otp: the doctor and his tardis

11th Doctor X Reader Smut

11th Doctor X Reader Smut

It was dark and no one could see. You could feel something behind you. When you turned the outline of a weeping angel was in faint light. You took a deep breath calmed down. You stared at the angel, occasionally you would wink.

To sum this up, your phone was not on silent. The ringing echoed louder than anything you had ever heard. Resisting the urge to look down at your pocket (I know girls don’t get pockets but for the sake of simplicity) you slowly pulling the device out of your pocket. You clicked answer,

“Hello?” You heard the TARDIS almost immediately.

“(Y/N)?! You’re okay! Yes, alright then, are you in a safe place?” You put a smug look on you face.

“What would you qualify as safe?” You heard a sigh and then some loud button pressing and switch flipping. The sound of the TARDIS grew louder and it materialized around you. The door blocked the angel from view and it was very likely the angel now looked at the blue box. The TARDIS took off again and you let both your eyes close. The Doctor spared no time in giving you the biggest hug you’ve ever felt.

“(Y/n), oh, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay!” His hands went up to your face and his fingers ran along your cheeks. You opened your eyes only to close them again when he kissed you.

“Never… leaving… you… alone… again…” He kissed a different part of your face between every word. He stopped to look at you, hands on your hips. You looked him up and down then grabbed his hand and lead him to your shared room.

           He laughed as you closed the door and he led you to the bed. He leaned over you as you lay on the bed. His knee went in between your legs and his lips met yours again. You giggled into his mouth and tugged at his suspenders, bringing him closer.

           He straightened up and took off his clothing as you did the same. He smiled at you and snaked his hand around your middle. His lips hovered over you neck and you could feel yourself getting wet. He pulled you closer then let you fall on the bed.

           He smiled at you before he moved his tongue into you pussy. You let your head fall back and thrusted into his face. He reacted perfectly, and started to eat you out. You felt yourself getting closer to orgasm but he pulled himself away.

           “Are you ready?” He looked down on you with that sexy look and you couldn’t wait any longer.

           “Yes!” He gave you a big grin and slowly walked up to you before he lined himself up with your entrance. When he entered you, you bucked up your hips and made him moan. He thrusted at a moderate pace and you bucked your hips into his thrusts with perfect timing. It wasn’t long at all before you felt him release into you and you closed around him. Your moans and shouts filled the room.

The sound of The Doctor screaming your name as he fell from orgasm had to put the TARDIS on edge. As soon as he pulled out of you the TARDIS shook and The Doctor fell away from you. You laughed, quite loudly, when he landed and groaned in small pain.

“A-are you okay?” You giggled as he tried to stand up.

“I think so but the TARDIS doesn’t seem like it like that…” You slowly moved from the bed and grabbed his clothes to throw them at him. “Maybe she’d like it better if we were clothed.” He smiled at you and gave you a peck on the lips before you both got dressed. The TARDIS got over you two watching The Doctor and yourself make dinner together. You were both so cute you’re now her OTP.



“you find her under your fingertips as if the dust of her laughter has settled on top of everything that you own. you find her in your food as if the absence of her taste is a flavor of its own. you find her in the empty nights which stretch out, too quiet and dark and cold. you are a crime scene, closed off, shouts locked into your floorboards. you are an abandoned home.

your sister tells you, “you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” you haven’t slept in a week.

you don’t know how to say, “she haunts me, she haunts me, she haunts me.”” || [x]


Doctor Who meme: five otps [4/5]

↳ The Doctor and The TARDIS“[Time Lord’s] are not evil enslavers of their TARDISes. The relationship between a time lord and his TARDIS is infinitely more complex than that. And frankly… well, it’s private.”

Recently a friend of mine told me that, and I quote, “I don’t ship NineRose. I ship Tenrose. I mean, Nine liked Rose but Ten loved her.”

Oh really?

So Nine immediately forgiving Rose for creating a deadly wound in time and refusing to leave her behind wasn’t out of love? How about the time Nine knew he was going to die so he gave up his TARDIS and Rose so Rose could be safe? How about the time Nine absorbed the time vortex from Rose, in the ultimate act of love, a kiss?

