otp: the disney face

Things Marco Diaz is comfortable wearing:
-Suits with shoulder pads
-Hoodies as capes & cowls
-A gratuitous amount of makeup

Things Marco has vocally declared that he wants:
- A beard to impress Jackie
-To be a queen
-To be the best at karate

What I want:
-Queen Margo Butterfly, the most shredded and hairiest ruler of Mewni since King River, face of the interdimensional revolution, and proud mother of three

Ok, but the similarities the newest Beauty and the Beast trailer has with Reylo though, it’s not even funnny

- Beast “Show me the girl”, in comparison to Kylo Ren “What girl?” and “the girl I’ve heard so much about”

- “What is she’s the one?” compared to Kylo’s “It is you”

-Beast “Don’t be afraid” and Belle “I’m not afraid” in comparison to Kylo’s “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too” and Rey’s “You are afraid”

Not to mention in general all the visual parallels between them through the trailer.

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“Aurora, I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.”

Soooo… my friend and I went to disneyland, and this happened.
Both being sleeping warrior shippers and conveniently Chinese, we naturally decided to take turns pretending to be Mulan.

We spent waaaayyyy too much time in the princess store.


Disney / Outlaw Queen Parallels
(Part Two: Tangled (2) for @dark-twisty-regal
Part One

133/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


His heart had been so stirred that it had let him have no rest, and he had been forced to see her - Rapunzel

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I'm doing a study on the percentage of Disney movies that show the interaction between a protagonist and their love interest (if one is present). I just did the timing for Atlantis and got that it spent 16.96% of its run time on the interaction between Milo and Kida. Thought you might be interested in that.


haha, thank you anon! you thought right, i’m most certainly interested. :)

i’m also kind of interested in how that compares to the other disney films, tbh. i’m sure it kicks major romantic butt in comparison to classic disney e.g. snow white, cinderella, sleeping beauty, etc. but falters when it comes to films like tangled or patf or possibly? frozen where the couple goes on a “life changing journey” together. 

it kind of sends me over the moon though, b/c in my heavily, heavily biased opinion, atlantis accomplishes a deeply engaging and lively supporting cast, believable motivations and plot lines for the protagonist & deuteragonist, AND an honestly frickin’ adorable, believable, cutie-pie romance (all with minimal flaws, imho). 




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