otp: stick to your own kind

Please excuse me my really small palette of colours I can work with

Also the fact that I messed up Vik’s hair

Some Vikklan cuteness with my new (and old) markers ^^ platonic Vikklan this time

Why? Because while of course Vikklan is the one and only OTP, the friendship of these two fascinates me and makes me happy as it is, it has been for quite a time now and somehow I felt like drawing something of the not-so-romantic kind of them.

Also, experimenting with some new stuff here, as you can see, other than the markers, of course ^^ I kinda like it and I’m planning on sticking with these changes

I really like this one ^^ I hope you do too :3

Please don’t copy, trace, steal, claim as your own or use without permission. This artwork belongs to me who worked hard on it, okay?

Jake/Amy fic rec list

ok so i thought i’d make a masterpost of my favourite Jake/Amy fanfics I’ve read, enjoy!

(if we make it through the night) we’ll watch the morning sun - one sided jake angst

Cover Letters - jake and amy bump into each other when they’re both undercover (my personal favourite) 

the first few seconds - jake comes back and amy is too relieved to speak

Communication - five times amy wants to talk to her partner after he leaves and the one time she does (so much angst)

‘cause i’m not feeling anything at all - amy and teddy break up, jake is there to be a friend to watch csi with

it’s a perfect day for a drive - jake teaches amy to drive stick

ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few (cause i always do) - jake angst

That’s My Kind Of Risk three times jake catches amy smoking 

five times jake drunk texts amy (and inadvertently makes her smile) and one time she does - (self explanatory) 

Red Fish, Blue Fish - amy has a high profile case, jake brings her food

feel free to add your own! enjoy :)