People have got to understand that the Doctor’s love for Rose didn’t originate in Ten. Nine loved Rose first, and that’s what made the Tenth Doctor who he is. The Tenth Doctor was born out of the ultimate act of love.

Every Time We Say Good-bye

What if your soul mark was the last thing you heard your soul mate say, instead of the first thing? An expansion of my tags on this post

Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose, rated K. 762 words. 


Rose POV


TenToo POV

The Doctor’s soul mark, like almost everything else about him, marked him as an outsider in Time Lord society. Everyone bore a brand of the last words their soul mate would ever say—that was universal across all humanoid species. But the marks of all his friends and instructors were in Gallifreyan. The Doctor’s were in English, a language on the primitive Level Five planet called Earth.

Three words: “Yeah? See you!” When the Doctor studied English, he learned they were a casual farewell, and wondered how he was ever supposed to know if they were coming from his soul mate. It was about as useful as a soul mark as, “What are we having for dinner?” would be.

Then one day, after he’d had to destroy his people and his home, the Doctor reached for a hand in a dark basement and said just one word: Run. Five minutes later, he knew he’d met his soul mate. Rose’s hand fit into his, her life fit into his, and her heart—her soul—filled the spaces left empty by the loss of his people.

From then on, he dreaded hearing her say those three words. Losing Rose was an impossible idea, and yet the brand on his arm said he would.

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For this anonymous person, more Eight and Charley because there still wasn’t enough of them on this blog already.

At the end of Part 2 of Seasons of Fear (the medieval part, hence the clothes they are wearing), Charley gets slightly wounded and Eight is very concerned, despite the fact that he’s got worse injuries. He’s still asking her how her ear is in Part 3 when they are back in the TARDIS to take care of his own wounds. I thought it was rather cute.

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From the prompt list... “have you lost your mind?” with Nine x Rose. :) Thank you!!!

“Have you lost your mind?”

Rose hurried alongside the Doctor, having to almost run in order to keep up with his long stride. “I said I’m sorry, alright!”

His face was thunderous, blue eyes cold, and he looked dark and imposing in his black leather and boots. But Rose wouldn’t back down.

“I said no, Rose! There is no way we’re putting you in undercover! It’s too dangerous!”

“But you said yourself,” she protested, “the council wouldn’t think twice about me goin’ in. They don’t think women are up to much, on this planet, an’ I could get information. Listen in on their meetin’, pose as a tea girl or something.”

The Doctor glanced at her then, never once breaking his stride. “You willing to play tea girl?” he asked in surprise. “I have enough trouble gettin’ you to make the tea in the mornings.”

“Yeah, ‘cause you don’t sleep! If you don’t sleep, you could have tea made by the time I get to the galley in the morning, rather than waiting for me to get there an’ then watch me make it!” Rose responded sharply, before shaking her head. “That’s not even the point! Yeah, I don’t really wanna pose as a tea girl, but if it gets you the information you need to overthrow this government, I’ll do it!”

“And what if you’re caught?” the Time Lord snapped. “What if they find out what you’re doing? Being caught spying is an offence that will get you the death penalty around here, Rose, and I’m not risking your life!”

“But I’ll be fine-”

“No. I’m not risking your life, Rose. I’m not potentially losing you when there might be another way. Maybe I can patch into their comms from the TARDIS, access their security cameras. I’ll find a way, Rose. But I am not risking your life!”

The Doctor had come to a stop then, glaring down at Rose as she glared up at him.

“I’m not losing you, Rose,” he repeated again, and suddenly his voice was softer, eyes vulnerable and desperate. “I’m not.”

Taken aback, Rose blinked at him, before nodding slowly. “Then we’ll head back to the TARDIS, yeah? That security camera idea might work, right, an’ if not, we’ll think of something else.” She paused. “But we’re doing it together, alright? I’m in this with you.”

Then, before the Doctor could respond, she entwined their fingers and began tugging him back to where they’d parked the TARDIS.

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“____ was the first to do _____ and therefore is the best companion!”

