otp: the boy and his wizard

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Prompt: "H-he won't wake up."

Tom stared down in horror.

Harry was not moving. Harry was simply laying there on the sofa.

He didn’t respond when called. Tom tried to Rennervate him, but that didn’t work. Water didn’t work. Pinching his nostrils didn’t work.

And just when he was at his wits end, Voldemort strolled in, looking more like a tosser by the minute.

“What is wrong?”

Frustrated, and even willing to ask the prat for assistance, Tom gestured to Harry’s still form and very lightly stuttered, “H-he won’t wake up.”

So he didn’t actually ask, but the need for assistance was heavily implied!

Voldemort leaned over the sofa for a moment. His following words were accented by a low snort, and sounded patronising. “Potion induced slumber. You’ll have to wait like a good boy.”

Voldemort sauntered over to his desk and sat down, completely ignoring him after that.

That bloody twat!

How was Tom supposed to know?

“Arse,” he mumbled.

“Would you like to do the paperwork today?”

Tom wisely kept quiet afterward, cursing the wizard only in his mind.

DnA OTP Meme
The Basics
What is your OTP?
How do they know each other?
They met when Eijun went to visit Seidou back in the fall of his third year of middle school. He got into a fight with one of the batters of the team and Miyuki offered to catch for him.
Who made the first move?
I’d say Miyuki right on their first meeting, with the “partner” thing.
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
If this is meant literally, I’d go with both, but Miyuki can make Eijun, willingly or not, wear a skirt for him.
If this is meant metaphorically, as “who’s the dominant one”, I’d go with Miyuki.
Who is more possessive?
Who is more open to PDA?
Miyuki, mostly to annoy Eijun.
Favourite way to cuddle?
Eijun sitting between Miyuki’s legs, with his hands on his knees and his back against the other’s chest. Miyuki would rest his head on Eijun’s shoulder and put his arms around his waist.
Favourite place to be together?
Miyuki’s room in the dorms.
Any nicknames for each other?
Bakamura, Uzamura and Ei-chan from Miyuki to Eijun to annoy him. Bakazuya from Eijun to Miyuki as comeback.
Who remembers the important things?
If they’re not baseball related, Eijun easily forgets. So Miyuki has to remind him everything else.
Who is more likely to cheat on the other?

Name 3 songs for your OTP
1.Can’t wait to be king - The Lion King Soundtrack
Not really romantic, but i can’t stop imagining Eijun as Simba, shouting that he will be the ace, and Miyuki being Zazu and going “Nope”.
2. Gotta be Somebody - Nickelback
Because they both need that “somebody” that will make their real potential show.
3.Parla con me- Eros Ramazzotti
It kinda reminds me of Eijun’s yips arc that, seeing how Miyuki tried hard to help Eijun, i consider one of the most meaningful for this ship.

The Scenarios
Your OTP had their first fight. What was it about and how did they make up?
They’re both blunt as hell, so one of them probably said something that offended the other, without the intention of doing so. Then they made up with one of the two apologizing and then make up cuddling.
Your OTP’s first date. Where did they go and who paid?
They went to watch a baseball match, because they’re both baseball idiots, and then to dinner. Miyuki paid for both the tickets of the match and the dinner, because Eijun was to enthusiast about the match to remember that they actually had to pay.
Your OTP decides to get a pet. What is it and what kind of adventures/troubles follow?
Miyuki wants a cat, because dogs need too much care. Eijun wants a dog, because cats are too snob. In the end, they go with a cat, much to Eijun’s changrin, because they haven’t time for a dog. The cat actually hates Miyuki and always scratches him, while she(they have a female cat) loves Eijun(probably because he’s the one to give her food). She always sleeps on his lap, or near him, and never lets Miyuki get too close. So, in the end, Miyuki starts to see the cat as a rival for Eijun’s affection, while Eijun, seeing how loving a cat can be, starts to like her as well.
Your OTP lives together. What is their daily morning ritual?
Eijun is the first to wake up every morning, to go out to run. Before going out, he gives food to the cat and the wakes Miyuki Up. While Eijun is out, Miyuki takes a shower and get dressed. Usually, after that Eijun gets back and goes to take a shower too, while Miyuki prepares breakfast. When Eijun gets out of the bathroom, they eat together, with the cat always being around them and, depending on how she feels, may scratch Miyuki’s legs. After breakfats, Eijun get dressed and then they go out to work.
Your OTP goes to Disney World. Who wears the Mickey/Minnie ears and what do they do?
Someohow, Miyuki manages to make Eijun wear the Minnie’s ears, while he wears Mickey’s. They go a bit on “strong” rides like rollercoasters etc, and a bit on calmer ones, because Eijun’s stomach can’t take too much.
Your OTP’s family meeting. What are their thoughts on their partner’s family? How do they meet?
Eijun’s family loves Miyuki and, after getting used to their loudness, he loves them too. Eijun’s father and grandfather love to tell embarrassing stories about Eijun, while his mother likes to talk about cooking with Miyuki.
Their first meeting happened right after Eijun’s graduation, since Miyuki asked him to go to live together. It has been a bit awkward in the beginning, but hings fastly got better.
With Miyuki’s family things aren’t good. Miyuki’s relationship with his parents, especially his father, had always been strained, and when he brought Eijun home, to at least let them know that he wasn’t interested in girls and was going out with someone, things completely went dowhill, since his parents didin’t accept their relationship. They never talked to each other again.
Your OTP spends a rainy Sunday afternoon together. What do they do to relax?
Cuddling while watching a movie or, being the baseball nerds they are, a baseball match.
Someone flirts with your OTP. What does lover 1 do when lover 2 is getting hit on? Vice versa?
Miyuki gets pissed off a lot, especially since Eijun doesn’t even notice he’s being hit on. After a while he loses his patience and kisses Eijun in front of whoever is hitting on him, making clear that he belongs to him.
When it’s Miyuki who’s being hit on, Eijun gets all nervous and restless, but doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t know what to do.

The AUs
What sport would your OTP play besides baseball?
Volleyball. Miyuki as a setter and Eijun as a wing spiker.
Timeskip 10 years into the future! How is your OTP doing?
They live in America, where Eijun plays as a pitcher in the Major League, while Miyuki, who had to stop playing because of a severe injury at his shoulder muscle, teaches in high school and coaches the school baseball team. They have two children, a boy and a girl, twins.
Any original AUs for your OTP? Share it!
RPG!AU - Miyuki is a strategist for a guild or mercenaries, and Eijun is a wizard that joined just recently.
Barman and journalist!AU - Eijun’s a barman at Kuramochi’s Café, where Miyuki, a journalist who works for a sport magazine, is a loyal customer.

Weee, finally finished. It took me some time sto finish it, but it gave me some ideas for fanfictions.


i like how harry potter is about a boy who, on his eleventh birthday, is told by a half-giant that he’s a wizard and then goes off to an enchanted castle in scotland to learn magic

and yet people complain that harry finding the love of his life at hogwarts is soooooooooo unrealistic