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Quicksilver 33, 48, 72?

Who replies in an argument, “bite me” and who actually bites them?

Both do, but Mercury will not bite but kiss her. 

What ridiculous task would your otp perform for a Klondike bar? (Both of them)

Mercury would steal it, but apart from that? It’s just some damn ice cream. Ruby? A lot. Like… a lot. Maybe kill some Grimm. But she’s still super awkward, so if it’s too crazy she will not do it and suffer the consequences. Mercury can comfort her. 

What would they do if one was bitten by a zombie?

Honestly, if Mercury was bitten he would kill himself and if she was bitten, he would kill her. Not that it would be easy for him, but what must be, must be. Ruby would let him kill her, but killing him? She couldn’t do it. She’d lock him into a room and cry all day. 

Actually had to look up what the hell a Klondike bar is. 

Enjolras can’t cook, right? Except for soup, that he makes a lot of - a lot. For shelters and soup kitchens, mainly. He always goes overboard with it too, and brings some leftovers to Feuilly, which is appeciated, and they spend the evening chatting and such.

but then Enjolras hears ‘through the grapevine’ that Feuilly’s favourite food is actually brownies (he’s surprised, he wouldn’t have guessed, but it also makes sense), so Enjolras - having never even baked a cake from a box in his entire life - asks around for the best brownies-from-scratch reciepe,  then starts practicing (with Combeferre’s guidance) to make them for the shelters, too.

So he starts bringing those to Feuilly as well. And Feuilly is a bit surprised that there even are leftovers, because they’re so good!

(if Enjolras had to hide some to make sure, well. he won’t tell if nobody else does.)