otp: spencer x toby

*Credits to Pretty Little Liars*


I love this scene. It’s so powerful. For those of you who don’t know. Toby and Spencer are ex-lovers. They grew distant when Spencer had to leave her small hometown for greater things. When she came back due to unforeseen circumstances, she found out Toby was engaged to another. Spencer was heartbroken but she eventually she knew that Toby deserved happiness even if it was with another woman. Spencer loved Toby enough to know that they (Yvonne and Toby) deserve each other, Toby deserves a safe and stable life with Yvonne and not a dangerous and risky life with her.

Moving forward, both Toby and Yvonne were involved in an accident (if I’m not wrong it was caused by AD). AD is the a sociopath that is hell bent on making along with Spencer and the other girls- a living hell. 

Moving forward to this scene:

Caleb was hospitalized because he got gassed while trying to dismantle AD’s game-board. Spencer was the one who called 911 and got him rushed to the hospital. Since Hanna(Caleb’s girlfriend), said that she’ll get Caleb discharged and head home. Spencer left to find Toby and his wife since she was in the hospital premises.

On the way to Yvonne’s ward, Spencer saw the doctors push the defibrillator out the room/or in the room, and behind them was Toby with a solemn look on his face. Spencer moved forward to Toby, then which Toby collapsed onto her with his knees on the floor hugging her and crying his heart out.

While you can see Toby clearly bawling his eyes out, you can see how genuinely distraught Spencer is for Toby. She wanted Toby to be happy even if it was with Yvonne and not her.

 This scene captures perfectly what it is like to be (ex) lovers. Make a mental note everybody. Also did I mention that Spencer got dumped by her boyfriend for one of her best friends, Hanna. (Although Hanna dated Caleb first, then broke up with him because she put her career first. Caleb and Spencer met while travelling and were together until Caleb’s and Hanna’s love rekindled while being in Rosewood.)


Even though Yvonne’s death wasn’t necessary, i still hope that Spencer and Toby will find way back to each other. It’s bitter, but it was pretty clear, that high school sweathearts will be together again, in PLL is impossible something like moving on. It’s not real, but you do not want to see reactions on fact, like Ezria, Spoby, Haleb and Emison are the past and girls moved on with their life. They only changed their tastes, but they are making still the same mistakes, they didn’t learn anything. So, put back their first loves in their life and make them endgame is not the worst thing on all of it. Ezria broke up seven times? Sorry, i stopped counting, Aria always cheated on her current love interest with Ezra. Haleb is something terrible itself, now after what happened among Spaleb something much worse than before. I can’t take those relationships seriously, because they are big bullshits, something like these it would not can work in real life…for healthy people. But Spencer and Toby is the only relationship, which makes sense. At least, bigger than a majority of relationships in this show.

Sorry but

does anyone agree that the only way out of Rosewood (foreshadowing?) is to burn it to the ground? (Spencer and Toby’s hospital interaction, anyone?)

Or, dare I say it, a death? Of a main character. A Liar. Multiple Liars?

No One Can Hurt You Now

I haven’t written anything in a while but Spoby is giving me all the feels. Loosely based on the pictures of 6x02 and set at the end of 6x01. Mainly Spoby but Haleb, Ezria and Emison are also there. Featuring intensely scared!Spencer. 

As the ambulance that held Sarah Harvey vanished down the road, the sound of the girls’ frantic breathing became more evident. Hanna clung to Caleb, and Aria shook in Ezra’s arms. Spencer was wrapped so tightly in Toby’s embrace that she was barely visible. Emily’s head was against Ali’s shoulder, and she held onto Mona protectively. Police scurried among them, surveying the area. Charles was nowhere.

Spencer had remained solid as a rock during the hours of peril, but the mere sight of Toby had unraveled her completely. She had soaked his uniform already, crying silently against his shoulder. He could do nothing but hold her, one hand in her hair, the other secured around her. Never did he ask her if she was alright; how could he when he knew that she wasn’t?

Suddenly a pair of policemen appeared next to Toby, their guns raised. “C’mon, Cavanaugh,” said one of them, “Let’s secure the quarters.” His words were loud enough for all 9 of them to hear. He looked at the two men helplessly. The blood in Spencer’s face drained completely and her grip on Toby locked, her arms like steel around him.

