otp: the bathroom wall

Imagine your OCs

Highschool Edition 

(This is best done with adult OCs)

-Which group of kids would each OC hang with? (Jock/popular/hipster/weirdo/nerd/emo/punk/athlete/geek/prep/super nice outgoing kid who goes between all the groups)

-Which year would each OC be in?

-Just Imagine your OC in a uniform. DO IT

-Which one would wear crazy socks and tacky hats because they hate the uniform

-OTP BONUS- Person A breaks their ankle from tripping over. Person B is the only one strong enough around to carry them to the nurses office. As it turns out, the nurses office is on the other side of the school, and both Persons are very awkward the whole way

-which one would sneak small pets into the school

-OTP BONUS- The Classic “Lab Partner” 

-which one would always turn homework in on time

-which one would always turn their homework in late

-which OTP is the “IT-couple”

-which one studies for the exams three months in advance

-which one studies the night before

-which one is the football player

-Which one is bilingual and takes their language for an easy credit

-OTP BONUS- Person A and Person B are the only ones in detention

-Which one is bullied

-Which one leaves notes on the bathroom walls/stall door

-OTP BONUS- Person A is stuck in a locker overnight because of bullies. Person B is the first one into school the next day, and opens up their locker to find Person A

-which one puts their feet up onto their desk

-Imagine- The squad is sitting at their desks when substitute teacher shows up. sub announces that the period is free study, and then puts headphones in and plays on their phone. The rest of class is pandemonium 

-OTP BONUS- Person A is super awkward and shy, but really needs a math tutor, so they ask their friend to find them one. the tutor just happens to be Person B, their crush. 

-which one is always picked last for gym 

-OTP BONUS- Person A is really athletic, and is team captain in gym class. They pick Person B, despite their horrid athletic skills, simply because they find them super attractive

-OTP BONUS- Person A is at school, about to take an exam, when they realized they forgot a pencil. They are freaking out when Person B shows up, and offers Person A their pencil. Person A is super awkward and stutters (because they find Person B attractive) and spends the whole exam thinking about Person B. After the exam, they search the whole school for Person B, but can’t find them. They ask around, and find no trace of them. Finally, after months of tracking them down, they find out that Person B was an exchange student for the day, and Person A decides to go to the other high school several hours away just to find them.

-OTP BONUS- Person A and Person B accidentally switch notebooks/gymbags/backpacks for a day

-which one sits alone at lunch

-OTP BONUS- Person A sits next to Person B everyday because they always sit alone, but never speak to each other. One day, when the teacher catches Person A doing something bad, Person B takes the blame

-which one spills their lunch on them self (and generally knocks over everything)

-which one would do/eat anything for ten bucks

-which one throws wild parties

-which one reminds the teacher about the homework they forgot

-which one punches them for doing that

-which one defends everyone from bullies no matter how big they are

-OTP BONUS- Person A’s family has very little income, so they always have to earn their lunch money themselves. One day, Person A decides to skip lunch because they need to start saving for something, and Person B notices and insists on buying them a lunch. Every day after that, Person B leaves Person A brown paper bag with a sandwich, water and snacks, and always writes little encouraging notes on the front

-OTP BONUS- Person A walks by and hears Person B bawling in the bathroom stall, so they rush in to comfort them

-OTP BONUS- Person A has a major crush on Person B. Person A is getting on the bus one day, and cannot find any open seats other than the one next to Person B. They spend the whole bus ride to school (which is very long) in silence, but the next day when Person A gets on the bus Person B invites them to sit with them again.

-Imagine- prom night. Who goes with whom? Who starts the dancing? Who spends the whole time glued to the wall? What does each OC wear? 

-Which two OCs hardcore compete to be the top of class (bonus if it’s your OTP) 

-which person pulls the ultimate senior prank

-what clubs does each go to?

