otp: the best mistake i ever made

otp; song titles; lyrics

minjoon; shape of you; i’m in love with the shape of you

yoonjin; i hate u i love u; i miss you and i can’t sleep

jinkook; you know; you and i both want it

namseok; new love; i’ll be your sun and moon tonight

namgi; paris; we’ll show them we are better

junghope; my favorite part; you just don’t know how beautiful you are

taegi; best mistake; cause you are the best mistake i’ve ever made

vhope; the sound; i know the sound of your heart

yoonkook; feelings; i’ve got these feelings for you and i can’t help myself no more

namkook; my last; you’re my first and my last

He isn’t in love with her. He’s in it because he cares, but it isn’t love, and that suits her just fine. She doesn’t ask him to hold her afterwards or wonder if he’ll stay the night. She needs it, but she doesn’t ask, and he respects her too much to do it without invitation. 

He’s a little scared of her too, even when she’s rolling in her sleep and sleeping like the dead, so he’s gone in the morning, but not before she’s thrown the sheets to the floor and elbowed him in the chin a good couple times. Not before he lingers at the edge of the bed, watching her droll on the pillow and snore louder than someone her size should be able to. Not before he traces the scars along the pale expanse of her back with his good eye, counts the growing freckles along her shoulders. Not before forgets that they aren’t in it for love.

“Bull,” she calls, crossing the courtyard in short strides. “You busy?”

“Always got time for you, Boss.”

“Good,” she smiles. “Because I have a serious urge to crack some skulls open. See you in the ring in ten?”

He isn’t in love with her but damn, damn, he could be.