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The gear, in this case, being the phone.

Roughly some 1,800 2mm hand placed rhinestones later and my phone case and charm are done!  I am never allowed to get another phone again, when this one dies I’ll just have to find another older dated phone to use, so I don’t have to swap cases.  There are a few little things that, were I to do it again, I’d know better to fix, but overall I’m super proud of it!  I think it turned out badass, Kate would approve.


So I was driving home and something occurred to me that I want to write about real fast, because i am apparently incapable of experiencing moments of learning and NOT sharing it here. 

I have been, over time, fond of making jokes about Kieron Gillen killing off Kate Bishop. To me, it’s a joke about cavalierly spoiling another writer’s work and filling that writer’s inbox up with concerned emails and asks. I do this because I love Kieron. He’s one of my dearest friends in comics and out and I am on any given day at any given time in awe of something he’s said or written somewhere. And because Actually Feeling Stuff is hard this is how I show affection. Or at least it was.  For whatever reason I was chewing it over in my head and I started to feel like Lucy with the football. I dunno about you or who you are or what you like but I don’t like feeling like Lucy with the football.  It doesn’t matter what I thought the joke was, it occurs to me that because Kate is Kate and not, say, Karl, it occurs to me that there’s another angle from which to view that joke from that makes it seem… well, mean-spirited.  Because this is a thing that comics does to Kates.  Frequently.   Which, uh, which is bullshit.  And I’m sorry for not sensing that sooner.  So I’m not going to make that joke any more.  And I promise nobody’s gonna off Kate so Clint can feel bad about it and do what needs to be done.  Not right now, I mean.  Not while she’s carrying that baby. KIDDING! KIDDING! Okay, that was the last joke like that. I promise.  

For my own benefit (if I write it out, I’ll learn it) and maybe for yours, here’s what the future of HAWKGUY looks like. It’s changed some and I keep confusing matters by referring to outdated numbering.

Your next seven issues, their correct cover numbering and sequence, and little thumbnails are as follows:

#15“Fun and Games” David Aja. A Clint issue. A wacky swap in sequence serves as Steve Wacker’s parting gift to Hawkguy fandom as Clint and Barney hunker down and kill a little time as they figure out just what exactly they’re fighting against. At press. Should be out… i dunno, a week from tomorrow, maybe two weeks. It’s been at the press a bit. #17“Winter Friends” A…nother dog issue, kind of. A little bit of Aja, and a whole lot of Mr. Chris Eliopoulos, our amazing letterer and an extraordinary cartoonist in his own right, finally reveal the details of just WHAT holiday special Simone’s kids wanted to watch so badly in HAWKEYE #6. Might be a metaphor. Going to press this week I think. Mayyyybe next. #18“Friendly Ghost” A Kate issue. Kate and friends dig into the mysterious life and times of the mysterious man in her mysterious grocery. How does he tie into Madame Masque? How does Madame Masque come after Kate? Sister Annie Fabulous once again arts it up all over the dang place. Underway now. #19“All The Stuff What Goes Unspoke” Clint issue. David A-HA! on art. Clint and Barney and the world of hearing impairment. The “sign language issue” I’ve spoken about here before. I’ve been working with ASL educators, talking to doctors, VERY EXCITING. Underway now. #20“L.A. Woman” In which we say goodbye to the Reverend Mother Annie Wu and Kate says goodbye to California.  #21“The F-Word, Part 1: Rio Bravo” David. Clint. Barney. The Building. The Tracksuit Draculas. The Clown. Ever seen “Rio Bravo”? Check it out, it’s pretty good. #22“The F-Word, Part 2: El Dorado” David. I wonder if they’ll actually let me call it “The F Word.” We’ll see. And while I know everything that happens here and in 21, I am telling you very little.  TRADE 3 will be called L.A. WOMAN. It will collect Kate’s Summer Fun Adventure: THE ANNUAL, #14, #16, #18, and #20. TRADE 4 will be called RIO BRAVO. It will collect Clint’s slow-motion nervous breakdown in the lead-up to his darkest hour #17, #12, #13, #15, #19, #21, #22 I would imagine those trades will be out just as rapidly as the second trade followed the publication of #11, that is to say, as fast as the printing process will allow. I might be wrong; I have no idea about these things.The shipping guesstimates offered above are just that, guesstimates. That said, none of that is within my realm of understanding or control I don’t know when anything happens or why. Sometimes I think I understand how long a book takes to go from printer to stands and then something like, say, the holidays happen and it takes 7 weeks. Sometimes giant books happen and everything gets knocked off-schedule at the printer. So the answer is always I don’t know. I just write ‘em. That said: here we are. I promise, everyone at marvel, I’ll start writing the correct numbers on the scripts now.
FYI: fuckyeahhawkguy is run by an asshole

Just so everyone knows, the mod of fuckyeahawkguy is a homophobic, elitist jerk.

He thinks MCU fans should “go to the comic book store and actually read a comic or two” and that he “hate[s] the MCU.” (source, on my blog because he deleted it on the fuckyeahhawkguy blog)

He also “does not support” and refuses to reblog anything relating to Kate/Cassie and Kate/America, arguably, two of the most popular ships in the YA fandom, because he has “never found [them] to be cannon [sic].” (source)

Oh my god, are icky girl parts getting all up in your dude space and making you uncomfortable? Does it bother you that Kate and America and Cassie can have happy, fulfilling sex lives that don’t involve your a dick?

People are entitled to their opinions. People are entitled to post their opinions on a free blogging website for anyone and everyone to read. But personally, I prefer to follow fanblogs that accept the whole of a character, not just the bits the mod likes the most.