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DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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The Moments in Between: Part IV: Meeting Eliza

Cat had no reason to be nervous.

She was Cat Grant. She’d taken on Putin, The Pope and Taylor Swift.

Why should game night with Kara’s friends, sister and mother make her nervous? It shouldn’t.

It didn’t.

Except for that it did. It made her palms sweat and her stomach flip and her leg shake. She was fidgeting.


Cat Grant didn’t fidget. She didn’t bite her nails. She was never restless.

Only that now she was.

Because Kara wanted her to spend time with her friends. Because Kara wanted Cat to meet her mother.

And though the thought of Kara wanting her to be part of her life thrilled her, it also terrified her.

Because no matter how she tried to deny it, this girl, this infuriatingly beautiful woman had gotten so far under her skin that she was scared.

Because she’d never before felt something so strong for another person. She had never experienced something so all-consuming, so real.

Something that she never wanted to lose.

Because she didn’t think she’d survive it.

Cat felt a warm hand wrap around hers, giving it a reassuring squeeze and she turned, smiling into those all seeing blue eyes.

“Relax mom.”

“I am.”

She received an all to knowing smirk in response. “You’re fidgeting mom. You never fidget.”

Smart boy.

Cat sighed and leaned her head back a bit still facing Carter. “Okay, okay. So I’m a little nervous.”

Carter chuckled. “You don’t have to be. Kara is crazy about you. And no matter how anyone reacts, in the end that’s all that matters.”

Cat smiled at him and tugged him into a hug, pressing a sloppy kiss onto his cheek. “When did you get so smart about this stuff?”

“I’m a smart kid,” Carter replied with a wink, leaning into her embrace and staying there until they pulled up to Kara’s apartment building.

And then Cat was nervous all over again.

“Mom. Relax,” Carter reminded her gently taking her hand and helping her out of the car. “It’s going to be great. You’ll see.”

Cat nodded and took a deep breath, counting every step that took them to Kara’s door, taking mind to breathe deeply.

When Kara opened the door wearing her usually smile, Cat felt her nerves melt away a bit. It was ridiculous how hard she’d fallen for this girl.

A soft kiss was planted on her lips before she was pulled into the apartment greeted by smiles and waves (Lucy even gave her a hug) and she finally met Kara’s mother.

“Mom, this is Cat.”

Cat fought away her natural instinct to pull up her walls as she held out her hand for a shake. She wasn’t the Queen of All Media here. Here she was just Cat, Kara’s girlfriend.

And then Kara’s mother was hugging her. (What was with the hugging tonight?) “A pleasure to meet you Cat. Kara can’t stop talking about you.”

Cat shot her girlfriend a bashful look over Eliza’s shoulder and offered the older woman a smile when she pulled away. “All good things I hope.”

Eliza smiled and nodded, turning to her daughter. “Kara, could you give us a minute please?”

And then Cat was nervous all over again.

“I just want to start by thanking you Cat.”

Wait, what? “I’m sorry?” Cat asked, shaking her head a bit. “Thank me?”

Eliza smiled warmly. “I’ve never been one for threatening my girls’ significant others. Of course, I expect that you know if you ever hurt my daughter, I am a scientist and there are special ways to make people disappear.”

Cat nodded once. “Yes ma'am.”

Eliza chuckled and patted Cat’s shoulder gently, giving it a squeeze before adding “Eliza will do just fine… but as I was saying…” The woman’s expression turned soft, almost melancholy.

“Kara has experienced her fair share of loss, as I’m sure you know. More than any child should have to experience. And she has always been on the search for the place where she belonged… and I know by the way she looks at you and your son, that she’s found it. With you.”

Cat felt a traitorous tear roll down her cheek as she found Kara across the room, a smile curling her lips instantly. “I care very deeply for your daughter Eliza. She’s.. she’s my safe haven. My guardian angel… and if anyone has found where they belong… it’s me.”

Cat turned back to the Eliza and smiled gently. “I have never felt this way about anyone and that terrifies me. But it also makes me realize how truly special this is… and you have my word that I will never do anything that would make me run the risk of losing it.”

And then there was more hugging and a few more tears (though the way Cat will tell it years from then, Kara’s apartment was dusty and her eyes were incredibly delicate that night) and as they joined the others in the living room and Cat found a secure place in Kara’s lap, she never felt safer.

“Are you ok?” Kara murmured into her gently as they watched Carter and Winn argue over an ‘illegal move’.

Cat smiled down at her, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips (PDA be dammed), hoping Kara could feel how hard her heart was beating.

Becuase she was more than ok.

She was safe, content and hopelessly in love.

She was home.


Heart Like Yours by PoetDameron / @jacquelineshyde

We all need a place, sometimes it is in someone else. And if she could help him that way—


She felt his arms rounding her, didn’t hear the moment Steven had left his room and walked over her, but Jackie turned around slowly and let him hide his face between her shoulder and neck. He never cried, only stayed wordless until he felt strong enough to share something or, like most times, just kiss her as a thanks for not pushing him into being vulnerable.

Right now, vulnerable was exactly what he felt like in her arms. Jackie held him as long as he wished, fingers caressing tenderly his hair and ears, and sideburns, voice reassuring him softly that it will be fine, until he slowly let her go, notoriously embarrassed for—well. Everything.

“Thank you—"

“It’s okay, Steve—“

“for staying.”

Jackie looked up at him, his sunglasses were in the ground back in his room, and his blue eyes shone red. Carefully, she put a hand on his cheek and caressed with a smile. “I’ve always been here, Steven.”