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i just realized that james & sirius’s friendship mirrors ron & harry’s:

  • the dursleys abused harry
  • the blacks abused sirius
  • the weasleys loved and cared for ron
  • the potters also loved and cared for james
  • harry runs away from privet drive hoping to never return again
  • sirius runs away from grimmauld place hoping to never return again
  • harry basically moves in with the weasleys after his fourth year
  • sirius moves in with james sometime while they were still in school
  • walburga black blasted sirius off the family tapestry
  • all the dursleys ever wanted was to erase harry from their lives and memories
  • ron comes from an old pureblood gryffindor family, there was never any question about which house he would be in
  • same with james
  • harry didn’t want to be in slytherin and was instead placed in gryffindor
  • same with sirius
  • harry and sirius were like the lost boys
  • james and ron were their anchors and support systems

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Headcanon where James and Sirius are ridiculously affectionate; it's not uncommon to find them cuddled up asleep on the sofa in the common room or in each other's beds and even once Remus and Sirius get together james and Sirius still have this completely platonic but affectionate bromance that Remus and later on Lily completely understand and respect because of Sirius's childhood and James being Sirius's brother and soulmate in everything but blood and sex

yes yes yes hey there please come off anon and let me love you

  • okay i don’t even ship starbucks as anything but platonic but this is totally a thing
  • because james has saved sirius from that horrible family
  • and helped to convince sirius that he’s not like them and that it’s perfectly fine that he’s different and doesn’t believe what he believes
  • and is the first person to accept sirius for just being sirius and not because of the fancy noble last name he has
  • and thus one of my favourite bromances is born
  • and because sirius is such a physical person in the first place james begins to understand that physical touch is the best way to get through to sirius
  • and whenever sirius is dragged under by his depressing moods (like when he sees his innocent little brother being brainwashed and turned by his family and his so called slytherin friends) james is just there because he knows
  • and sirius can just fall into james and completely collapse in on himself and james understands and will piece him back together slowly until sirius feels like he can walk on his own again
  • and this happens over and over and everyone acknowledges it because it just becomes a way of life i the marauders dorm (as well as to the rest of Gryffindor house when they snuggle into one armchair together that is far too small for both of them but they manage to shift and make it work)
  • and when remus and lily spot james and sirius like this they wil just smile at their boys because they understand by now
  • they got into relationships with these guys knowing that there would always be the close dynamic between james and sirius no matter what
  • because they’re brothers and basically a buy one get one free deal together

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Steve/Bucky - Anastasia AU

James is the youngest child and only son of the Russian Tsar, Gregory Barnes. This makes him the heir to the Russian throne, the future king, but after a curse is sent to destroy his family by an evil man named Alexander Pierce, James is the only surviving member of the Royal Family. The only problem is, he doesn’t remember who he is and where he comes from. With the help of Steven Rogers and Samuel Wilson, Bucky may finally find himself, his family, and maybe even love. 
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