otp: the cling


I have his true friendship, and so he’s going to have mine. And as long as that is true, I cannot imagine what is possible.

Everything in the world has an expiration date. Just because you cling to it, doesn’t mean it won’t expire. It has been decided from the start. The scent will fade.
—  One More Time

#canon that rachel knows quinn as well as quinn knows her

I’m loading the show ‘pushing daisies’ and it just came to me that the whole plot of it is so adorable?

So like imagine bokuaka in it. Bokuto has the ability to bring the dead back to life just by touching it/them but if he touches them again, they die. Also within a few minutes, another life is taken in return for the life brought back.

So Bokuto as a kid admired the boy Akaashi from across the road, but they both went to different schools with Bokuto ending up in a boarding school. Years later, Bokuto fully knowing his ability, is tracked by an officer (Kuroo duh) and he helps in solving crimes by asking the dead questions (in a time limit because then the threat of another life taken)
So a victim is supposed to be questioned (dead) and when Bokuto sees who it is he recognises him as Akaashi and he brings him back to life to ask questions and after that he has to touch him again to put Akaashi back to death, but he doesn’t want that at all so he ends up not touching Akaashi and some other life is taken (not Kuroo’s though)
And now Akaashi is labelled as dead but he’s not, he tries to understand the issue and starts working alongside Bokuto in his ramen shop but they both can’t touch each other at all because then Akaashi would die
And they both slowly fall in love and try to figure things out together (like holding hands while wearing gloves or kissing with a cling wrap sheet and trying so hard not to touch the bare skin and wow this is pretty sad :)) yet cute :))) and sad)

But pushing daisies AU, watch the show too it’s adorable I love it so much ❤️

“Amazing how fire exposes our priorities.”

[shamelessly stole this line from bbc sherlock about sherlock rescuing john from the fire and certain death]

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Imagine Person A sending Person B a picture of a couple from something they read/watch and captioning it “They look like us”.


“All I ever wanted was to be strong for you. Do well. And now I’m not.”

One Step Closer
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“I do not know.” Optimus rumbled softly as he strides over and sets himself carefully onto the seat. “How long am I allowed?”

Iridescent carefully watched as the Prime settled in his place, lingering on the form just but a moment more before answering. “As long as you wish, I’ve no immediate plans.”