otp: take me back to the start

One of this days this is gonna happen
  • Person B: *phone starts ringing*
  • Person C: *looks at B's phone* *takes phone out of his hand*
  • B's dad on the phone: What?
  • Person C: ...
  • Person C: I'm sorry let me get you back to your son
send me a ship and i’ll tell you
  • who hogs the duvet
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • who gets up first in the morning
  • who suggests new things in bed
  • who cries at movies
  • who gives unprompted massages
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
  • who gets jealous easiest
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
  • who collects something unusual
  • who takes the longest to get ready
  • who is the most tidy and organised
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
  • who starts the most arguments
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
  • what couple traditions they have
  • what tv shows they watch together
  • what other couple they hang out with
  • how they spend time together as a couple
  • who made the first move
  • who brings flowers home
  • who is the best cook
Reaction: Their crush likes them back.

~Got7 reaction!

(Gifs not mine).


You and a couple of your friends were hanging out at the dorms with Jaebum and the other Got7 members when Yugyeom and Bambam overheard you gushing about Jaebum to your friend. The maknaes immediately ran and told their leader. He got all soft when they told him, of course making them tease him. He’d shoo them away and wait for the perfect time to confess to you. It wasn’t until later that night that he was able to get you on your own. He was a bit nervous but didn’t really show it as he confessed his feelings for you.

Jaebum would be really happy to hear his crush liked him back. He might spend a little while thinking about whether or not he should actually ask you out but would.


You two were playfully bickering and Mark was determined to win by using his handsome face to his advantage. When he made a pretty good point about the topic you were arguing over, he just stopped giving any input what so ever and just stared at you as you attempted to fight back. You didn’t notice at first, but when you did, you became a blushing, stuttering mess. Mark chuckled softly as you hid your red face in your hands.

“You can’t do that! It’s not fair!” you whined as your blush deepened.

“Do what?” Mark asked innocently. You playfully hit his shoulder and rolled your eyes.

“You can’t distract me with that handsome face of yours! That’s cheating!”

Just as you said that, Jackson entered the room and heard what you said. He started screaming about how you finally admitted your feelings for Mark. Yours and Mark’s eyes widened. Mark broke into a shy smile as Jackson and Bambam started shouting about how the otp is real.

Mark would be thrilled to hear his crush liked him back. It would take him a while and a lot of coaxing from Jackson to actually work up the courage to ask you out, but he would eventually.  


When you befriended Jackson, you befriended all of Got7. You’d gotten pretty close with Jinyoung and had confided in him about your feelings for Jackson. Even though he told you that Jackson felt the same way, you didn’t really do anything about your crush. It got to the point where Jinyoung actually found it painful watching you around Jackson and told him how you felt. Jackson freaked. He ran to you and gave you the biggest hug, telling you how happy he was that you felt the same way.

Jackson would not wait around after he found out that you liked him back. He doesn’t seem like the type to spend ages pondering over the decision. You likes him, he likes you, so you must date.


You and Jinyoung were sitting on his bed at the dorm, both lost in books. You looked up from yours to ask him something and found him asleep. He looked so peaceful, so you decided to leave instead of waking him up. You quietly gathered your things and went to the door of his room. You looked back his handsome face and sighed sadly to yourself.

“As if you’d ever like me like that,” you mumbled as you were exiting the room. Jinyoung had been woken by the sound of your footsteps and heard what you said. He got up from the bed and grabbed your hand just as you were out the door. You looked up in surprise to see a very irritated Jinyoung. 

“Don’t ever say anything like that again,” he said in a stern voice. With that, he pulled you to him and cupped your face in his hands. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips before pulling away.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

(I’m soft, I know)

Jinyoung would be so happy that his crush liked him back. He wouldn’t show exactly how happy he was though. He’d wait a bit after finding out, until just the right moment to confess.


You’d just been talking. That was all you were doing when you suddenly let it slip that you thought Youngjae was the most adorable person on the face of the earth. As soon as you said it, Youngjae just started laughing because bless him he didn’t know what else to do. He got all shy and flustered but you were too busy dying from his cuteness to be embarrassed. After some time, Youngjae was able to collected himself enough to tell you he liked you too. 

