otp: swimming with sharks

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Prompt: Ok this is specific so hold on. Can you do an imagine where the reader works at buzzfeed and she is asked to do a video swimming with sharks and she refuses then someone is like “what if we get Sebastian Stan to go with you” and the reader is like “if you can do tang then yeas” and they actually get Sebastian to go with you then after words he asks you on a date and fluff. Please thanks

Word Count: 1300ish


Authors Note:

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“I don’t care if it has fucking fairy dust in it.”


enigmatictelepathy  asked:

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

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               ‘’  you —  you can’t believe i talked you into this?  you’re looking at hawaii’s finest tour guide; and you wanted adventure, well you’re going to get it.  ‘’   just don’t listen to danny cause he’s over-dramatic.