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Shows should take notes from The Fosters

GIVE ME ALL DEM CLICHÉ ROMANTIC MOMENTS BUT WITH LESBIANS! 👭 Im just waiting for Sanvers to have an EPIC kissing scene like Stef and Lena from the Fosters… 😘 Maybe in 2x19 after Maggie and Kara save Alex? 😲 I mean COME ON! LOOKIT DIS 👇

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Stef and Lena working together on new G.I. Joe’s uniforms, but someone is too distracted to follow instructions. (Apparently last night I deleted this by accident…)

So since we didn’t have a new episode this week I had to kill time doing something else. And then this happened, another Little!AdamsFosters fanart because they’re cute as fuck and finally i’m learning how to draw kids.