 “No,” she whispered frailly, tears falling frantically. In that moment, Toby was the most pained he’d ever been as a cop. The fact that he had to let her out of his grasp, so soon after finally getting her back killed him, but he knew that stopping Charles was the best way to keep her safe. He kissed her forehead lovingly, and then gently tried to extricate himself from her hold.

 Spencer’s face turned to utter terror and devastation. She shrieked in fear and started hyperventilating, her tears racing down her cheeks. Toby’s heart felt like it was being smashed with a hammer. “Caleb,” he said quietly.

 From beside, Caleb shifted Hanna to his left, and he stretched his right arm toward Toby. “Come here, Spence,” he beckoned.

 “I’ll be right back, baby,” Toby told Spencer softly, trying to wriggle out of her chokehold and get her to lean on Caleb. She was shaking her head and tears were pouring down her face. “Go see Caleb for a few minutes, okay honey? I’ll be right back, I promise, Spence.”

 “NO!” she cried, screaming and holding on to him for dear life, “No! No! No!” She wailed and wailed, blinded by her own tears, terrified of letting him go. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t let him go down there. She couldn’t let him endure an ounce of the torture that she’d endured. She’d rather die than let him. Emily had released Mona and was now holding onto Hanna, so that Caleb’s arms were totally free. In one swift, strong motion, Toby had Spencer’s arms unwound from his body, and Caleb locked his arms around her waist. Spencer screamed in anguish and writhed and kicked, and tears filled Toby’s eyes. Taking out his gun only made her cry louder in protest, coughing and choking. He wrenched his eyes away from the sight of Caleb struggling to keep hold of his broken girlfriend and turned toward the steel door that the girls had escaped from. He heard Caleb grunt and Spencer sob hysterically, and he guessed he’d picked her up. The two policemen had disappeared into the torture chamber and he began to follow when Tanner appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

 Her face was a degree softer than any of them had ever seen it. She watched Spencer for a moment before turning to Toby. “I’ve got this, Cavanaugh,” she said, and her intent was clear. All at once Toby dropped his gun and Caleb let go of Spencer, steadying her on her feet. She flew back into Toby’s open arms and he picked her up immediately, holding her tighter than ever.

 “Thank you,” Toby said to Tanner as Spencer struggled for breath. She nodded, raising her own gun. Finally, he could turn his undivided attention to Spencer. She was shaking uncontrollably, her nails embedded in his shoulder blades. “I’ve got you, Spencer,” he said loudly but calmly in her ear, “I’ve got you I’ve got you I’ve got you. You’re safe now. You’re safe now, baby.” He rubbed her back frantically with one arm, his other hand protective against her cheek. “I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Breathe, honey. Breathe with me. I’ve got you.”

 Spencer drew a ragged breath, and started stammering incoherent words through her steady tears. “Shhh, Spence, you don’t have to talk, sweetheart. I know. I know I know I know. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Spencer. I’ve got you now. Just breathe with me, babe. I’m not going anywhere.”

 He wrenched one of her hands from around his neck and placed it on his chest and inhaled deeply, letting her feel the sensation. Everyone had gathered around Spencer and Toby, pained by Spencer’s hysteria and unsure of how to help her. Aria and Caleb stood behind her, each with a hand on her back, trying to soothe her that way. Emily was currently convincing a paramedic that Toby had her under control, knowing that any intervention from the medical staff would only make it worse. Minutes passed and she coughed and coughed, but slowly…ever so slowly, Toby got her breathing in time with him.

 “That’s it, honey. That’s it. Good job. Just like that. I’ve got you. I’m right here. Everyone’s here. We’re all safe.” Her forehead was against his, their hands steady on one another’s chests as the raggedness of her breathing slowly faded.  Her eyes were closed and Toby rubbed his cheek against hers as he gently adjusted her so that she was sideways, cradled against him like a baby. She kept her eyes closed and wound her arms back around his neck, keeping her face against cheek. She sniffled softly, finally quiet.

 Aria turned and nuzzled herself back into Ezra’s arms. “We should get going to the hospital,” he said softly.

 “The hospital?” Hanna said as she looked up at Caleb, confusion in her tone. “Why?”

 “To make sure you’re all okay,” Caleb said gently, and each girl tightened their grip on the person that held them.