As I said, this poor guy wouldn’t know what to do. He’d need help from everyone to be able to confess, but when he did, it’d be so freaking cute and adorable and soft and fluffy I need help please stop me he’s just too precious.


Bambam was being Bambam and was teasing you about the fact that you thought he was good looking, When he teasingly said that you liked him, he didn’t expect you to admit to it. He kinda froze for a minute (gif), before laughing it off and telling you that he knew all along. He’d then proceeded to take you on your first date then and there because no use in wasting time.

Bambam probably has every little experience when it comes to relationships, so he probably wouldn’t really know what to do or how to go about confessing. He’d probably devise a plan with all the ‘97 liners that would go horribly wrong and end up being hilarious instead of romantic but hey, would you expect any different?


You’d been dropping hints since practically the beginning of time, but the guy was completely oblivious. His hyungs all noticed and told him. They helped their maknae confess because he hadn’t a clue.

He would be so excited to find out his crush liked him back. He’d get help from the older hyungs (Bambam would be no help in this situation) and plan the perfect way to confess and it’d be too cute for words.

~A/N~ I’m so soft for Got7. I just love them so much. Anyway, requests for ships, drabbles, reactions, scenarios and fics are open. My inbox is currently empty and hungry so please feed it.

OTP Tag / Verse Name Masterlist

The following is a list of 125+ OTP tag / verse name suggestions, all inspired by Sia’s last two albums, 1000 Forms of Fear (2014) and This Is Acting (2016). Credit goes to the respective lyricist(s). If you find this list to be helpful and would like to see more, feel free to message me anytime.

  • otp:  all the things you’ve taken
  • otp:  always had the upper hand
  • otp:  blunted thorns are soft on my skin
  • otp:  bring it on and bring it strong
  • otp:  bristling with desire
  • otp:  burn with me tonight
  • otp:  can’t get enough
  • otp:  can’t hide the pain
  • otp:  challenge me
  • otp:  come a little closer
  • otp:  danger is coming
  • otp:  disregard the mess
  • otp:  don’t give up
  • otp:  don’t leave me
  • otp:  don’t wait too long
  • otp:  don’t wanna fight anymore
  • otp:  don’t you wanna free us
  • otp:  falling through the cracks
  • otp:  feel the beat in your chest
  • otp:  feel the love
  • otp:  feeling every cell fall in love with you
  • otp:  feeling my temperature rise
  • otp:  fight this war
  • otp:  fill the void in my heart
  • otp:  fire meet gasoline
  • otp:  follow me like the darkest cloud
  • otp:  fought so hard for your heart
  • otp:  found solace in the strangest place
  • otp:  free the beast from its cage
  • otp:  give me a taste of you
  • otp:  give me all you got
  • otp:  going up in flames
  • otp:  held hostage by your love
  • otp:  held hostage by your touch
  • otp:  here by your side
  • otp:  here comes the shame
  • otp:  hold the flame alight
  • otp:  hold you in my arms
  • otp:  holding on for dear life
  • otp:  holding on for tonight
  • otp:  hungry for your loving
  • otp:  i ache for love
  • otp:  i am hot for you in every way
  • otp:  i had locked my heart
  • otp:  i wanna be your muse
  • otp:  i want whatever you’ve got
  • otp:  i was a broken thing
  • otp:  i was never in control
  • otp:  i was scared to let you into my heart
  • otp:  i’d take a million bullets for you
  • otp:  it all begins with just one kiss
  • otp:  it’s agony
  • otp:  it’s been a long time
  • otp:  it’s dangerous to fall in love
  • otp:  it’s lonely at the top
  • otp:  it’s never the right time
  • otp:  it’s the final chance
  • otp:  kill me with your loving
  • otp:  lacking courage
  • otp:  like a storm cloud
  • otp:  like smoke darkening the skies
  • otp:  like sugar and spice
  • otp:  live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
  • otp:  lost in doubt
  • otp:  love me to the beat of a drum
  • otp:  loving you to death
  • otp:  me and you against the world
  • otp:  midnight decisions
  • otp:  need you in every way
  • otp:  never played a fair game
  • otp:  never thought we’d meet again
  • otp:  no time for games
  • otp:  no time for love
  • otp:  nobody out there to catch your tears
  • otp:  one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
  • otp:  only two footprints in the sand
  • otp:  remember when we had it all?
  • otp:  right where we’re meant to be
  • otp:  ruin me
  • otp:  running out of breath
  • otp:  secret life of lovers who have others
  • otp:  see me fall apart
  • otp:  skating on thin ice
  • otp:  smile through the pain
  • otp:  so many red flags
  • otp:  soaking in all your love
  • otp:  standing on the edge
  • otp:  strike the match
  • otp:  such beautiful pain
  • otp:  take me for all i have
  • otp:  take your chances
  • otp:  tears fall to the beat
  • otp:  tell you what you want to hear
  • otp:  the line has been crossed
  • otp:  the pain of losing you
  • otp:  the pressure’s rising
  • otp:  the storm has broken
  • otp:  the war within
  • otp:  this secret burns
  • otp:  this too shall pass
  • otp:  thought i could save you from destruction
  • otp:  trust no one
  • otp:  twisted up like a slipknot
  • otp:  under the covers
  • otp:  we had love so strong my heart couldn’t take it
  • otp:  we might be moving too fast
  • otp:  we only have the memories
  • otp:  we were meant for one another
  • otp:  we’re a perfect match somehow
  • otp:  what i don’t know can’t hurt me
  • otp:  when the fire dies
  • otp:  why can i not conquer love?
  • otp:  won’t make it through tonight
  • otp:  won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?
  • otp:  you are my whole world
  • otp:  you bring me to life
  • otp:  you covered my heart in kisses
  • otp:  you did not break me
  • otp:  you draw me back in
  • otp:  you got too close
  • otp:  you let the light in
  • otp:  you started breaking down my walls
  • otp:  you terrify me
  • otp:  you were worth the wait
  • otp:  you’ll never get it
  • otp:  you’re locked inside my heart
  • otp:  your body’s poetry
Let’s analyze the Sterek shit in 6b trailer

