otp: that loves gonna kill me


This is the face of a woman who starts to understand her feelings towards someone she regarded as a total stranger. The fear of losing a man who is an endearing mystery to her has taken control of her. Her breath starts to speed up and feelings take charge of her actions.

Just keep telling her till she does. Yeah? You know…all her life, all she has ever wanted is somebody to reassure her that she is worthy of love. So if you do that, then, um…you know, she will be good to you, she will take care of you. She will even over look all those things that are so deeply fucked up in you. Uh, and yeah, when she get out of here, she will, uh…uh, probably hack your phone or maybe, uh, key some female co-worker’s car. But yeah shes gonna do it ‘cause she loves you. And uh… *chuckles* I mean, some people would give anything to be loved like that. *chuckles* That’s all I gotta say. Just stew in your juice, and then uh, yeah, do the right thing.
Nah, you’re gonna get addicted to heroin, get sent down to max for doin some stupid junkie shit, find yourself sucking off a co in a closet for one last hit, and, you know, maybe realize that you were just hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who’s never going to love you back. It is just not worth it.

Nicky Nichols 

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I love you so much, Lorna. But you know…you can’t just, like uh, keep doing whatever the fuck you want and then thinking it’s gonna be okay. *stutters* And the days of this, uh…crazy being quirky and cute… it’s past. It’s sad, ya know? I mean, you need help, and I can’t help you, ‘cause I need to help myself. Or maybe, uh, what if you go see the prison therapist, right?  See what she has to say about it. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna tell me…*stammering* She’s gonna call me a dumbass sucker crazy person for letting me do this again. And then tell me to never, ever, ever do this again, right? And this time, I’m gonna listen to her…'cause she’s the expert, right?

Nicky Nichols

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OTP Trends: Angry Bosses and Badass Blonde Subordinates

Rivetra (SnK), Akiramon (Tokyo Ghoul), and Royai (FMA)

- Black-haired bosses and their blonde subordinates (Petra is technically blonde ‘cause of the manga)

- All the girls are mother figures to the protagonists, and coincidentally all the protagonists’ mothers are dead

- Each guy has a notable relationship/moment with his girl’s father (Levi and that scene with Petra’s father, Amon working under Akira’s father, and Roy as Riza’s father’s apprentice)

- All are badass ladies

- All guys seem to have conflicts/angsts with the protagonists, though are considered to be allies (Amon –> Kaneki; Roy —> Ed; Levi –> Eren; all these are mindlessly and passionately shipped by idiots YES COME AT ME AND FIGHT)


- THEY’RE ALL MY OTPS (though Rivetra is my OTP of OTPs)

- feel free to add some more if I missed out on anything hahahaha

ok i talk about meihem all the time, i defend it and write stuff for it but i never explained why i like it,so here we go:

1.i love hero/villain ships a lot, and junkrat is a villain who blows shit up and causes destruction and canonically has killed people. mei on the other hand is a heroine who wants to protect and save the earth and is a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure

2.i also love opposites attract ships and their dynamic is wonderful. they got the whole fire/ice thing going on,their viewpoints on the world are drastically different from each other as well. but they are not so different they are just not compatible, leading to my next point.

3.they do have things in common as well,they love puns(mei’s ice puns and junkrat’s many puns,usually explosive related),they both like boba tea and they both have tragic pasts. mei lost her whole team in ecopoint:antartica and junkrat lost his home,family and any chance of a normal life. their pasts are similar to each other in the fact that everything they knew had changed and people close to them were gone forever. also i want to mention their ‘yay’ and ‘can’t deal’ emotes are very similar as well.

4.i really love beauty and the beast type ships,both in personality and looks and meihem covers both. junkrat isn’t really attractive(depending on who i ask i guess??) and he is very dusty,dirty and has sharp features. like i said before,he also does kill people and can be pretty crude. mei on the other hand can,and is considered by people to be very beautiful(also her name does mean ‘beauty’ so bonus points there). and she is a kind and sweet person who deserves no hate.

like overall i find them really compatible with each other and they are my current otp and i love them. i’m gonna loving and defending this ship and you can’t stop me.

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Imagine your OTP
  • Character 1: You know, I love you.
  • Character 2: I know, but... why are you telling me this?
  • Character 1: Uh, maybe because... I can do anything.
  • Character 2: "Why did I marry this guy?"
  • Character 2: I love you too, babe.
  • Character 1: No matter what?
  • Character 2: No matter what.
  • Character 1 smiles and Character 2 goes to the kitchen. Character 2 sees a lot of dishes in the sink, takes a deep breath and screams:
  • Character 1: You said "No matter what", remember?
  • Character 2: I lied.
ships that disgust me to death

1. dullena (OTP: i'mma fuck you senseless while my bro is missing)

2. daroline (OTP: hey caroline remember when i abused and raped you?)

3. datherine (OTP: kat: “I never loved you, damon. it was always stefan.”

4. bamon (OTP: yo bonnie i'mma try to kill u twice)

5. dexi (OTP: i killed yo ass to save my own sorry ass)

6. dalaric (BROTP: i killed you five times lol and u became crazy bc of meh)

7. denzo (BROTP: lol toodles, have a nice time burning alive in a cage)

8. defan (BROTP: i'mma steal ur girl and fuck her the day u break up)

9. debekah (OTP: gonna sabotage the shit out of you)

10. deremy (BROTP: wanna know a fun fact? ur sister rejected me so i snapped ur neck it was ur fault lol)

i seriously cannot