 “I don’t want to go,” Aria said fearfully.

 “We have to, Aria,” Ezra said, “We just have to.”

 “Is my mom there?” Hanna asked, suddenly remembering the article she’d seen.

“She’s okay,” Caleb assured her, cradling her face, “She was just dehydrated. She’s fine. I promise you, she’s fine.”

 Toby had radioed for a police van and an escort. Spencer had begun to shake again, and she spoke hoarsely but firmly. “Don’t. You dare. Put me down. Or let go of me.”

 “Nobody is letting go of anybody,” Toby assured everyone, “They have a big room ready for you. It’s been ready for weeks. There are already police guarding that floor of the hospital and Barry is going to follow us there. And we will be with you the entire time, no questions asked. I promise, it will be okay…and then we can all go home.”

 “NO,” said five voices immediately. In an instant, all five girls’ heads filled with the terror that now came with imagining home. They all buried themselves into chests, and were met by comforting (but confused) hands.

 Toby spoke up among the whimpers as the police van pulled up. “How about the loft? Is the loft okay? We can stay there together. All of us, together. With police outside. Okay?” Spencer nodded against him. “Okay. It’s going to be okay.”

 They piled into the van, everyone huddled on a lap. It was a quiet ride. When they arrived at the hospital there were tons of police cars, and when they got into the emergency room they were greeted by all of their families. It was overwhelming and didn’t feel real. Spencer kept her fist clenched around the collar of Toby’s shirt as her parents and sister tried to hug her, all sobbing at the sight of her. Aria buckled at the sight of Mike and he held her close, crying silently. Only Hanna’s father was there to see her and she refused to let go of Caleb to let him hug her. Caleb exchanged glances with him, and he seemed to understand. Emily was in a dog pile underneath her parents. But nothing compared to the sobs erupting from Mona’s parents, their daughter back in their arms, back from the grave. They had a private room for her, next door to the one reserved for Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna. They hadn’t known they’d need five beds instead of four. (Or six, if you counted Sarah.) After a while, Toby used his policeman voice and told everyone that it was time for the girls to get checked out, and amazingly, not one person protested.

 Ali, Ezra, Caleb and Toby led the girls into their room. A policeman held the door open for them, on guard right outside it. The four beds were temporarily separated by moveable curtains. “Have them change, whenever you’re ready,” a nurse instructed gently before leaving the eight of them alone.

 “I don’t know if I can handle a hospital gown right now,” Spencer whispered.

 “I know, sweetheart,” Toby said, “That’s why we have these.” He reached behind her and grabbed what was lying on her bed; a pair of his pajamas. Spencer exhaled, shuddering, pulling the shirt to her face and inhaling the smell. While she did so, Toby reached for the other pair of pajamas sitting on the bed.

 “For you?” Spencer asked.

“For me. As of now, I’m off duty. For as long as you need. For forever, if that’s what you want.”

Spencer ran her finger along his nametag. “You saved me,” she whispered.

“Sweetheart…I think you saved yourself.”



“When I wanted to give up, to just make it end…I thought about you. About how it would crush you. I knew you would never stop looking, and I knew I had to keep fighting. I fought like hell. I can’t imagine how scared you must-”

“Shhh, Spencer,” he whispered, pulling her into his arms again, swaying them.

“Closer,” she murmured, fumbling with buttons.

 He unclipped his walkie and took off his tie while she undid the buttons of his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. He helped her out of her sweater and undershirt, and he had to work hard to stifle his fury at the sight of a thin but substantial gash above her left breast. His gasp was automatic however, and she pressed herself against him, as if begging him not to ask. He abided, snaking his arms around her, holding her close. She leaned her head against his bare shoulder, and he radiated marvelous heat. She was a kind of warm she hadn’t been in forever. Toby traced his fingers the bare skin of her back, frightened by the new pronunciation of her vertebrae. They swayed together for a few more minutes until Toby insisted they both get dressed. They had just got settled on the bed, Spencer cuddled on Toby’s lap, when the friendly nurse popped her head in. “Are you ready for you check-up?” She asked sweetly, “It won’t take long, and then we can get rid of the curtains so you can see your friends.” 

“Oh, I’m really okay,” Spencer tried, her fingers curling around the material of Toby’s pant leg. The nurse took a breath and smiled at Toby.

