otp: that man is a hero

Can we talk about Barry’s absolute lack of fear, though?

I mean, sure, Snart is with the Legends now, playing hero, but still: this is a man who’s tried to kill him before, who’s betrayed him, who’s proven time and again how ruthless he is, and he’s aiming a piece of dangerous, potentially lethal weaponry right at Barry.

And sure, Barry is desperate and needs Leonard’s help, but this right there? That’s not an appeasing ‘hear me out before you shoot’. Between the way Barry looks down and the adorably awkward little wave, it’s clear that’s he’s thoroughly unconcerned about the threat of the cold gun. There’s no trepidation. No grandstanding either, none of the usual ‘I know there’s good in you’ appeal to Snart’s better nature to get him to put down the gun. In fact, Barry not only fails to acknowledge the gun – he doesn’t even pay attention to it; that’s how absolutely sure he is that Snart’s not going to use it against him (or at least not in a way that really does any harm).

This shouldn’t give me as many shipper feelings as it does, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Sorry for the crappy GIF quality. I’m too busy drowning in Coldflash feels to wait until I’m back at the computer that has proper animation software.)

The Man Oliver Needs To Become

In the final minutes of 5x20 Felicity tells Oliver to figure out what kind of man he is. In this moment I thought “Man these writers are clever sons of bitches.” In order for Oliver to reunite with Felicity he has to believe he is not a monster. He has to believe he is a hero and the people close aren’t corrupted if they are near him. This leads me to why I thought the writers were super clever. In order for Oliver to beat Prometheus he has to believe he is a hero and he has to trust himself. Beating Prometheus and reuniting with Felicity are linked. They are one in the same. The writers are geniuses. It is so fitting that beating Prometheus and reuniting Felicity rest on the same idea. It is going to be wonderful to watch Oliver complete his hero’s arc. Once he figures everything thing Felicity will be waiting there for him.

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okay fitz had years of hurt when he came to the academy. His father said he wasn’t smart enough (what an idiot his father must have been…past tense because he is DEAD TO ME), so Fitz tried his hardest to be the smartest. But the result was that no one else could ever understand his massive intellect. So he was probably a total grump because no matter what he did it was never right. He even made remarks like in season 1 about his “unappreciated genius” which is totally in line with how he grew up. So he was closed off, a bit of a loner. Bitter and a bit arrogant, but never having a true sense of self-worth. And then as a teenager he finally Jemma Simmons. He can’t think of a single thing to say to her… but he knows she is like him. A kindred spirit. After they get paired off and start to realize that they’re smarter together, they become good friends and lab partners. He might have loved her from the beginning, but he never really knew it. ♥u♥

Maybe he even starts to think he’s only smart BECAUSE of her… because before they were paired off, he felt invisible. He never felt good enough. But together they were a team. Fitzsimmons. A force to be reckoned with. Like, just think how big a deal it is when he tells people things like “Simmons is probably technically smarter than me but only because she loves homework more than life itself.” It’s a mix of admiration for her and at the same time he’s covering up embarrassment. (Ah, nope. I’m not okay.)

But so OKAY. Back to the point.

They’re friends and he can open up to her. He can be himself, whoever that even is. And being paired with her as the two youngest graduates of the SHIELD Academy… well, he is finally allowed to be proud of his accomplishments, at least partially. He’s softened up to people somewhat because he’s found a place to belong. And she accepts him, but also pushes him to be better. They join shield, and he has to learn how to be brave. For a while it’s okay… as long as she’s there he can do it.

It’s when he’s faced with losing her, though, that he starts to really fall in love with her. (YOU CAN LITERALLY SEE IT. THAT WAS THE MOMENT IT ALL CHANGED. #emotionaltether) That’s the first time she calls him her hero. And he wants to be her hero… he starts to believe he could be. But, he still thinks he’s not good enough for her because he’s kind of just her sidekick… even if he would never admit that’s how he sees himself. And besides, she’s got eyes for the Hero Type and not him. At any rate, he’s too scared to think of losing her friendship. AND OH MY GOSH I’M HAVING MORE FEELINGS. MAKE THEM GO AWAY.

Then Ward betrays them. And she’s still there. And she assures him that she’s not Hydra and never will be. *in my head i’m spewing G-rated expletives everywhere LIKE FUDGE CRACKING MCFLIPFLOPPING FLAPJACKS* 

She was the first person to break through his walls. (AHHHHHHH) She is the most brilliant, clever, beautiful… he would die for her he decides. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He can be brave. He can do that. For her. But he lives. And he’s scared again. Scared he might have lost his brain and his best friend.

