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Damon and Elena's Endgame at TVD 8x16

I was happy Damon and Elena were endgame and lived happily with probably a couple of kids. But am I the only one not satisfied with how Delena never got to have an actual conversation after having to wait for 2 years to actually meet in the finale episode? Filming them kiss and hug, it couldn’t have hurt to speak a line or two. I mean, at least Elena got to have a meaningful conversation with Stefan as a closure. And even Damon talked with Katherine.

Also I know that Damon was at a point where he was grieving Stefan (not the best time to reunite with Elena), but there wasn’t that much overwhelming mix of emotions of relief and happiness, sadness when Damon first saw Elena and walked with her in the afterlife. Maybe it’s just me but I honestly felt Ian’s acting was more of “bland” compared to Nina’s when portraying Elena. The camera pans more to Nina’s face during Delena scenes than Ian’s. Just saying, we’ve seeing how capable Ian portrays Damon even during when Delena is facing through difficult trials in life. I felt like I was more deeply touched with Steroline scenes in 8x16 when I anticipated my OTP Delena before watching the episode.


When Oliver’s British accent awakens something in Felicity…

RotG Anniversary Favorite Ship: Blackice


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Time pass by too fast! This is my first contribution to this anniversary week, a little late, but I think late contributions are fine. Better late than never. 

Since I saw this movie back in November 21st, 2012, my one and only OTP has been Blackice. And it still is. I still ship it as hard, as first time I saw Jack and Pitch on the big cinema screen, as they faced each other in Antarctica. I told myself at that moment, OH DEAR NO please I don’t want to face the pain of shipping them, but that scene was too strong to handle, as I gave up and accepted it, and I was a lost cause. 

So here comes a few reasons as to why I ship Blackice!

* The shared loneliness and depression. - Jack and Pitch has been through so much in their lives, and both have shared the same type of loneliness and rejection, of not being believed in, neither by humans, nor spirits. Pitch is thousands of years old, and throughout his life time, he did most likely not have any close relationships with anyone. After all, he is the King of Nightmares, considered a dark spirit, and someone who should be shoved under beds and forgotten. Fear was viewed as something bad, that could never bring out any good, and when the Guardians came into existence, Pitch saw as humanity stopped believing in him. Everything he lived for, his identity, had broken into pieces like shattered glass. Pitch wasn’t a good spirit, as he enjoyed how powerful he had been during the dark ages, and was willing to eradicate those who were against him. But there had to be a reason of his existence. Why was he alive in the first place? And as humans stop believing, not only did he lose his reason for living, but he became much lonelier. He didn’t have any friends… or even allies in the first place, but now no one ever saw him. 

Moving on to Jack, he woke up, as he was revived by the Man in the Moon, not having a single memory of his past life. He was brought into a new life, without ever receiving any love and recognition from humanity, or any spirit… for 300 years. For three centuries, he spent his life in loneliness, and while it’s not mentioned literally in the movie that Jack suffered depression, I’m certain that he did. And so did Pitch. But they handled their situation differently. Jack wasn’t bitter; he did not want to seek revenge on anyone, for not being believed in, unlike Pitch, who had a deep hatred for the Guardians. (Maybe because Jack didn’t have any believers that had stopped believing in him in the first place.) Jack was willing to bring happiness to others, even if he would never find happiness himself. While Pitch… he let the darkness eat him up, consume him, until one day he had enough, and decided to try destroying the Guardians. The depression and loneliness both hurt them so much.

Jack could never be like Pitch, even as Pitch reached out and offered his company to him, because Jack wasn’t filled with revenge and hatred. But their loneliness were still the same, and I believe that they could find comfort in one another because of it. Depression doesn’t go away just like that, and even as Jack became a Guardian, and gained a few believers, he would still be quite lonely from time to time. And Pitch… well Pitch is back at where he started. Alone and forgotten. Again. 

Jack could perhaps… reach out to Pitch, just as the Nightmare King reached out to him, but this time with no ill intentions. I believe Jack could help Pitch find the light, a reason for his existence again, and realize that he doesn’t have to be a villain. That his powers… that fear could actually bring good to people, and is necessary for the survival of humanity. And in return, Pitch could offer his comfort for Jack, as it isn’t easy being alone. They could bring each other up, rather than tear each other down. Together they could be strong, having a friend to rely on when life is hard… maybe even help each other gain believers! And that friendship could bloom into something more… <3

* The dynamic between cold and dark, fun and fear. - As Pitch gestured to the enormous ice-and-nightmare-sand sculpture that was made as they fought each other in Antarctica, it was proof that cold and dark can be very powerful together. It can be lethal, and in dark!Jack AUs, I find it a very interesting idea with a cold and bitter Jack Frost teaming up with Pitch Black. Together they could probably mass murder almost the entirety of humanity, if that was what they would want. I like dark!Jack, but my preference is canon Jack.

