otp: take a risk

If you love someone you have to tell them knowing they might not love you back, but hoping that they will. There is always a chance, and that chance gives us hope, and that hope gives us faith, and that faith carries us through no matter what the outcome is. Love shouldn’t fester inside of us and never be released.

“Everyone makes choices in life.

Some bad, some good–it’s called living"

Maria V. Snyder

Living is a risk.

Make the decision to put yourself out there and live.

You’ll make mistakes.

You’ll slip and fall.

But you’ll also learn and grow.

You’ll discover yourself and find your way.

Without taking risks, you live a half-life.

It takes stepping out of our comfort zones to overcome our fears and access our innate human potential. 

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Dare to try something new.

Take the unknown road. 



I really wish some people weren’t so scared to feel what’s in their hearts, maybe one day they will be willing to take the risk.
—  You hear that OTP? I’m talking about you