otp: sprezzatura


On the Small Details

There are times when we encounter individuals whose style, attitude and aura instantly draws us to them, capturing our full attention despite the ongoing buzz in the surrounding environment. It’s often difficult to describe exactly what makes them special or unbearably alluring…pheromones perhaps? While some underlying mysteries will remain forever unsolved, others are more plausible and visible to the naked eye, namely the unique personal ensemble these individuals portray. Upon closer inspection, there’s usually a shared trait between all of them: a strong, confident image and an uncanny attention to detail. 

The ability to find innovative ways to wear ordinary garments (by ordinary I mean pieces that fit into standard product categories), results in a striking visual appeal which is easily perceived by all those you encounter. Sprezzatura, nonchalance or flair, many have been the expressions aiming to translate this unique expression of individuality. No matter your favourite designation, this is a blatant example of the timeless motto “the devil is in the details” and albeit more common among stylish women, it’s never overlooked by the most stylish men out there.

As the pictures above clearly showcase, small tweaks in such minor details as buttoning closures, tying knots, rolling sleeves or matching unexpected garments are but a few of the style moves trendsetters resort to. Below you can find a small list of the “latest” additions to the style book, try them at your own risk:

  • Pairing polos and sports coats and overlapping the lapels
  • Draping scarves inside sports coats and closing the button on top
  • Draping the tie on top of the inner lapel of a double breasted jacket
  • Unaligned tie blades to show the thinner one
  • Buttoning only the lower button on 6 x 2 double breasted jackets - make sure the cut of the lapel allows for a natural fold
  • Wearing bandanas as ties and tying them with double four in-hand
  • Embracing less known tie knots and the military tuck
  • Unbuttoned French cuffs folded over the jacket

(all photos by Beyond Fabric - please make sure to credit if reposted)