otp: the epic love story of sam and dean

“Ask me what my favorite colour is and I’ll describe the color of his eyes. Ask me what my favorite sound is and I’ll explain how his voice is the song I will never get tired of. Ask me where my home is and I’ll tell them about how it feels to be in his arms…. Ask me what Love is and I’ll just say his name.”

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Sam, health freak, eating a hamburger because his big brother made it for him (◠‿◠✿)

It’s the little things that makes Mary wary, at first. The way they stand too close; how they always are within each other’s reach - their shoulders brushing against each other, hands that lingers just a tad too long when handing over a beer, knees and ankles bumping against each other beneath tables.

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The brothers fight.
The brothers make wrong choices.
But in the end, their bond, their love for one another always wins in the end and nothing will change that. 


I’m not going to lie I’m still holding out hope that Dean and Sam stand united against the BMoL in the finale. 

I love Sam.
I love Dean.
I love their bond where they would let the world burn if they had to live without the other. 
I love their bond where they would face anything including Death to save the other. 

Would I love a season where the brothers aren’t at odds for once? You bet. But in the end, I know that the love Dean and Sam have for one another always wins in the end, no matter what tries to come between them. There is a reason it is called the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean and nothing will change that not as long as Jared and Jensen play them, they are the biggest bibro fans of us all and that gives me faith that all will work out in the end. 

Gentle reminder

The BMOL are a temporary plot line for this season, they aren’t going to be around forever. Eventually they’ll be a thing of the past just like everything else the boys have dealt with.

Sam and Dean’s bond and undying, unconditional love for each other is FOREVER. No matter what else is going on in their lives or how many times they may or may not lie to each other- THEY WILL ALWAYS LOVE EACH OTHER. That’s the show guys. I PROMISE you they will not end it with Sam and Dean at odds. No matter how bad this goes with the BMOL, Sam and Dean are going to be okay in the end. NOTHING can destroy their bond.


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