 Toby rubbed his nose to her cheek before speaking gently. “Sweetheart…for me, okay? I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here. Please?”

 Spencer forced a nod and stiffened. Toby rested his chin on her shoulder and threaded their fingers together. “It’s okay, baby. I’m here.”

 “I’m just going to get an IV started, okay sweetheart?”

 Spencer nodded again and extended a hand toward the nurse, not even flinching when the needle pierced her skin. It was evident the nurse was a professional; she caught the vein in one try and was finished in a second.

 “Perfect, Hun. Now, do you have any specific pain you’d like me to address?”

 Toby watched Spencer carefully. Her face was composed, but her mouth was slightly puckered; he knew she was biting her cheeks. It worried him immensely. 

 “No,” she said. “You can just go ahead.”

 The nurse nodded and got to work. She checked all of Spencer’s vitals and then went to work checking out the rest of her body. When she found the laceration above Spencer’s breast Toby expected her to ask questions about it, but she didn’t. Instead she went to work cleaning it, and Spencer leaned her head back against Toby as she did so. He kissed the side of her face tenderly. “I love you so much, sweetheart. You are the bravest person I know.” She nuzzled against him and squeezed his hand in response.

 When the nurse had finished checking nearly everything, she patted Spencer’s hand softly. “I’m just going to take a quick assessment of your genital area now. Before I do, is there anything you want to let me know at all? Don’t be afraid,” she said gently.

 Spencer looked scared, but she shook her head no, and she buried her head against Toby. He held her more protectively than ever, and nuzzled his face into her hair, closing his eyes. He slid his hand up and down her arm soothingly. His heart raced with concern and it upset him because he knew she could tell. Her head was over his heartbeat, and he figured it was pounding against her eardrum. She whimpered only once before the nurse was finished. Toby couldn’t open his eyes; he was afraid to see whether or not there was concern written on the nurse’s face. A beat of silence ensued before the woman spoke.

 “Everything is perfectly fine,” she said cheerily, and Toby let out the breath he’d been holding and he couldn’t fight the couple of tears that filled his eyes. “We’re just going to keep you all on IV’s for a little while longer, is that alright?”

 “Of course,” Spencer said, “Thank you very much.”

 “No problem at all, sweetheart. I’m going to go check on your friends now, and then we’ll take the curtains down, okay?”

 Spencer nodded and the nurse left them alone. Toby opened his mouth to speak but his breath caught in his throat and he tried to fight his sudden urge to cry. Spencer spun around to face him and reached carefully to cradle his head against her shoulder without jostling her IV. He held her tenderly, as if she might break, and took his turn to cry. She stroked his hair and pressed her lips to his ear. “I love you,” she whispered. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

 He sniffled, composing himself, and sat up. “Come here, sweetheart. Let me hold you.” He adjusted the pillows and pulled her gingerly against him, being mindful of the needle in her hand. He pulled up the blanket (one from the loft) and wrapped it around her before settling his arms into place. She cuddled into him, getting comfortable, and placed a light kiss on his neck. He squeezed her gently. “You can sleep now, Spence. I’ve got you.”

 “I will tonight, I promise,” she whispered, “As soon as I know they’re all okay.” Toby nodded.

 A few minutes, later, the nurses moved all the curtains and rolled the girls closer together. Everyone was curled up in a fashion similar to Toby and Spencer’s, wrapped in blankets, wearing comfy clothes. They all looked around at each other, ensuring that everyone was in once piece. Hanna looked the most distraught, tears still running down her cheeks onto Caleb’s shirt. Emily reached for her hand. They all knew she was wrought with worry about her mom. Aria was fast asleep, and was zipped inside Ezra’s hoodie with him like a baby kangaroo. It made Spencer crack a smile for the first time, and she leaned over their bedrails to kiss Aria’s forehead.

 They were all quiet for a few moments. The sound of Toby’s heartbeat, now back to its normal rhythm, comforted Spencer immensely. She’d been terrified she’d never hear it again.

 “Hanna?” A frail voice broke the silence, prompting everyone to open their eyes.

 “Mommy,” Hanna gasped, immediately starting to cry. Ashley Marin, dressed in a hospital gown and hooked to an IV herself, crossed the room in what seemed like one stride. She locked Hanna in her arms, sobbing raggedly. Caleb pulled her onto the bed, settling his girls in his arms, finally reunited.

