otp: that's the way it goes


embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

That's the Way It Goes
  • That's the Way It Goes
  • George Harrison
  • The Best of Dark Horse (1976-1989)

Twelve years gone. Really missing George today.

I rewatched Living In The Material World today and was reminded how little of George’s music from ‘74 onwards is used. I was disappointed on how many songs they pulled from ATMP and how few were pulled from his other records.

So to rectify, here’s one of my favorites from those 'Dark Horse’ years.

Some of the Australians seemed to think that if you had a near-death experience, or if you experienced great fear for your life, then it put everything else in perspective. True, but only for a little while. After a while, missing the bus to work, not understanding the growl of countryside Australians when spending a day picking fruit, waiting for your child after school – those were just as stressful. You began to sweat the small stuff again. Minor collisions happened in your head every day, and the entirely avoidable mishaps inevitably raised your fear premium.
—  Alice Pung, Her Father’s Daughter