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 while searching for 2015 pyro fanart i drew for m,y pyro fanfiction i found all this 2009 pyro fanart i drew when i was rping the pyro on facebook and the other girls were really mean to me bcus they didnt advocate a cute/girly/not serious pyro. guess what you fucking slugs

Sweet Tea: Part 6

OK, y’all. Here I go with Part 6 of the Sweet Tea series. If you have not done so already, please read the pre-series warning I have on my master list before you start this series. (My Heart in Ink on my page, & linked below, and right here)

This series deals with domestic violence, attempted murder, murder and at one point, paints Gen in a negative light. No disrespect intended!

Pairings: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Clif, Sara (OC), Misha, Danneel, Couple mentioned SPN cast members, John (OC)

Warnings: Fluff maybe some swearing. Death of a minor character

AN: I want the record to show that I am actually terrified to post this series… Not because of the negative feedback from the things I write but because this story is me literally ripping my heart and soul out and putting it on paper. I am a domestic violence survivor. Keep that in mind when you want to start to ripping me apart in future parts. You were warned.

Warning, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


You stood behind the curtain by the side of the stage with Danneel, Rob, and Richard watching Jared and Jensen joke with the crowd and each other at their afternoon panel. Jensen started telling a story as an answer to a fan’s question and you smiled as you watched your boyfriend run his fingers through his hair, his hand resting briefly on the back of his head as he looked over at you. You couldn’t help but smile more as you looked at his dimples, his smile lighting up his eyes. You blew him a kiss and he winked at you before turning back to the crowd. You loved watching the boys doing the panel. The way they interacted with the crowd warmed your heart. The boys thanked the girl that asked the question you hadn’t payed attention to and turned to the other side of the stage as the next fan came up.

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