Could cold and dark bring anything but destruction and pain? Yes, by taking the form of fun and fear. Fun life moments brings humans closer, as does fear. Fun makes fond memories we look back on and cherish, while fear, in the right amount and used the right way, makes children cautious of dangers, and learns to protect one another from harm. If no one was afraid, and did not have any fears, then humanity would be extinct by now. By accepting your own fears, you learn to accept yourself, and grow as an individual. Don’t run away from your fears; face them, do something about it, and take care of those you hold dear… and have fun with them, while you’re still here! Fun and fear can be hold hand in hand, like a symbiosis. And mixed together, you get adrenaline; that thrilling sensation, scary, yet fun, and so addicting. 

And as Jack and Pitch spend more time with each other, they begin to feel that. Adrenaline, that makes their hearts race, intimidating, yet irresistible, making them appreciate how wonderful it is to be alive. What would life be, without darkness and light? One cannot exist without the other, or else we wouldn’t appreciate any of it. For both fun and fear brings us closer, and so it could to Jack and Pitch.

* To long for a family. -  “Too not be believed in?! To long for… a family!” That is what Pitch said in Antarctica. It is confirmed that the book novel series and the movie are two different universes, but this fandom likes to mix those two, and it blends really well. In the books, the King of Nightmares did have a family once… back when he was Kozmotis Pitchiner. Before he was possessed by fearlings, he had a wife and a daughter. In the books, Pitch do remember his daughter, at least a little, as he interacts with her in the fourth book. 

In my AU, he has faint memories of his past family, but they are weak. Pitch is no longer possessed by fearlings, as he is in control of himself and his own actions. He never fully regained his memories though. All he is certain about, is that he was someone before he was the King of Nightmares, and that he did have a family, but he since he can barely remember anything, it hurts him to no end. 

Jack lived for 300 years, without knowing he once had a family. It was torture. He had witnessed many happy families throughout his immortal life, and longed for the same. A sense of belonging, a home, someone who loved him… All these happy families were beautiful to him, and he yearned for it. 

Pitch did too. And it seems that in Antarctica, Pitch hoped not only to join an alliance with Jack… but become close to him, like a family member. Of course after all horrible actions he had done, it was only right for Jack to reject him. Let’s face it, Pitch is a jerk, no doubt about it! Nothing excuses that, but it explains why he acted the way he did. 

I like to headcanon, that as The Guardian of Fun and the King of Nightmares befriends each other, and eventually fall in love, their strong connection creates a bond, making them feel like a family. Jack feels secure in Pitch’s embrace, and Pitch in his. They help, support, and listens to each other, like lovers, yes, and as a family. (And you don’t have to be related to someone, to consider someone your family. People see their spouse as their family, which by the way, I’m totally positive for AUs in which Jack and Pitch get married. <3) 

* The Antarctica scene. - All scenes in RotG that involves Jack and Pitch gives me feels, but if it wasn’t for the Antarctica scene, I’m not sure if I would ship these two. I don’t feel like talking that much more about it, as it feels like I’ve already explained enough why I ship them so hard. 

It was the Antarctica scene, that proved to me that Pitch is more than just evil, and that perhaps, things could have turned out differently. There is more to Pitch than fear, hatred and darkness, I’m sure of it. He could be capable to change, but it would take a long time, as he would be required to realize that he was wrong, and be willing to change. It would be worth it though. It all comes down to if Pitch would be willing to change, and in my AU he could.

If Pitch hadn’t shown any sign of vulnerability, I would have seen him as a flat villain. But he’s not. He’s complex. He has his reasons, and it is not right, but it’s understandable. And since I believe there could actually be a good heart in Pitch, he and Jack could end up happy together, as friends, and also as lovers.

P.S - And visually, the Antarctica scene is GORGEOUS. (Well, this whole movie is gorgeous! So are the books!) The big and desolate landscape fit well with Jack’s sorrow and hopelessness. Pitch’s and Jack’s expressions were intense, as you could really feel what was going through their minds, and the ice-and-nightmare sculpture, now that is just mesmerizing to look at!

Thanks for reading! And happy anniversary!


They say behind every man is a good woman

But I think that’s a lie

‘Cause when it comes to you

I’d rather have you by my side.

“In the beginning i was just gonna do all of this by myself but now with you,

R e l y on you , you’re my  P a r t n e r

Have you ever seen Amy Pond smile so wholly, so happily and contentedly and widely and bursting with more splendor in your entire life? Have you ever seen two people look at each other with more awe and wonder and a knowing that there is nothing more right than seeing each other at that exact moment? I think not. 


One certainly positive thing about this season is the number of times we saw our favourite pirate smile. Last season was a really hard ride for all of us, watching Killian have all kinds of negative and saddening emotions, so seeing those real, meaningful and absolutely wonderful smiles on his face makes my heart melt.

New favorite naruto moment ever. This just plays out like a classic how i met your mother/Father story. Sarada is like “Mama tell me how you met Papa. Did you know you’d marry him?” And just look at Narutos face he’s got that gentle loving smile on his face as he reminisces like “Ah yes when I saw your father it was love at first sight. We shared our first kiss together you know.”