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LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

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Could you explain 3848's history as someone who just recently discovered them?? I love your fics!!

It might get a little confusing, so bare with me here.

Ryan was born in South Carolina, grew up in Illinois. Vinnie was (I think?) born and raised in Bartlett, Illinois. They were born in the same year, but because Ryan was born in September, their draft years are different. Growing up, they were both Blackhawks fans and played for Chicago Mission, a AAA ice hockey club.

They also played on the same football team. (x)

When Ryan was 15 or 16 (in 2010) he moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to play for the US National Development Team for two years. At the same time, Vinnie went to Iowa to play in the USHL for the Waterloo Black Hawks, also for two years. 

In 2012, Vinnie was drafted 169th overall to the Blackhawks. He attended Notre Dame for the next two years. Also in 2012, Ryan went on to play in the OHL for the Plymouth Whalers. In 2013 he played for World Juniors and won gold with USA. Later that year, he was drafted 30th overall by the Blackhawks.  He went back to the OHL for the next year.

In 2014, while Vinnie was playing for Notre Dame and Ryan for the Whalers, they both played together for USA in World Juniors where they placed 5th.

A few months later, Ryan signed with the Hawks and reported to Rockford for two seasons. During that first season, Vinnie was finishing up his sophomore year at Notre Dame and signed with the Hawks in March 2015. He played a full season in Rockford the following year along with Ryan before they both got called up permanently (but not really for Vinnie) to the Blackhawks.

I know I basically gave you their life stories, but I think it’s cute that their paths crossed a few times over the years. First while playing for Chicago Mission, then at World Juniors, and now finally at Rockford and Chicago.

During this season, Ryan and Vinnie lived together with Ryan’s dog, Riley. In this article, Vinnie talks about missing Ryan while he was sent down this year. And here, Ryan talks about Vinnie’s inability to cook or load a dishwasher.

Bonus: they’ve already said the “L” word on social media, FOUR YEARS AGO. 1988 who???

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If you're still doing the otp prompts, how about number one(Giggling like a child, without a trace of past sadness) with Lafferson x Reader

1 - giggling like a child, without a trace of past sadness

“T-Thomas! No, no! S-Stop!” You cried out weakly. It wasn’t long until more sweet laughter poured out from your lips. Thomas hadn’t let up and continued to tickle you. You felt your breathing grow more shallow as little tears formed in the corners of your eyes. 

“What about here?” He gently brushed his fingers over your knees, eyeing you. You burst out into giggles and rolled away from him, burying your face into a pillow on the bed. “Damn, baby. You really are ticklish.” 

“I t-told you that.” You breathed out, your heart still racing slightly. “Now do you believe me?”

Laf leaned in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest as he looked at the two of you. “And what is going on in here?” 

“Y-Your boyfriend won’t leave me alone.” You laughed a little, scooting away from Thomas on the bed and holding a pillow to your chest as protection. 

“Did you forget? He’s your boyfriend too.” Laf chuckled, coming closer and sitting next to you on the bed. He drew little circles onto your back, kissing your temple. 

“I’m very ticklish. You both know that now,” You pursed your lips together and looked up at Laf nervously. “Please make him stop.”

“I don’t know.” Laf grinned. “You seemed to be enjoying it.”

Thomas smirked, leaning closer. “I think so too.”

“N-No, please don’t,” You started to scoot back into Laf’s arms. You seemed safe, until Laf turned against you. 

“L-Laf, no!” You shrieked, feeling him tickle your sides. With no where else to go, you gave into his touch and tossed your head back, overwhelmed with more infectious laughter. 

Your laugh was melodic to their ears. The sight of you leaning forward, shamelessly giggling with your eyes crinkling at the sides was enough to have your boys smiling too.


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kind of an unintentional sort of redraw, my art style looks so much cuter now

“Before the death of Future Lucy, Natsu will always hold Lucy’s left hand. But after that, when he learn about Future Lucy who lost her right hand, Natsu will always hold Lucy right hand (where she got her FT mark). Because, for Natsu, its a symbol that remind him when he invite Lucy to join Fairy Tail for the first time.”

An Extra…

See what I mean here??? (From FT Chap. 425)

I greet all people who calls Yuuri and Victor’s relationships just “fanservice”
—  it’s fucking canon now.