otp: tears of joy

this force of destiny thing is so cool???? Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein are coming back we’re finally gonna get the siege of Mandalore and probs other clone wars era stuff too!!! And probs also lil shorts of Ahsoka doin Fulcrum stuff or maybe CASSIAN doin fulcrum stuff omg this was all i ever wanted. And what if they do like Lukes new Jedi academy omg or shippy Kanera shorts like the Machine in the Ghost omg im gonna cry. I am crying.


It’s been one and a half year since I’m in the Inazuma Eleven fandom.
Yes, it’s not a lot of time. Some people have been here for way more, but I’m glad I ended up being in such a wonderful fandom!

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. How much they mean to me. How much they’ve done for me. How much they changed me in a good way. How many amazing people I met and how wonderful fandom I found.
I made this video a long time ago, but never upload it here, because back then I didn’t know people who would like to watch this. Now I know there is and I want to share it with you, guys, because for me it’s like you’re my family. I just feel like I should tell you this. 
One big thank you to all of you for choosing Inazuma as one of your fandoms as well. For posting, rebloging and sharing things about this amazing anime.
I love you. Every single one of you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for being here. 

I tried combing every season of the series (Ina11, Go, Chrono Stone and Galaxy) in this amv and I think it turned out pretty good. (yes, it could be better but back then I just started making amvs, so it’s not the best, but still…)
You may ask why is there lyrics on the screen? Well, just listen to the song, read the words and watch the scenes. You’ll understand!
Hope you like it. This is for all of you!

A Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @cloverfaerie

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Star Sign: 



5′9 I think?

Time right now:

10:12 AM 

Last thing I Googled: 

Pictures of the color dark red

Favorite music artist: 

I can’t choose 😂 I like TØP, M-Train, Lindsey Sterling..

Song stuck in my head: 

“NO” by my queen Meghan

Last movie I watched:

A Dog’s Purpose (yes I cried)

Last TV show I watched: 


What am I wearing right now:

Pajama pants and a T-shirt

When I created this blog:

Like a month ago I think? Maybe two months

The kind of stuff I post: 

Witchcraft, random pieces of my life, etc.

Why I chose my url: 

I sometimes have visions of sigils so yeah


Honestly don’t know, I think I might be genderfluid between male and agender?

Hogwarts House: 

*coughs nervously* I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter.. 😅 Hufflepuff??

Pokémon team: 

I’ve also never played any form of Pokémon, but all my friends are team Mystic so 😂

Favorite Color:  

Sunset orange, deep ocean blue, and dark red

Average hours of sleep: 

About 9

Lucky number: 

2 and 6

Favorite characters: 

The Cheshire Cat, Lucy Pevensie, Elijah from the Bible (he was pretty lit)  

Dream Job:

A singer or actor

Number of blankets I sleep with: 


Dream fictional character that you would want to be: 

Anyone from The Hobbit/LOTR tbh

One Interesting Fact About You:

I have really big, double jointed toes 😂

I’m tagging:

@theprincessoflight @witchy-woman @orriculum @crystalwitch-in-the-tardis @hummingbirdheartwitch @cosmic-witch @cunningcelt @kitchenwitchupinthisbitch @death-witch-envy @breelandwalker @maddiviner @lotuseatingwitch @floralwaterwitch @biwitched

I only did 14 but oh well. Sorry if any of you were already tagged :P