Because she’s not there. And he has to learn who he is without her, but it hurts. She should be there. “Why isn’t she here? Oh right, because you’re a useless dolt.” She went away, and WHOA MY MIND JUST BLACKED OUT I THINK I HAD A HEART ATTACK BECAUSE I JUST REALIZED THAT SHE LEFT HIM IN SEASON 2 AND I’M REMEMBERING ALL THE PAIN AND HEARTBREAK WHEN HE FRANTICLY ACCUSES HER OF LEAVING. OF GIVING UP ON HIM. AND NOW THE PAIN IS TWICE AS DEEP. I HATE MYSELFFFFF WITH MY STUPID BRAIN FOR THINKING THIS. BUT YEAH. So once again he thinks he’s been ABANDONED BY SOMEONE HE LOVES… But she comes back. Somehow… with everything that’s happened, she’s trying to stay. Even when he tries to push her away, even when she’s frustrated… even though it’s hard. and it is. It’s the hardest part of his life. But they make it out of that. She says they could be something more… she gives him hope.

And that’s when she’s taken from him by the freaking cosmos. He has to really really learn who he is without Jemma Simmons. He’s the hero man who fights to get her back. And he does. He fights against skeptical friends, terrorists, and the universe for her. he’s not going to give up. he can’t and he won’t. *starts playing I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers* not after 6 months apart. he can’t give up. he can’t loose her. they have too strong a connection. It’s like Mr. Rochester said to Jane in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

“…It is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs [his heart], tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame [her heart].  And if that [great distance] come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.” 

And he got her back… but not without nearly losing her.

And now things were complicated again. There was that Space Rando who saved her when he couldn’t. So his insecurities pop back up when things get heavy. “Still not good enough for her. So unlovable that your father left you at age ten. Never able to fit in. The one person that ever understood you will never love you that way. but that’s probably for the best because she deserves more. she deserves whoever will make her happy. not you. no one will love you.” Even when he jumped through an unknown portal leading to an unknown place on the off-chance that he could find her… He somehow thought Space Rando meant more to her than he ever could. But he just loved her so much that he would get Space Rando back. He didn’t care, as long as she was safe and happy. HIS GOODNESS IS SO OVERWHELMING THAT SHE STARTS FEELING LIKE A TERRIBLE PERSON (BUT THAT WOULD BE AN ISSUE FOR ANOTHER POST RE: JEMMA’S GUILT COMPLEX). SHE TELLS HIM HE SHOULD BE MAD AT HER FOR HURTING HIM… AND HE’S SAYING HE’S NOT MAD AT HER EVEN THOUGH HE’S ALL TORN UP… AND WHILE HE’S RANTING ABOUT NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH… THAT’S WHEN SHE ACTUALLY HAS TO REMIND HIM THAT HE RISKED HIS LIFE AND LITERALLY DOVE THROUGH A MCFRICKLING HOLE IN THE FUDGETASTIC UNIVERSE JUST FOR HER AND THAT IS JUST ABOUT THE MOST HEROIC THING SOMEONE CAN DO FOR ANOTHER PERSON. 

And even though it was touch and go as they untangled the knots, they worked through it together. they solved it. and now they are all settled together and still an A+ team. And Jemma is still there next to Fitz supporting him and keeping him open to love, teaching him to love himself. And no, that doesn’t reegate her to the Love Interest. She has her own story too, just as fitz has his own story. but thier live are inextricably woven together.

She loves Fitz dearly. As she stated, she loves him for his open, loyal, and caring heart… the heart that, in many ways, she showed him. I won’t say she gave him his heart. It’s clear he already had so much of it within him. She simply helped unlock it. 

His love for her changed him into the man we see today. Because she was the one that started the spark. She is a BIG part of his origin story. She’s the One Constant in his life that he relies on… even if it seems like she might not be there, she is. And she’s helped him grow and become the person that he is. (PS he’s also helped her become the person that she is. That’s what decade-long bffs-turned-lovers do because People Change People) He joined SHIELD to be with her, let’s be honest she was the one who encouraged him. And since joining SHIELD, they’ve both changed. Because of circumstance and because of each other. He’s learned to really be his own person. He’s become the Hero. He’s learned that he doesn’t need to know what his father would say to him. He knows who he is. He is the man that Jemma Simmons loves.

