otp: sweet tea

I love sweet tea, it’s so refreshing especially on hot days like today where I live. This recipe is so easy and tastes oh so good! Add flavored tea bags for a twist on this classic, or fresh fruit…ENJOY!🍃🍹Stay cool haha!


sparkling sweet tea…


His shyness is really heartwarming. I mean, he gives me that kinda feeling of being the type of sweet tea guy who would do anything to make you feel much better on a bad day, and it’s the most precious/cute thing, isn’t it?

anonymous asked:

the other night i stared at my ceiling for ten minutes thinking about if they made a sequel, how they would do the reunion scene when elio goes to visit oliver at his university and walks up after the class is over and asks do you remember me? and the time and distance btw them but also how they've never actually left that summer

I too like to stare at my ceiling and think of death. 

The real question is, will Sweet Tea be able to grow a beard?