Right after I watched the trailer, I immediately started analyzing and searching elements about Derek and Stiles. First thing, obviously, Derek is BACK YES and Stiles appears in the season. 

But now here are things I noticed, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my hardcore shipper side taking control of my mind so please don’t take it seriously ok ?  It’s really far fetched and I don’t want to start a fight with anyone. If you’re not agreeing with me just keep scrolling :) (and if you keep reading excuse my not so perfect english, there may be a lot of mistakes !)

1. They’re back together 

As you probably noticed, Stiles and Derek came back to Beacon Hills and met Scott at the same time and together, right ? And it can’t be a coincidence because neither of them looks surprised to see the other and the “without us ?” looks way too prepared for them to meet at this moment. Except if Stiles’ eyes rolling back in his head is him about to faint from surprise. Guess it’s not.

So I can surely assume that they met before, and came back together.How did they meet, I have no idea : maybe one was looking for the other (and it makes my heart swell to think about it), or maybe they ran into each other, like drawn by fate. Hem. They probably both drove together in the jeep too. Knowing them and their friendly relation, I can guess they talked and bantered with one another during the trip. So they obviously spent time together and that makes my heart happy.

2. Stiles helps Derek

Again, that’s obvious if you watched the trailer, but Stiles helps carrying an injured Derek out of a fight (we’ll also notice that Stiles is wearing a FBI shirt and I  wonder how that happened since you can’t become a FBI agent in so little time but that’s not the point).This short scene immediately reminded me of season 2 in the pool before they went in the water and Stiles had to carry Derek in the exact same position and they had this nice little talk about how they don’t really trust each other and that Stiles is helping Derek just because he needs him to survive. Well, that obviously changed, and we’ve known that for a while now, but I like the maybe involuntary parallel between the season 2 scene and this one where Stiles saves Derek without hesitation. Awesome relationship and characters evolution !