“____ is the only one to stand up to the Doctor!”

Nope, sorry. 

Unless you’re talking about Barbara Wright, who really was:

  • the first person to speak on the show
  • first human in the TARDIS
  • first equal human companion, with Ian
  • first TARDIS crew member to encounter the Daleks (even before the Doctor!)
  • first academic companion to use her historical knowledge to her advantage in trips to the past
  • half of the original Doctor Who OTP, again with Ian
  • the woman who set the precedent for companions having to stand up to the Doctor and not let him pull shit
  • seriously SHE GAVE HIM THE BIGGEST VERBAL BITCHSLAPPING OF HIS LIFE - he tried to accuse her and Ian of conspiring against him and she was like “hold up you lil bitch you literally kidnapped us and yet we’ve saved your life multiple times since”
  • “Accuse us? You ought to go down on your hands and knees and thank us. But gratitude’s the last thing you’ll ever have, or any sort of common sense either.”
  • is basically the reason the Doctor came to like humans in the first place, if she hadn’t come first the other companions probably wouldn’t have come at all

Y’all can act like a companion is a special snowflake for not putting up with the Doctor’s shit but that’s not a special thing, that’s been a requirement since Barbara Wright walked through the TARDIS doors, that’s them living up to Barbara’s damn legacy, and so they should.

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"but did you do it?" & nine x rose ? <3

“But did you do it?”

The Doctor looked up at the eager voice, blinking up at the nineteen year old sat on the edge of the grating, blonde hair tucked behind an ear, trainer-clad feet swnging, shoulders shielded by his battered leather jacket that swamped the small frame, wide hazel eyes watching him as he conducted TARDIS maintenance. 

“Don’t you want to know?” he responded, flashing a grin before returning to his tinkering.

Rose Tyler rolled her eyes. “Well that’s why I asked.” Her legs were still swinging, head tilted to one side as she observed him. “Go on. You have to tell me!”

The Doctor glanced at her, before turning his gaze back to his work. It was delicate work, TARDIS maintenance, and he needed to concentrate. “Don’t have to tell you anything,” he responded, but there was no heat in his voice. He was grinning as he spoke.

Rose tugged at his leather jacket as it slipped off her right shoulder, pulled it a little tighter around herself. The Doctor observed the action out of the corner of his eye, but kept his gaze firmly on the sonic screwdriver.

“It must’ve been amazing though, yeah?” Rose was suddenly speaking again, and her eager tone was back. “I mean, I’ve never even been swimming with sharks, let alone alien sharks! Couldn’t even swim properly until I was nearly ten. Not much need to know how to swim when you live in south London.”

The Doctor turned back from his work on the wires to look at her once again. “Rose, you do realise that your sharks are alien to me, right? And the creatures on Salshax Prime aren’t even what you’d call sharks; they just look like them.”

Rose shrugged, indifferent. “It still must’ve been amazing though, yeah? An’ you did swim with them? The not-sharks?”

He rolled his eyes, but smiled. “Yes, I swam with them,” he admitted eventually, and Rose’s returning smile could have powered the TARDIS for a week.

“Could you take me there sometime?” Rose begged, wide-eyed. “Please, Doctor?”

The Doctor turned back to the wiring, seeming to take a few moments to mull Rose’s question over. “You’re not gonna give up until I agree, are you?” he asked eventually.

Rose beamed, and shook her head.

He mock-sighed. “Fine. I’ll see what I can do.”

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Vastra: The Doctor does not discuss his secrets with anyone, my dear. If you’re still entertaining the idea that you’re an exception to this rule, ask yourself one question: what is his name?
River: Well, I know it.
Clara: What, you know his name? He told you? [x]






‘David Tennant!’

‘Matt Smith!’



You and Stiles have been arguing over who was the better doctor, clearly David Tennant was the victor. Only Stiles clearly had been hit too hard on the head recently and actually thought Matt Smith was better.

‘What are you two fighting about?’ Scott asked as he and the rest of your friends sat down at the lunch table you and Stiles were sitting at.

‘He thinks Matt Smith was a better doctor than David Tennant.’ you accused pointing at the offender.

