otp: stay strong

If you are reading this:

Please don’t hurt yourself.  Please don’t give up.  If you are triggered in any way please find something to distract you.  Reach out for help.  Talk to someone.  Take your mind off of the thoughts, at least for a moment.

I care about you.  I am here for you.  Stay strong.

I am proud of you.  You are alive and that is amazing.

Believe it or not, our own self talk is a major contributor to how one feels about them self. Others may make unpleasant remarks or say mean things, but it is ultimately up to us whether we choose to believe it.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Fourth of July Do's and Don'ts

•Include people who want to be included
• Be understanding of others’ boundaries
• Realize that everyone celebrates differently or maybe not at all

• Scare or chase others with fireworks
• Point fireworks in someone’s direction
• Look inside fireworks to see if they’re working
• Call people names because they don’t like fireworks
• Pressure anyone to drink alcohol
• Be a racist, fascist dick and call it “patriotism”
• Purposely make someone uncomfortable

Every high has a low and every low has a high. When all is well remember that everything is impermanent and when all is not remember that what follows will be better. Everything is cyclical, allow the universe to teach you acceptance and the beauty of being 🌊

Personal post: I didn’t buy this, but I tried it on. I’ve never worn anything like this ever before, I don’t like showing a lot skin. I always felt really uncomfortable because I was insecure with my body. I still am, but not as much. Old me would have never even dared to try this on for the fear of knowing how disgusting I’d look and just being mean to myself. I admit I was hesitant on trying it on because of how short it is, but I did. I then realized how different my body is and how awesome I feel. This picture doesn’t show it, but before I took this I had a 3 minute dance party with myself because I feel good about myself and all the hard work I’m putting into myself. To end this I didn’t buy it because it really was too short. It was cute and I love anything with flowers, but just not comfortable enough to walk around in this. You know? 🤗Thanks for listening to me. Kay bye!