-which one starts a club

-which one doodles all over their paper

-which one is the student that everyone hears about but is never there

-which one is the super shy introvert who never raises their hand

-which is the class clown

-which is the one who says the super sarcastic comment (that everyone was thinking) out loud to the teacher (and gets detention for it)

-which one is always in detention

-which  one is always daydreaming

-which one never studies and never writes a note, and yet always passes

-OTP BONUS- Person A hits Person B with a dodgeball in the face. Person B begins to bleed profusely, and everyone is too dumbstruck to do anything, so Person A escorts them to the nurse’s office while apologizing a thousand times

-OTP BONUS- Person A (Bonus if they are the jock) falls asleep on their desk, so Person B doodles little flowers all over their paper. When the teacher walks by, they take the paper and wave it in front of the class, ranting about paying attention during lectures. Person A wakes up and looks around terrified, and then turns to Person B and blushes profusely.   

-OTP BONUS- Person A is passing a note to their friend, talking about how cute Person B is. Somehow, Person B ends up with the note instead of the friend.

-IMAGINE- OC (who is an innocent cinnamon roll), gets invited to a big party. OC is super excited and prepares cupcakes to bring. At the party, OC spends the whole time freaking out at all the bad things the other high schoolers are doing. “get off the furniture!” “does the music need to be this loud?” “why are you guys eating on the couch?!” “IS THAT ALCOHOL” (OTP BONUS. Person B is the sibling/friend of the host and is the only other sober person at the party, and they end up awkwardly helping each other attempt to stop the mess)

-which one is the clueless student who has no idea what is going on and is always asking for help

-which one looks nice, but is secretly super salty and mean

-which one is the overachiever that gets straight A’s, speaks three languages, plays every sport and is part of a million different clubs

-which one is the bad boy

-which one has never looked up from their phone before

-which one wears the same outfit every day

-which one wears a different outfit to every class

-which one is the cute dork/nerd with the converse

his comments on his songs from "the bathroom wall" album.


  • because I grew up in the 80s and threw up in the 90s. you can sing any 80s song over “U Can’t Touch This.”

road rage

  • should be played at loud volumes or high speeds.

drinking in the woods

  • believe it or not, I still do this.

idiot boyfriend

  • not based on personal experience. maybe.

(I can’t play) basketball

  • I can’t rap either.


  • one song, two minutes, three chorus

jimmy can you stop being so perfect. gosh i just love him (read like jimmy)

Megan's Falpal Experience: Seeing Jimmy Perform Stand-Up for The Bathroom Wall!

Hey Pals! Megan (tsjf-fallongirl on tumblr / @phickotm on twitter) was lucky enough to see Jimmy perform stand-up for his debut album, The Bathroom Wall! Read about it here:

My name is Megan and I have been a huge fan of Jimmy’s since his first appearance on SNL way back in 1998. I remember his first sketch and how I was immediately hooked on “the new guy.” From that day on I was a Jimmy Fallon fan. Watching his career on SNL take off was such a thrill.

Living in a small city in Upstate NY the chances of Jimmy coming to do standup in my town was pretty slim but I was dying to see the man in person. So I knew I had to travel. A friend of mine, Lisa, was also a huge Jimmy fan so we decided to look to see where he was coming. Turns out he was doing a stand up show in Boston, MA and since Lisa had friends we could stay with, we settled on Boston.

On October 27, 2001, we got to see Jimmy perform at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. We had front row seats and it was more amazing than I ever dreamed it could be. The night was not only special because I was seeing Jimmy live for the first time but it was also the show where they recorded the stand up portion of “The Bathroom Wall.”. Having your show be recorded for you to listen to any time you want was extremely cool plus it was for Jimmy’s first comedy album which made it even more special.

After the show Lisa and I decided to see if we could meet Jimmy. We hung around the backstage area for a while and before we knew it out came Jimmy with a towel around his neck. We introduced ourselves to him, told him how great the show was and the rest I just forgot because I was so excited to meet him. My only regret of that night is we didn’t get a picture with him because there were so many people around and it was rushed. It was also the days before cellphone cameras too. Lol. It was the perfect ending to an evening I will never forget.

Watching Jimmy’s career take off has been a highlight of my life. Since I am old and only two years younger than Jimmy I feel like in a way we have grown up with each other. It has been amazing to see his transition from SNL player to actor to talk show host. When he started Late Night I was so proud because I had a feeling that it would bring out Jimmy’s talent and boy was I right. I haven’t missed a show. Seeing a whole new generation of people fall in love with him has been amazing as well. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jimmy. I’m proud to be a FalPal!!!

Great story, thanks for sharing Megan!

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