otp: special and romantic

LLS 2 and ChikaRiko

Declaration of shameless bias: ChikaRiko is my LLS OTP (Chika & You is BroTP)
Season 1 heavily sold the special (distinctly romantic) connection between Chika and Riko and dropped some pretty heavy hints about Riko’s orientation. By my judgement CR is either canon or outrageous baiting, season 2 will tell. Unfortunately, since it is mainstream anime, and particularly given the genre and market tie-ins, I am not optimistic. So I’m trying to focus my writing (visualise nailing a cloud to the wall) to get some CR stuff done before season 2 spoils my fun. Hoping that public announcement will keep me honest ;)

ChikaRiko seems really under represented in the fandom, btw many thanks to @chikarikotranslations  for brightening up my dash lately.

Snippet from the wip:

“Are we still friends?” Even speaking quietly Chika’s voice travelled easily across the gap between their windows.

Riko sighed and slumped down with her back against the wall under her window. This was why she had delayed so long… but friends was better than nothing.
“Of course we are”

“I need to talk to a friend right now” Chika was silent for a long moment. Riko wondered if she should say something encouraging, but the other girl finally continued, “I went on a date today, and it didn’t go so well”


“It started out ok, but the end wasn’t so good. I messed it up”

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otp: sup milf

otp: we’re baking

otp: you’re special and romantic

otp: puck cares about me

otp: we could be a family

otp: my family comes first

otp: this isn’t just another hookup for me

otp: especially now

otp: I’m proud of you

otp: it’s you

otp: I’m here because I love you

otp: I really care about you

otp: bonded for life

otp: you got this

otp: I’m so proud of you

otp: I love you

otp: I know who my soulmate is

otp: Stay


Enjolras can’t cook, right? Except for soup, that he makes a lot of - a lot. For shelters and soup kitchens, mainly. He always goes overboard with it too, and brings some leftovers to Feuilly, which is appeciated, and they spend the evening chatting and such.

but then Enjolras hears ‘through the grapevine’ that Feuilly’s favourite food is actually brownies (he’s surprised, he wouldn’t have guessed, but it also makes sense), so Enjolras - having never even baked a cake from a box in his entire life - asks around for the best brownies-from-scratch reciepe,  then starts practicing (with Combeferre’s guidance) to make them for the shelters, too.

So he starts bringing those to Feuilly as well. And Feuilly is a bit surprised that there even are leftovers, because they’re so good!

(if Enjolras had to hide some to make sure, well. he won’t tell if nobody else does.)