3. No Stydia ?

I’m not trying to throw shade on Stydia, I totally respect this ship, but I couldn’t keep myself from noticing that Lydia doesn’t have a scene with Stiles alone, when Scalia (yay !) has this shower scene and a lot of other one-to-one moments, as Melissa and Chris do. Lydia is mostly alone. Like really alone. She discovers this weird spiderweb thing alone, is in a bed alone, is in the school alone, screams alone (and right after a sterek scene !), is alone. The only moment Stiles and Lydia have together is in the last scene, where everyone is in or around the jeep, listening to the radio. They’re sitting side by side, I can give you that. But we’ll talk again about this scene later. This is surprising, absolutely no Stydia in the trailer, when 6a was all about this ship.

4. Stiles and Derek are a real duo

I’m not talking about romantic (or sexual if you want to see it that way) couple, but these two dorks are a recurrent and good working duo since season 1. It was mostly comic at the beginning, but they learned to trust and appreciate each other. I’m talking about Derek shoving Stiles in walls, banging his neck in a steering wheel and dying on him in season 1. I’m talking about the pool scene and breaking in the police station, Alpha Derek saving Stiles from Isaac, both being paralyzed in the police station (and Matt shipping it) in season 2. I’m talking about them being friendly when Scott gets his tattoo, eye contact, Derek punching Stiles hand, Derek trusting Stiles over his girlfriend, Stiles putting is hand on Derek’s shoulder at Boyd’s death, Stiles hitting him when he’s unconscious, Derek helping to save Stiles when he’s possessed, Derek trying to protect him when Chris points a gun at the Nogitsune, Derek dreaming about Stiles, in season 3. I’m talking about Stiles helping and taking care of teenager Derek, Stiles and Derek together helping Liam, Derek almost dying and Stiles hesitating to leave, fearing he won’t see him again, in season 4. I’m talking about Stiles noticing his initials on the bookshelf at school, Scott and Stiles mentioning Derek in season 5, when nobody else talked about him. 

Even if you don’t ship Sterek you have to see their relation. Trust, care, attachment. If I put to the side the romantic aspect of Sterek and only focus on what is canon, I’d say they are more than friends. Friends for Stiles is Scott. Derek is more, and it frustrates me that I can’t find the right word. They are like supernatural adventures partners. They’d do anything to help the other and trust them without questioning it. They earned that trust, and once obtained it’s even more solid than the one between Scott and Stiles (season 5 shows it). Derek would have believed Stiles in season 5 and supported him against Theo without a second thought. And they sometimes joke and banter together, so it works even more. The trailer shows that they’re not Derek and Stiles anymore. They’re Derek&Stiles, partners in crime. It’s even more emphasized by the “us” that Derek corrects. 

Despite my love for this otp, I see the canon Derek&Stiles more like a platonic relationship. Platonic soulmates. After the end of that war, I just imagine them going back to Washington or New York or wherever and move in together. Hell, they’ll even get platonically married and platonically raise children together, because they can’t imagine someone else to spend their life with. But if romantic Sterek goes canon I’ll be even more happy :D

5. Eye contact in the jeep

This one is the most far fetched and I totally over analyzed it.

In the last scene of the trailer, where Scott, Stiles and Lydia are in the jeep with Peter, Malia and Derek at the windows, I noticed a few things.

First, the Hales are all outside the car, which doesn’t mean anything but maybe it’s important to say it.

And, after a few observations, we can know that this is how they’re placed

(This picture is really awful but anyway)

And now is the interesting stuff.

I can’t really be sure what he is looking at, could be the radio, but I want to believe this very intense look is directed at Stiles. And while we’re talking about him…

Is this Stiles looking back at Derek ? Seems like it. It wouldn’t be the first time these two exchange glances and eye contact when nobody else is looking.

 (You can read this amazing meta theory where the author talks about Stiles and Derek relation and the importance of eye contact among other things : https://cupidsbower.tumblr.com/post/86202796600/dereks-anchor)

Peter and Lydia seem rather focused on the radio Scott is holding, we can’t see Malia, and Scott is looking through the window, but then he looks up, maybe at Derek, maybe just for the emphasis of his concentration and questions. No idea.