 A couple of hours later, the nurse came back and took out their IV’s, and said that they were miraculously fine to be discharged. Hanna was happy in her mom’s embrace, and this time, Spencer let Caleb hold her while Toby went to radio their police van again, and get the girls discharged. Caleb held her comfortably in his lap, and despite her willingness, he could feel that she was tense, her heart racing. “He’ll be back in a minute, Spence,” he said confidently, hugging her. She nodded against his shoulder.

 He was right; in a moment, Toby came back, saying they were good to go. Hanna hugged her mother goodbye, ensuring that she’d be back first thing tomorrow. Toby assured Hanna that her mother was completely safe there, and that there had been police guarding her room since her admission.

 “Okay, come here Spence,” he beckoned, extending his arms toward her. She raised her arms and Toby picked her up effortlessly, cradling her sideways again. Hanna crawled back into Caleb’s lap and he stood with her. Ezra picked up his sleeping kangaroo, careful not to wake her. Emily and Ali held hands.

 As they shuffled into the van again, Aria woke suddenly, crying out. She couldn’t remember where she was at first, and Ezra hastily unzipped her from the sweater. She continued to cry, and she moved her head around frantically, seemingly searching for something. Spencer and Toby were right next to her and Ezra on the back bench seat of the police van. “I’m right here, Aria,” Spencer cooed, sitting up straight in Toby’s lap and beckoning with her arms. Aria exhaled in relief, and Ezra helped move her so that she was comfortably in Spencer’s arms for the rest of the ride. Toby wrapped their blanket around Aria, and soon she was asleep against Spencer’s chest.

           When they arrived at the Brew, as promised there were a myriad of police cars. Spencer gave Aria back to Ezra, and the 8 of them climbed the stairs to Toby’s loft. They were skittish at first, but once Toby turned on some lights, everyone loosened up. When they went to Toby’s room, they were surprised to see a giant blow up mattress at the end of his bed. The pillows of the bed were at the opposite end, so that when everyone laid down, their heads would be together. Toby lit some candles so that they’d never be in total darkness. He, Spencer, Caleb and Hanna claimed the bed, while the other 4 got comfy on the mattress. Spencer accepted nothing less than being safely molded against Toby’s chest.  He held her protectively, so that there wasn’t an ounce of space between them. When everyone was settled, it was quiet for a few moments.

           It was Emily that broke the silence. “I was so afraid we’d never get this again,” she said. Ali’s fingers were threaded through her dark tresses.

           “So were we,” Ezra said sullenly.

           “We’re safe now,” said Caleb firmly, “and we will never let anyone hurt you again.”

           “This is all my fault,” Ali whispered, “If it wasn’t for me, none of this would’ve happened. I’m so, so sorry, you guys. For everything.”

“It isn’t your fault Ali,” Hanna spoke up, “we’ve all done things we regret.”

 “It’s going to be different now, okay?” said Toby. “No more secrets. Or squabbling. Just us. All of us. Okay?”

“Okay,” said everyone else in unison.

 “Does anyone need anything?” Ezra asked.

 No one spoke. Spencer closed her eyes and focused on the steady rise and fall of Toby’s chest. She was exhausted, but terrified to sleep. Terrified that she’d wake up and none of this will have been real. Toby could tell that she felt that way.

 “I’ll hold you all night, Spencer. I promise, you’ll wake up in my arms. I’ve got you. Just sleep for me, okay? You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” She curled into him, tracing his face and chin with her fingertips. He settled his lips on her forehead.

 After a bit more coaxing, all four girls were asleep. It was Ali, Caleb, Ezra and Toby who lay awake, focused on the breathing of the women they loved; they too were secretly afraid that if they surrendered to sleep, what matters most would vanish from their arms.

I feel like something more than just “drifting apart” happened between Hanna and Caleb. I mean just compare their scene to Spencer and Toby. Spoby were still somewhat okay with one another and even joked, shared a hug, and considering the circumstances seemed pretty comfortable with one another. Haleb on the other hand were much more awkward and didn’t even know how to interact with one another so it makes me think that something really big happened between them…idk. Maybe I’m just reading too much into things.