otp: the devil's inside you and me

“we, the courageous damned 
kissing revolution in the moonlight, 
crushing fate between our teeth. 
we, the unholy. 
we, the light.”

part 1 of a modern alarkling mix [listen]

bang bang (feat 2 cellos) - sky ferreira | centuries - fall out boy | yellow flicker beat - lorde | if i had a heart - fever ray | locked out of heaven (bruno mars mashup) - bastille | beast (bioshock infinite edit) - nico vega | seven devils - florence & the machine | we must be killers - mikky ekko | work song - hozier | i put a spell on you - jeff beck & joss stone | i’ll be the first - kill it kid | toxic - yael naim | btsk - ms mr | me and the devil - soap&skin | heart killer - gossling | devil inside - london grammar

Robbie deals with the aftermath of the prison and gets a visitor he should have been expecting. 

Pairing: Robbie/Daisy (quakerider)

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You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

hanorganaas  asked:

Quakerider 4.

Robbie/Daisy, (teacher/single parent au)

Parent teacher conferences weren’t something he looked forward to. What was the point of them anyway? Robbie wasn’t the one who dealt with Gina’s teacher every day, he barely remembered his daughter’s other teachers.

Sitting outside the classroom, head leaned back against the wall, legs stretched out, he closed his eyes. None of this was made better by the fact that he could feel a headache coming on. Today had been busier than normal, getting Gina over to a friend’s house early before going to the car shop, then racing over to the school. He had forgotten to actually eat anything. Hopefully the meeting went by quickly.

What was the name of the teacher again? Gina mentioned it a lot, she seemed to like this one. Which was very rare, his girl tended to be picky when it came to people. 

Johnson, that was her last name. Gina would come home from school, all happy and giggly, and gush about how great Miss Johnson was. It made Robbie happy to see her like this, actually enjoying school.

The door creaked open and he opened his eyes, glancing over to it. She’s not what he had pictured at all.

She was younger than he thought, maybe around his age, and had an air of confidence about her. Her brow hair just curled over her shoulders and a polite smile tugged on her lips as she nodded to him.

“Mr. Reyes?” she asks, waving him over to her, “If you’re ready, we can start out meeting.”

He’s a bit dumbstruck, still shocked really, but he shakes off the feeling and gets up.

She holds out her hand to him, “Daisy Johnson. It’s nice to meet you.”

He takes her hand and it’s smooth compared to his calloused ones. Oh god, he hopes he didn’t have any oil or anything lingering on them.

“Robbie Reyes. It’s nice to meet you too, you’re one of Gina’s favorite people to talk about.”

Her smile grows and it’s stunning, “Hopefully nice things?”


The classroom is simple but colorful. She seemed to like to hang up the kids art around the room which he found sweet. He could barely remember his 2nd grade classroom, school being like a distant memory to him now.

“I hope I didn’t have you waiting long?” she asks as she sits down behind her desk, glancing through some files.

“Oh, no, no,” he replies, sitting down in the seat across from her, “I just got here a bit early. Was running around a bit this morning with school being off.”

“Ah yes, I can understand. That’s always the trouble with these conferences isn’t it?” she asks, laughing, “The school should take the parents into consideration more when it comes to things like this.”

He tries to hold back a laugh, “I couldn’t agree more.”

She smiles at him and pulls out a folder, “So Gina has been excellent in class. She had a bit of trouble with math at the beginning but has really pushed to get better at it which is fantastic. She mentioned you tried to help her out last week?”

“Oh yeah, thought I’d play the nice dad you know?” He leans back slightly, “But she wasn’t having any of it. Wanted to finish it up all by herself.”

“Well, like I said, she’s doing really well there. And it basically all the subjects we are learning, she’s very active in class,” she pulls out a paper from the folder and slides it over to Robbie.

He picks it up and can’t hold back his smile. His daughter always did love to draw. It was him and her, stick figures, and a black box in the background that he assumed was his car. And they were holding “hands” and had happy faces. She even included his car shop in the background to a certain extent, a brown box that said “Daddy’s car shop” on top. It was almost cute enough to melt his heart.

“She obviously loves you a lot.”

The smile grows, “Yeah, she’s a great kid.”

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Miss Johnson pauses, tapping the desk lightly, “this is probably silly of me to assume, but do you own a car shop?”

That wasn’t what he expected.

“A repair shop if that’s what you mean?”

“Yes, yes. She does seem to know a bit more about cars than the usual 8 year old.”

“She does love coming by the garage, she gets spoiled by all my co-workers.” He thinks back to her birthday a few months ago and almost rolls his eyes at the thought of all them dancing along with Gina to her favorite song. If only he had filmed it for blackmail.

“Well, since the meeting it pretty much over,” she continues, putting away the folder, “Maybe I could ask for some car help?”

“Do you need something fixed?” he asks, leaning forward.

“I have this old van that I used to drive around when I was younger you know? Still love the thing to pieces but,” she makes a shaking gesturing with her hands, “I think something is wrong with it, the engine has a hard time starting up. I wanted to get it checked over before doing anything with it.”

He digs around in his wallet, pulling out a card, “I can take a look at it for you, no problem,” He slides it across the desk, “Just call me whenever you find some time to drop it off. Or do you need it picked up?”

Her eyes were darting over the card, “You actually aren’t located too far from my place, it can make the drive over,” she looks back up at him and god her eyes are beautiful, “I’m thinking about bringing it over sometime next week if that is ok?”

“That’s not a problem at all Miss Johnson.”

“Please,” she waves her hand at him, her smile stretching across her face, “Call me Daisy.”

Oh, what did he just get himself into.