‘He is, he is the most quoted, had the most romantic interest on screen and was way more fun.’ Stiles said.

‘That is false, “Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff.” is the best quote from the entire fifty ears. Plus the tenth doctor got the best break through slash iconic episodes.’ you argued.

‘What about number nine? I liked him.’ Lydia said surprising everyone else because who knew Lydia was into sci-fi?

‘He was good but out in the long run he only had one season not a lot to go on in this argument. Anyway, (Y/N) what do you mean he got the break through episodes, so did eleven.’ Stiles said.

‘Ten got the episode with Sarah Jane, got the one with the doctor’s daughter who was played by his wife and the real daughter of a previous doctor. Got the episode where Jack Harkness came back, The Master was his enemy more than once, and his companions were goals!’ you stated.

‘All true, but eleven got one of the best introductions ever! Crashing the TARDIS in a girls yard and then showing up twelve years later when he said five minutes and he got the best aliens. His aliens looked liked aliens, not painted models. He had some great ass episodes too, Demons Run hello! And Amy and Rory were the real OTP! Plus how many great quotes did he have?’ Stiles argued.

‘Oh if you want to go toe to toe with quotes I will.’ you challenged.

‘Bring it on.’ Stiles accepted.

‘I never would.’

‘Amy Pond, the girl who waited.’

‘Am I ginger?’

‘Bow ties are cool.’

‘Are you my mummy?’

‘Get a girlfriend Jeff.’

‘They are just going to keep saying things that don’t make sense to us aren’t they?’ Allison asked with a smile.

‘Yeah, when they argue over shoes like this it goes on for days.’ Scott informed.

‘I actually find this very amusing.’ Lydia grinned at the still arguing duo.

‘Of course you do.’ Jackson groaned.

‘Something old, something new,something borrowed, something blue!’ Stiles yelled triumphantly.

‘Doesn’t kill, doesn’t wound, doesn’t maim, but I’ll tell you what it does do. It is Very good at opening doors! Bring it on Stilinski I got quotes for Days my friend! Quotes for days!’ 

‘Good, cause you’re gonna need them.’

The Doctor tapped a knuckle on the TARDIS console. And then, with a sudden and explosive fury he smashed his fist down on the metal. He saw Clara flinch as the noise of it echoed around the room and smiled sadly.
‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.’
'It’s alright really…’
'No I think I’ve broken a finger,’ the doctor held up his hand with a grimace of pain.
Clara took his hand gently, and closed her fingers around his. His hand felt cold and she tought she could detect a slight tremble. Suddenly his skin looked pale and thin, like an old man’s. 'I’m sorry,’ she said.
'So am I’
—  when the tardis seems to be dead and a way out of endless Darkness seems impossible.
- from
  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: we never got the explanation of what exactly did the doctor forgot about Clara. he remembers the adventures. he remembers the things they experienced together. how is that 'forgetting'? and also - he has seen her in the diner which then flew away with some familiar sound, he saw her portrait on the tardis, are you seriously expecting me to believe that he didn't get that this is what she looks like, that this is his Clara? and, also...

The Master Appreciation Week

Today I bring you Ainley!Master appreciation. Ainley!Master with his fabulous disguises, vampiric capes and cheetah fangs. And of course the rather phallic TCE… After stealing Tremas’s body (he really does have a thing for anagrams, doesn’t he, waiting to find someone whose name is the anagram of his!) going on to sabotage the TARDIS and kinda breaks the universe, dumps the Doctor off a satellite tower, feels incredibly guilty about it and builds him a place to recover. Master, your Doctor obsession is definitely showing in this regeneration, the Rani noticed, and probably so did everyone else with your oh so subtle “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about” and “You’ve always been my greatest stimulation Doctor, but now you inspire me”. But the OTP aside, he is still another excellent Master, all of his elaborate disguises, love of anagrams of his own name.

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Tentoo x Rose: "Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you… ?"

“Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you…?”