Imagine Your OTP #15

B strutting around the house in A’s clothes and randomly posing.

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im just really annoyed with all these ship hate ive been seeing in my otp’s tags. ^ v ^)

i wont put this under read more so you all can read it.

look here you dipshits.
wont life be easier if you all just ignore what you dont like which is not even interfering with your fucking lives? like if you HATE something so much that isnt hurting you, why give ATTENTION to it? how about shut the fuck up? hmm? i mean. we’re not BOTHERING YOU WITH OUR SHIPS. WE’RE NOT THROWING THEM INTO YOUR FACE? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE EFFORT TO EVEN WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT IT which is practically useless. i mean you add the names of OUR OTPS to your shit tags like what are you trying to do huh? try to make us change our ships just because you dont like it? now arent you the ones forcing your fucking ships to us? 


OH RIGHT. what are my ships you ask? let me list it down along with the fandom name u 7 u)

final fantasy vii crisiscore : Zack x Cloud , angeal x Cloud, Genesis x Cloud
final fantasy xiii : Snow x Hope
final fantasy iv : Kain x Cecil
final fantasy xv : prompto x noctis
Kingdom hearts : riku x Sora , Axel/Lea x Sora, Leon x Sora & Terra x Ventus
d.gray-man : lavi x Allen
Fairy Tail : Gray x Natsu / Sting x Natsu
supernatural : destiel
night at the museum : larry x ahkmenrah
boku no hero academia : ALL Might x Deku & Kiribaku
khr : yamamoto x tsuna
one piece: zoro x luffy , shanks x luffy, sanji x luffy, law x luffy
cpt’n america CW : tony x peter

WHY oh why did i have to type it all down? so if you dont like a ship of mine and is disturbed to the point that you wanna go hating on me and write a whole novella about how you hate that ship go the fuck ahead and unfollow me also block me if you would. 


so anyway. i will repeat. THIS IS FANTASY, NOT REALITY. so before you go complaining about age gap and shit. dude. theyre fictional. not real. do you think we’re stupid enough not to know that? besides. ive seen couples not minding age gaps nowadays and is marrying because they LOVE one another so much. fucking gaia seriously.

this had been a not so friendly reminder and shout out to those ship war starters/ ship shitposters by yours truly,  Vhazzy.

THIS is why they are shipped so much. This is why I ship them as well or find them as brothers. >.> <3   he is so sweet omg, I always knew he was. SPIDEYPOOL!! The comic is Deadpool annual 002 2013.

Supporting Evidence for MaLink in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess (and possibly MM if you buy into it)

