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I love you. I am in love with you. I will love you forever. No matter what. I’m yours. Okay? I’m yours.

“You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU

I saw this prompt earlier and I HAD to do it for Zutara!

The thing about hearing your name being called out is that it’s almost automatic to look around, even if - like Katara - you knew the voice calling it and didn’t want to. The thing about having a name like Katara’s was that ignoring it wasn’t much of an option, either - how many other Kataras were likely to be walking around? The shock of dark brown hair heading her way was, even from this distance, unmistakeable.

Crap,” she hissed, jerking her head back around and quickening her pace, even as she knew it would do no good - Jet was on the track team. This isn’t hiding, she thought to herself as she slipped into the nearest store, some tiny teashop. This is a tactical retreat.

The empty shop was small and quaint and - most importantly - completely devoid of places to hide: it was all tiny tables and squashy chairs. The only possible place was the desk at the back where the cash register was, and she hurried across to it, ducking under the door flap to find, to her dismay, a mess of cardboard boxes on the floor behind the desk. It seemed there was only room for one person to stand, so, grimacing, she started clearing the boxes away when she heard someone clear his throat.

“Is this… a robbery?” asked the guy looking at her, who must have just emerged from a door she hadn’t noticed before - a store room, probably. “Because if it is, it’s a really bad one. I could hear you all the way from the back.”

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It’s mid-autumn festival!


Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive || Kuroshitsuji


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morning after


“The signs are all there. Just got to know how to read ‘em.”



We’ve been on this band for awhile. I defy you to watch this video and not get that fantastic chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Great concept for a video as well. Very uplifting.


Daniel Beddingfield - Sometimes You Just Know (Overproof Riddim) 

-ignore the jamaican dj voice intro, but this song is bloody amazing, he came to jamaica to record this song, i think he made some damn good music, listen listen listeeeennnnnnnn-  

get more music here! 

Sweet jesus…

My dad brought up the idea of me working with him at his job.

Starting wage is about $15 an hour. 

It’s a night shift job, but I’d be perfectly fine with that. 

I hope he’s serious, because as awesome as Pharmacy is, its not some place I’m meant to be for very long.