

He felt the shock wave that knocked him back as she was transformed.

He closed his eyes against the burst, his heart racing and his breath coming short. Don’t cry, he chided himself. Just, see what the damage is, then react.

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  • Summary:

Nobody could say Bellamy Blake wouldn’t go to hell and back just to bring Clarke Griffin home. // modern & mythology au

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listen: part 1&2 part 3&4

when it’s even darker

than it is now, when the snow is colder,

when it’s darkest and coldest

and candles are no longer any use to us

and the visibility is zero: Yes.

It’s still you. It’s still you.

- Margaret Atwood Shapechangers in Winter

Part one: Disturbia. Bellamy.


Clarke tastes like this weird, British tea brewed with milk she picked up drinking to,  at least partially, cut down on coffee.  Her eyes are dark; sky blue almost gone as she presses closer and closer and kisses him roughly, needy. Her hair is everywhere; in his eyes, on his neck, tangled between his fingers. She bites on his bottom lip and he can feel blood.

He puts one hand on her shoulder, feeling tense muscles and rough, sun- burnt skin she always has in summer.

‘’Easy, princess.’’- he says against her mouth, leaning his  forehead on hers.

Clarke’s whole body shivers; she pulls away from him with a deep sight, still straddling his lap but far enough for him to see her face.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ – she says with a small, tired voice; she raises one hand and wipes blood from his lip and chin with the palm. – ‘’I don’t know what’s going on with me lately.’’

He studies her face; deep shadows under her eyes,  skin peeling off on the bridge of her nose, summer freckles, lips deep red, jaw pink from his 5 o’clock shadow. He’s not an artist, but he could paint Clarke Griffin’s face in his mind perfectly, without a single glitch. He knows this face better than he knows his own.

She pulls her hair back and he notices how short her nails are-

Why is she biting them again?

He cups her face to give her a kiss on the forehead – the one she claims to hate, but she secretly loves- and her whole body melts against his; she buries her face in his neck, tucking her head under his chin; her hands go up to tangle in the hair at the base of his neck.

It’s all well-known and familiar,  like a favorite song that never gets boring.


‘ It’s okay.’ He whispers and she closes her eyes, her lashes on his skin like butterflies-

Only, he’s not entirely sure he’s not lying.

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