otp: stef x lena


stef&lena | take me home

Can I just say that I’m very excited that Stef’s old flame is moving in next door. I mean:

  1. We might hear stories about a young Stef.
  2. We get to find out if the feeling was just on Stef’s end or if it was mutual (I mean, shes married to a man but that answers nothing… bisexual)
  3. We get to see if Stef has any unresolved feelings for her (she never got the chance because her dad flipped out and took her away from her) and seeing her now and she’s gorgeous and successful….
  4. But mostly, we’ll get the whole ‘grateful for the way things happened’ scene. Things would have played out a lot differently for Stef if her dad was supportive of her sexuality. She wouldn’t have been in the closet for all those years. She would have been dating women a lot earlier instead of getting married to a man she likes but doesn’t love. But if that hadn’t happened, Stef wouldn’t have had Brandon. If Stef never had Brandon, she wouldn’t have a kid to be taking to school where she meets his principal/teacher who is the love of her life, Lena.

This has the potential to be really rich in drama.
I hope its as good as I think it’ll be.