otp: sweet intoxication

No matter how far the clouds go, the rain will always fall.

No matter how beautiful it blooms, the roots of the flower remains entwined in the soil.

No matter how many phases the moon goes through, it remains in the same spot among the stars.

And no matter where you go,
I will always follow you.

The Sweet Intoxication Of Her Love III

Before Jin stood a woman, small and slim. She wore a white silken cape that covered her from her shoulders to her feet. The cloth blew and wafted in the slightest draft and thus allowed Jin a guess about her body beneath it. Her hair was silver in the moonlight, as she held out her hand, her palm seemed to be filled with light.

„I welcome you, Generaless. Long have you searched for me, and it is high time we meet.”

Jin snorted. „Are you insinuating you have arranged our meeting? Who the hell are you, anyway?”

The woman looked up at her. „My name is Dea. I am the last of the Moondancers of Orfalîs, and I am what you are looking for.”

Jin shook her head impatiently. „Don’t try to fool me. I have been looking for power, for a source of potency. You… are just a woman.” She snorted. „Out of my way, or you will be just one more dead body on my way.”

Dea looked at her with sadness. „Please. Let me explain. Walk with me, just to the central plaza and back here.”

Jin looked down at her, frowning. „Are you going to give me what I came here for?”

Dea smiled sadly. „I am going to give you whatever you want, if you will just hear me out.”

Jin’s adjutant stepped beside her horse. „I ask for permission to speak, Generaless.”

„Given”, she answered shortly.

„Accept the offer, Ma'am. If she knows something, it will be the shortest way to learn it. If not…” He allowed himself a sublime smile. „…she certainly poses no risks.”

Jin knew he was right. She nodded curtly and then fixed her look on Dea. „I will come with you if you prove that you deserve my trust. Take off your cloak, so I can see you are hiding no weapons.”

Dea smiled. „If that is all what it takes, I will happily do it. Tell your men to turn around, please. What I hide under my cape is meant for no eyes but yours.”

With a single wave of her hand, Jin ordered her men to turn around, and they did, all in the same moment with the same movement. Dea smiled up at Jin and with a single shrug of hers, the silken cloth glided down to the ground.

Beneath it, Dea wore a long skirt and a short top that left her belly bare. Both were made of white silk and embroidered with silver – Jin knew that this was the traditional garb of the Moondancers. Around her hips was wound a scarf made of velvet with silver coined fastened to it.

For a moment, Jin’s gaze got caught on the bare skin of Dea’s cleavage, then the dancer tiptoed and gracefully turned around, the coins on her hipscarf ringing soflty. She showed Jin her back, and even lifted her hair with both hands to show that she wasn’t hiding a weapon beneath it.

Then she turned again, standing face to face with Jin, still smiling. „Are you satisfied, Generaless? Am I allowed to dress again?” Was it mockery that sparkled in her eyes, or was it the moonlight?

Jin nodded, and Dea gracefully curtseyed and grabbed the cloak, fastening it around her shoulders again. „Now you have to fulfill your part of the agreement. Come and walk with me.”

Her voice was almost gentle, and something in it made Jin get down from her horse without further hesitation. She let go of the reigns; she knew the stead would follow on its own.

„Search the town”, she commanded her adjutant. „If you find people, don’t hurt them, but neither take your eyes off them. I also don’t allow any wanton destruction or plunder.”

„Very well, Generaless.” Her adjutant bowed, and the soldiers scattered in groups into the silent streets.

For a moment, Jin and Dea only looked at each other, then the Generaless stepped forward and on the nearest path, and Dea walked beside her.

„So, Generaless, you are searching for power. What makes you think the kind of power you desire is to be found here?”

„You said you are one of the Moondancers. You should know best that the world is full of rumors and legends about the power the dancers possess.”

Dea gently shook her head. „I tell you, this is not the power you are looking for.”

„You defeated the Pharao of an-Nuïkh, and the Sultan of Eden relinquished all his power and even accepted the breaking of his empire after he spent one night in the gardens of your temple. Your order subdued two of the greatest rulers of the known world, so don’t tell you wouldn’t know about power.”

Dea shook her head. „I did not say that. But the power I posses is no power you could ever utilize, believe me.” She mustered Jin. „I suppose you look for the power to destroy, and no moondancer ever owned that power. We are priestesses of The Dragon, the God of love and beauty, and beauty is the only power we possess.”

Jin angrily grabbed her arm and shook her. „Don’t you dare to mock me, woman! Beauty alone cannot change a mind of a warrior as the Pharaoh was.”

Dea returned her look calmly, and Jin didn’t like the way she was smiling. Her smile seemed to say that she knew something the Generaless didn’t know.

„I have told you, I would give you anything you wanted. I just tried to prepare you. I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

Jin let go of her, still not completely convinced. „Fine. Then show me this power of yours.”

Dea still smiled as she let go of her, and turned around. They had almost reached the central circular plaza, and they walked the remaining distance in silence, only the coins on Dea’s hipscarve chinking gently. Jin stopped when she reached the plaza, but Dea went further until she stood in the center of it. She unfastened her cloak and kept it in her hands, the silken cloth waving and wafting behind her as she walked.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a drum, slow and thoughtful. Jin looked around, but there were no musicians, no one beating the drum or touching the cords of the wistful oud that joined the drum now. Jin knew something was wrong, things weren’t going the way she expected, but in the very moment she wanted to turn around and leave, Dea started to move.