otp: super cute and crazy

You guys, I just love how all those 'almost kiss' moments from the three-part finale were leading to that final kiss that we didn't get to see.

Writers be like…

And I get it, people getting upset after watching the finale. I absolutly get it, but I don’t share the feeling because god, I love it so much. All those highly charged olicity scenes are the best. I never, not for one second, doubted Oliver’s feelings and it wasn’t because I ship them. It was because all those moments, the long Oliver/Felicity season arc. That declaration didn’t came out of nowhere. It has a strong foundation. Can you imagine these episodes the other way around? No Felicity talking about being a cocktail waitress, no Oliver carrying her bridal-style, no you’re not alone and I believe in you and that glorious hug. If the writers were doing only fanservice, they’d have kept that kiss and not the unnecessary shoulder touching, hell, all the unnecessary olicity scenes in an already action-packed season finale. The writers are not taking these decisions lightly, they’re in for the long haul. And we just finished season two. We need to be patience and enjoy the ride.

And don’t get me started on all those people writing unthinkable reviews/codas/fics about Felicity feeling betrayed, used or lied to after what happened at the mansion. The whole point of the beach scene was exactly that, to see that Felicity wasn’t upset about it. And that hugeee Oliver smile was confirmation of his feelings. And the way she says ‘Let’s go home’ just melts my heart. So yeah, feeling pretty upset about people picturing Felicity as the victim. Maybe we’ve been watching different seasons two, I mean, ’My life, my choice’, 'She must really believe in you’, 'Make him out think you’, 'Do you understand?’ ’YES.’  She’s no damsel in distress. She’s a damn heroine.