  • A Sheikah stone states she is waiting for her knight to sweep her off her feet, most of the Sheikah stones give slight spoilers in very subtle ways, like the Sheikah stone that says Zelda is something of a tomboy, a direct early reference to her alter ego Sheik. 
  • The timeline in which Zelda sends Link back to is devoid of evil/Ganon, the link that produces a confirmed GENETIC DESCENDANT comes from this specific timeline. Link’s ancestry lacks Zora aesthetics, nor is he a royal and the Link that is a GENETIC DESCENDANT to Ocarina of Time Link has features more closely related to Malon than any other female potential love interest. (The darker hair, the eyes)
  • The GENETIC DESCENDANT of Ocarina of Time Link is Twilight Princess Link. He lives in a rural village-farm with other farmers, herders, and humble folk, not contradictory to where a potential Link and Malon descendant would actually be years and years and years down the road, countered to the royal lineages that Link doesn’t have an ounce of relation to. 
  • Adding to that point, this Link, since his world is the same as OoT Links, had the OoT Epona Descendant, and knows Epona’s song, a song that is exclusive to Malon’s Family, one she would have certainly taught to her and Link’s family, and they would have also certainly continued Epona’s lineage together. These two Lon Lon Ranch exclusive details are married to Twilight Princess Link’s character, so much so that we can assume he has had Epona from birth/her birth, and been taught the song from his own family in the past, implying he is of the Malon and Link family.
  • Hero’s Shade is OoT Link and he states that TP Link is his descendant, NOT A REINCARNATION LIKE MOST OTHER LINKS/ZELDAS/GANONS in the timeline. The Official Books have also clarified by descendant they mean a GENETIC DESCENDANT. This means it is inescapable fact that OoT Link started a family with someone. OoT Link also became a Knight of Hylia, Bullet point one becomes increasingly important. 
  • Talon offers Malon’s hand, not that it’s his to give and it’s a joke anyway, but his blessing, paired with the subtle Sheikah stone, and details from the official books, and the fact that TP Link is a genetic descendant of OoT Link, the Hylian Knight that becomes Hero’s Shade states that in his timeline he did not have a use for his powers and abilities, which is why he is teaching them directly to his descendant. It is rather indicative that he lived a peaceful life, as a regular knight, fending off regular thieves/bandits/monsters, and continued Epona’s lineage and kept in close with Lon Lon Ranch to do so.
  • At that point, it becomes physically painful to watch anyone try to argue against the evidence stacking up. There is more evidence that Link specifically and factually did not end up with certain people than there is that he specifically did end up with Malon, but, with all other potentials rendered absolutely impossible- Malon is the only one that even makes sense that is left, not only would it be non-contradictory in any sense to TP Link’s status, already learned abilities, and lifestyle and his current homeland, but it would explain them entirely.
  • In Twilight Princess, near certain fields during night, only during the night, you can hear the song of Malon’s family song caught on the wind. It’s a popular Malink theory that she is waiting for Hero’s Shade in the afterlife. Just as she waited for her knight in life. 
  • Majora’s Mask also has some slight Malink hints- The world is a parallel one (or the popular theory, a dying dream), one where both models of Malon, young and older, are used. Link saves both of them, and has an affectionate reaction to being hugged by the Cremia figure. It would be hard not to react to someone who looks so much like someone you care for who you haven’t seen in some time. His interactions at Romani Ranch could have even convinced him it’s where he needs to be, since a lot of urgency is put into getting there, and saving it. He also fends off bandits/creeps from the Milk, something he likely would do later as a Hylian Knight, living at Lon Lon Ranch. (Or if you buy the dying dream theory, something he already had been used to doing, incorporated into his dream.)
  • A reoccurring theme with OoT/Hero’s Shade Link was that he was not a world recognized Hero, but he at least would have saved Malon and the farm, and he was likely her Hero and Knight until the end of his days, also, since TP Link has Epona’s descendant, that means Link saved the Farm in all possible timelines and definitely went back there. TP Link having Epona is confirmation that OoT Link kept in close contact with Malon/Lon Lon Ranch. 
  • In the olden days, cows and livestock where given as marriage proposal. Making the first move, are we, Malon? (this one is a joke, you win that cow fair and square man)

magnus blinked slowly as he tangled his fingers in his boyfriend’s hair, lightly scratching at his scalp. they were currently laying on magnus’ bed, magnus on his back with alec resting on top of him, head on his chest. alec hummed against his skin, seeming utterly content at that very moment. the silence that had filled the air since they had settled on the bed was broken when alec sighed and looked up at him.

“can I ask you something?” he said, something flickering in his eyes. magnus let out a hum and a small nod as a go on, watching alec closely. alec’s fingers ran gently up and down magnus’ upper arm, eyes falling shut as he spoke: “so… you like boys.” it was more a statement than a question, and it was only a few seconds before he continued: “and you like girls.” also a statement, then finally getting to the question: “so… what does that mean?”

magnus’ hand in his hair went still, and for a moment in felt like his heart did as well. alec seemed to take this as a sign of confusion instead of distress and kept talking, trying to clarify what he meant. “i mean… i like boys and that’s all there is to it, you know, pretty straight forward,” he explained, fingers still lightly tracing magnus’ skin.

magnus looked at alec, feeling his heart clench, and not in the good way, not like it usually did when he looked at him. he was about say something, anything to make alec stop before he could say something so bad that magnus would not be able to simply forgive and forget it, but alec was faster.

“but multi-gender attraction isn’t like that, you know. i mean, i know you know, but my point is that it’s more like a spectrum and there isn’t simply one sexual orientation that covers it all,” alec said, now looking back at magnus, seeming almost desperate to get magnus to understand where he was going with this, stopping for only a moment before going on,

“and you’ve always been very open about being attracted to more than one gender, and i guess i was just wondering where on that spectrum you see yourself?” alec’s eyes were wide, waiting for an answer, and magnus suddenly felt so much lighter, letting out a breath he wasn’t aware that he had been holding.

slowly starting to move his fingers again, he closed his eyes as he answered: “yeah it can be very confusing indeed, i mean, it took me decades to figure out myself, but bisexual just resonated more with me than anything else, so that’s how i identify.” he could feel alec smile against his chest, his next words no more than a whisper: “i love you, thanks for telling me.”

// 31 days of magnus bane -> magnus + bisexuality