otp: stay by my side


It’s okay if you don’t understand. Just always stay by my side and continue to watch over me, and with time, you’ll come to understand. I want to share pain and worries with you, Nori-chan. It has nothing to do with the Kiznaiver System. I want to really talk with you and really think things through with you! I love you!


“Ufufu. Ma~kun, you’re ticklish, huh……? Kiss, kiss

Ensemble Stars graphic challengefavourite pairing is ritsumao!


“I’ll be the only one to stay by Maa~kun’s side. That’s why, be thankful… Stay with me until I die. Spoil me and take care of me. It’s a “promise.” Please don’t forget it.”


I can’t get enough of you… ‘cause I love you❤ please, stay by my side…

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yoi is literally the definition of how good a series can be when it has an amazing writer, animation staff, and seiyuus all working together. bless kubo for this miracle, making me believe in romance again and showing how a woman can write a successful, supportive pairing better than any man will ever manage to do and still create a plot that ties together.

i never tag sports anime ships because they’re always so queer baited, but victuri always gave off the impression it was meant to be more. over the course of 10 episodes we saw how victuri’s relationship snowballed to what it is today - a wholesome, dynamic pairing - and we now understand how they started well before episode 1. my expectations have been broken by all means, this anime makes getting out of a busy day of classes worth it.