Rose trailed off as she cast small smile to the sky high above. The moon stared back, illuminating her tears with its eerie glow, and the light glinted under the night sky like stars upon her cheek. It was the only stars that were visible now a days. She took a stammering breath and swiped at the salty droplets framing her face, wiping away the only evidence that had spared the time to cry. She couldn’t afford such distractions while the fate of all existence rested on her shoulders.

It was a burden she bore but wasn’t happy with.

While she had chosen to pick up the torch and be the Doctor when it mattered, the fact remained that what this universe—what all universes—needed was the real Doctor right now, someone she couldn’t even begin to find.

“I just don’t know if I can do this,” Rose continued, settling back against the grass as she stared up at the night sky. There were a handful of stars gathered the base of the moon, but they were merely small pinpricks of light versus the huge luminous balls that used to dance across the horizon when the sun set. “I just can’t help but wonder if I’d do more good if I wasn’t leading this project.”

Ever since she had landed herself in this parallel universe, she couldn’t help but come out into the backyard every night and talk to the moon. It made her feel closer to the Doctor—even if they were universes apart. It was the only thing she could do—the only thing that made the whole situation even slightly bearable. Regardless if her mother had raised her to be a wolf, to fight her own battles and be the captain of her own life, she couldn’t possible live her life to the fullest potential without the Doctor by her side. They loved one another, and she’d always fight to get back to her loved ones.

“I broke the Cannon today,” she told the moon. “Dad said it’s going to be another two weeks before Tosh can get it functioning again…” She sighed to herself and dropped her head back on the soft ground, closing her eyes as more tears bubbled behind her lids. “I’m trying,” she said. “I’m trying so hard to find you, but it’s hard.”

A single sob escaped her. “I’m sorry—I’m so sorry, but I can’t do this.”

The sadness washed over her like a wave, flooding the deepest corners of her heart and threatening to burst the organ in its grief. The tears were a waterfall, cascading over her cheeks and trailing into her hair, falling into the freshly-mowed grass and hanging off the blades like a jumper about to leap into a canyon. Rose cried and cried and cried into the night—for everything she had ever lost and everything she had recently found. She cried for the man who had showed her the stars and whoever took them away. She cried for her universe, whose life had been placed on her shoulders, and she cried for herself, who couldn’t carry it all on her own. She cried for the first time in months, and it felt nice.

When she was finally finished, she felt raw, like a newborn freshly out of the womb, wailing and screaming and fighting like mad as it faced the cold and cruel world for the first time.

Eventually, she relaxed and laid back on the grass, waiting for sleep to claim her. Her eyes drifted close and the sound of nature lulled her into a dream-like state—and that’s when she heard the voice.

Rose?” it asked.

She was confused. “Doctor?” she wondered aloud.

I thought you were asleep,” he told her.

A part of her wanted to cry again, but she wouldn’t ruin this. “I’m dreaming,” she said. It was the first good one she’d had in a long while.

That’s right,” he answered lowly. “I’m not really here.”

“I wish you were.”

There was a short pause, and then he continued. “Listen, I know you can’t see me, and you won’t remember this in the morning, but you need to hear this—don’t give up, Rose Tyler.”

“Why not?” she asked.

Because it’s worth it. Someday, you will find me. In the future, we will be together, and it will be absolutely fantastic.”

Rose was silent for a moment as exhaustion crept along the edges of her sleep-deprived mind as she slipped deeper into the world of darkness and dreams. “Tell me a story,” she said softly.

Sleep was coming, and for once, she was grateful. She didn’t care if there were nightmares lurking below the surface; at least, here, she was with the Doctor, and no one could take him from her.

“Alright,” he said and began to spin a tale. “Your name is Rose Tyler, and mine is the Doctor. And this… This is the story of how we fell in love.”

His voice grew fainter and fainter as she drifted off into a deep slumber, and just before she fell into dreamland, she thought she heard the sound of the TARDIS engine—coming to take her home.

Friendly reminder, when the Doctor abandoned Clara, after having promised he would never do that again, she sat at home crying her eyes out. And when she heard the TARDIS sound she was so happy that he’d come back, that he’d not broken his promise. Well, and then it was Tasha who came to get her. Not him. Tasha. He actually abandoned her.