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top 10 stisaac headcanons ily

  1. TEXTING WHEN ISAAC IS IN FRANCE literally always like they got snapchat or whatsapp or idk something to send pics easily and isaac starts by sending pictures of buildings and food and stiles replies with selfies and pics of homework and the scars after someone got beaten up by something evil again and isaac says “i’m so happy that’s not happening anymore” and stiles is like “so you don’t miss it here” and isaac is like “well……. not that” and then stiles “what do u miss” and isaac is like “you guys” and he things ‘just you’ and wow good fucking bye 
  2. this is literally a fic i wrote but idc but like in 3a when everyone still thought they were after virgins, stiles & isaac (being the only virgins on The Team) hooked up and got it on 'for safety' 
  3. WHEN THEY FILL STILES IN LIKE “yo certain types of music gets werewolves drunk” and stiles is like yoooooooooo isaac wanna get drunk?? and basically they get drunk and dance and make out idk 
  4. semi deep conversations when they already have feelings for each other (’: they’re talking about school and studying and college and the pack and the time before the pack and what they wanna do and relationships and crushes and stiles makes some kind of offhand comment like “it sucks when you want someone who doesn’t want you” and isaac snorts like “yeah i told you unrequited love is a bitch” pls 
  5. art student au?????? (is this a hc?? idk??) but oh man isaac doing classic arts like paintings and drawing and stuff and stiles some kind of graphic art and bc they’re fucking NERDS they get in arguments a lot about which one is better so obviously the only way to fight it out is by going on a date 
  6. also when they do go to college and like all pack members do this huge tour bc they all wanna visit each other’s dorms??? and isaac comes over to stiles first so stiles shows him around and by the end of the evening they’re fucking in stiles’ bed (and a few weeks later everyone goes to lydia’s dorm and they end up fucking in lydia’s bathroom) 
  7. isaac meeting stiles’ dad oficially (as 'the boyfriend’) for the first time and sheriff just looks at him like “didn’t i arrest you once” and isaac just nods like “you thought i killed my father” “well you turned out to be a werewolf so i was right not to trust you" 
  9. stiles getting up on his toes to kiss isaac :))))))))) 
  10. holding hands as they walk though beacon hills high school god bless
i recall a long farewell
and a time to choose
so we part like rivers baby
yeah, like rivers do

for emmie! happy birthday sweetheart!!

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top 6 stisaac headcanons??

  • isaac loves stiles’ hands a lot (not for obvious reasons) but they’re just so nice and surprisingly warm all the time and it’s so easy to lace their fingers together and just hold on and walk hand in hand
  • they don’t have sex hardly as much as everyone thinks. most of the time when they spend the night together, they just fall asleep watching a movie or cuddle a lot. 
  • but added to that: they jerk off thinking about each other more often than they actually get off together. maybe their busy lives are to blame but it’s whatever. they both don’t mind. 
  • scott suddenly starts spending a lot more time with other people because he just can’t stand listening to stiles talking about how beautiful isaac’s jaw for the freaking 100th time
  • stiles thinks he’s sneaky with stealing isaac’s shirts and wearing them, but everyone sees straight through it. they pretend to play along with it though.
  • when isaac leaves for france, he refuses to talk to anyone for a while, but then he slowly starts answering everyone’s texts and somehow he and stiles end up texting all the time, like, all the time. he falls asleep clutching his phone and waiting for stiles’ reply, and wakes up in the morning to five different texts and idk it’s a thing and neither of them knows how to call it but it’s definitely a thing

no but can you imagine

isaac and stiles holding hands as they walk through the school 

stiles tugging isaac down the stairs because they need to hurry to their next class but he doesn’t wanna let go

stiles and isaac sharing glances as they sit on opposite sites of the classroom

isaac ‘accidentally’ dropping some books when stiles passes by so he needs to bend over to pick them up

(stiles walking straight into the person in front of him)

isaac and stiles making out against the lockers

(scott rolling his eyes at them as they picked his locker) (again)

stiles picking isaac up with his keep and driving to school together and isaac resting his hand on stiles’ knee

stiles and isaac as the sappy high school couple

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imagine if they actually did the lacrosse hoodies at beacon hills though and isaac and stiles making out in some closet at school (and taking off the hoodies obv) and then accidentally swapping them and scott's super confused (bc they're not actually out yet) and yeah

oh my god and they wouldn’t understand why everyone keeps staring at, and then at practice coach is yelling everyone’s name, but he’s like, not looking at their faces but at their hoodies and he yells “LAHEY” and points to stiles, so he looks down all confused and flushes bright red as he realises he got the wrong hoodie, and isaac is on the other side of the room just smirking 


love will lighten the dark