Also, if you squint really really hard during this scene, you may notice that Peter seems to be looking at Lydia, while she’s turning her eyes towards Stiles who’s looking at Derek. Derek stares back, Scott glances at Malia and we can’t see her face again so she could be looking anywhere. But it’s like everyone is staring at the person they have a connection with. Peter because he played with Lydia’s mind, Scott because he’s dating Malia. Lydia because she’s dating Stiles. And Stiles and Derek ? Because they have this incredible chemistry. Maybe we’re even talking about romantic connections and the show will end with canon Pydia, Scalia and Sterek, who knows ? But after a few slow-mo rewatchs I realized that except Derek and Stiles, they’re more likely to be watching the radio. So take this as you want it, nobody’s holding you back of believing it. 

The dorks look at each other exactly when Gerard (wasn’t he dead by the way ??) says “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.”

The “welcome back” must be directed at Derek and Stiles, since they were the only ones among the people in the car who left Beacon Hills. So again, they’re addressed as a whole. (Or it’s a general “welcome back”, like “welcome back together, all gathered in the jeep like the good ol’time !”, or a “welcome back in a new nightmare where I’m magically alive !”. )

The “you must all be feeling rather nostalgic” is directed at everyone, and I guess the old man says that because a lot of people are back (Jackson ! The twin ! Kate ????), so I don’t give it much attention, but what I do give attention to is how a shot of Derek and his intense look is followed by a fade to black and then the shot of Stiles looking back at him. That must be the cinematographer inside me talking, but this kind of editing doesn’t come from nowhere. I see this sequence as a special importance giving deeper meaning to Gerard’s words. I see it as Derek and Stiles having felt nostalgic far away from the town and its inhabitants (pack and family included), but also far away from each other when Derek left. In other words, they missed each other. We’ve only seen Stiles’ point of view, when he signed the bookshelf or when Scott mentioned his name and he obviously had feelings (as friend or not) towards the werewolf. I can assume Derek felt the same way, especially after Braeden left him and came back to Beacon Hills without him.

Some people say that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, and I’m pretty convinced of that too. It makes even more sense that they found each other again when they’d lost contact for months, even maybe years. It’s like they gravitate toward each other. Platonic soulmates as I said before. And I can totally see them evolve in this platonic way. Stydia could keep happening, Derek could find a partner (Braeden ?), and they’ll still stay around each other no matter what.

I can totally see them evolve in a romantic relation too, but oh so different than what they both had had before. More serious than any of their previous relations, but they’ll still stay these two adorable dorks who can’t keep themselves from teasing the other and pretending they’re not funny, and always keeping this unbreakable trust and fidelity they already have. I’m totally on board with this. Yup. 

… And this post is way much longer than it was supposed to be so I’m gonna stop ! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and thoughts as long as you don’t insult me or anything, be kind please ! :) Have an awesome day !!

Bonus : 6. Something for the viewers

I just realized I forgot to mention something :

 “You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you ?”

“Without us ?”

This, except being the cause of my cardiac arrest, can also be interpreted. Stiles and Derek obviously said these lines to Scott, but what if the production of Teen Wolf was saying this to us at the same time? A lot of people believed that Derek and Stiles wouldn’t appear in the last part of the show, but here they are ! And that’s a nice message, if it was voluntary :D 

I can still hope that, as a lot of people believe that romantic sterek won’t become canon, boom they’ll throw the love at us with a “You didn’t think this would happen, did you ?” and I can totally see something like this happen. In my head. But who knows ?

Now I’m really finished ! Thanks for reading :)

Me: Stop trying to make
Flannel happen it’s NOT going to happen
Me: I once saw Victuuri im Flannel shirts and glasses, so I started to wear flannel shirts and glasses

thank you

fandom: naruto
characters/pairings: sasuke/sakura
rating: t
prompt: thank you
a/n: unbeta’ed as always. post-chapter 699. heavily inspired by the sparrowkeet series’ twelfth chapter, by audreyii-fic, though somehow not like it at all? idk man

In which everyone has a lot to say, except the one who actually matters.

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