otp: something real

can you imagine. Library au Keith and hunk work in receiving, processing new shipments/donations and putting books back from the dropoff chute. Pidge is IT support for the library and keeps the servers secure and lightning fast and definitely doesn’t spy on people with her network. Shiro and lance are the receptionists bc Lance thought it would be a good way to meet some smokin bodies and shiro just really loves books okay. Coran owns the building and Allura manages it and takes down all the mouse traps Coran puts up because “they’ve never chewed anything or pooped on the books, Coran!" 

 And there are the usual library shenanigans including but not limited to 

  •  - a closet full of books. no context it’s just there and Coran wants it to stay. 
  •  - squirrels sneaking in through the dropoff chute when the weather gets colder - hunk and keith hunting the squirrels bc they’re not always busy
  • - hunk wanting to be humane only and Keith slowly putting his knife away
  •  - Keith this is a library why do you have a knife
  •  - *squints into the horizon like a war veteran* squirrels
  •  - pidge suggesting that the mice are helping the squirrels
  •  - keith’s war against rodents begins and Allura scrambles to set up cozy hiding spots for them all just out of Keith’s reach
  •  - and then he finds his pistachios MISSING and his pear has been nibbled upon and he mc freaking loses it
  •  - shiro puts this sign up on the dropoff chute very quietly and kindly and he just kind of puffs up knowing that he’s done a Good Deed
  •  - people start obeying the sign and Lance leaves the front doors open so he can hear it every single time it happens. He has a tally chart.
  • - the chute opens one day without anyone shouting down it and Keith runs upstairs and looks around "did you see any squirrels ma'am" 
  • - Lance is dying bc it was him. 
  •  - klance makeouts between the bookshelves 
  • - the dudes from the computer repair shop next door coming in and asking if any of the webcams in the library had mysteriously turned on too 
  • - pidge is a good liar bc obviously she was behind it. 
  •  - hunk and allura putting food for the squirrels on the roof in an attempt to keep them safe from Keith 
  • - hunk and allura realizing that the squirrels are determined, suicidal little shits and so they just put food in the corner of the library or up on the highest bookshelves and hope that their tails will do the dusting for them 
  • - shiro sighing at literally everything as he hand feeds the squirrels 
  • - is he Snow White like how does he do that 
  •  - Keith’s Betrayed Face when he sees shiro schmoozing the squirrels 
  • - *whispers* I thought you loved me 
  • - shiro rolling his eyes so hard he goes and joins a bowling league 
  •  - the dudes from the computer repair shop coming back AGAIN and asking if show tunes had started playing in the library 
  • - pidge must physically remove herself from their presence bc she’s trying very hard not to cackle like an overlord 
  • - Keith brings in a CAT 
  • - allura is horrified and literally clutches her chest 
  •  - Lance falls in love with the cat, feeds it treats and snacks and gives it lazy toys until it gets ULTRA FAT 
  • - Keith comes to the conclusion that his bf sabotaged his cat plan on purpose and cuts off the nookie supply for a month
  •  - worst month of everyone’s lives tbh 
  • - hunk begs Keith to please just fuck Lance again 
  • - a hanjo in the Scientology section at the very least please please please 
  •  - pidge and shiro end up stuck in the weird book closet somehow 
  • - shiro COULD break down the door but that’s just a lot of work 
  • - why break things when you could have a book fight 
  • - they throw a couple hundred paperbacks at each other for 20 minutes 
  •  - pidge builds a throne of books and rules her domicile (400 books and shiro) with cunning and dignity 
  • - until shiro slaps her in the face with a copy of pride and prejudice and the war begins anew 
  • - the library has like three floors and everyone knows to stay out of the left wing of the third floor during lunch breaks bc Lance and Keith honestly don’t care if u see their butts they will not stop 
  • - shiro or hunk lifting pidge onto their shoulders to put more food on the shelves for the squirrels 
  • - the general populace of the town not being weirded out by any of the shenanigans in the library 
  • - it’s just another beautiful day in mr Roger’s neighbourhood for them 
  • - Keith runs by them with a knife in his teeth and a net in his hands? Totally normal


So I was at a coffee shop downtown earlier and the girl working the register was visibly not having a good day but still managed to smile and be friendly to everyone.

The girl in front of me stepped up to the till and as soon as she opened her mouth it was obvious she’s one of those kind and bubbly people who just radiates actual sunshine everywhere they go. Before she ordered she made small talk with the barista, asked how her day was going etc.

The barista got around to asking what she’d like and the girl asked if the barista likes tea. The barista was a bit confused but said yes and was asked for a recommendation. The barista told the girl she loves the new orange pekoe they recently started selling and the girl ordered two.

When the girl received her tea, she took both, put one back down on the counter and said “this is for you”, smiled and walked out.

The barista smiled all through my transaction, and still was when I left.

I spent a few minutes internally gushing about it before thinking Imagine Your OTP


otp aesthetics ♡ princess rhaenys  x robb stark // asoiaf

for @sansaregina who i know has a soft spot for them


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

Have you seen this? I'm not going to say anything just look, I mean jimin was USING THIS ON THE MV AND THE MEANING kjnsdnfalsk I need to calm down lol anyway is this another proof of kookmin being real? and I know that he only used it on the mv but we know that jimin likes to give us hints like in this recent video where he and jk wear the same jacket :) so...  XD
Things that Lily loves/hates

for @captofthesswolfstar

  • James and his hair
  • The way James blinks when he puts his glasses on
  • James constantly annoying others by being left-handed
  • James eating. Really. Have you seen him? The way he holds fork and knife, the weird way he cuts things in front of his fork and pokin it in again instead of behind his fork, the way he somehow manages to get his food all around his mouth (but for his defense: Sirius is worse)
  • The way he rubs his neck when thinking
  • James smirking when he feels attractive (which is way too often)
  • and how he shows off just so subtle
  • How he manages to walk in someones way even if there’s enought space for walking
  • Him reading book and concentrating so much his whole face expresses what he is reading about
  • His tongue sticking out when concentrating on other things
  • How he pretends to know stuff and ending up with “Is that even right?”
  • Biting his nails when nervous or stressed
  • Him not noticing obvious things
  • James repeating ideas or just random things that someone else said way before and pretending it was his thought
  • Secret love for things like scented candles and bath bombs (and sharing it with Sirius)
  • How much friendship means to him
  • His stupid quidditch shirts
  • Worn out pants with holes because of quidditch
  • His smile when Gryffindor won
  • it’s even worse when he knows he did a lot for the victory
  • The way he looks at Lily
  • How he tilts his head sometimes then
  • How his eyes are following her when she comes into the common room
  • The way he says her name
  • And this is so annoying because he says it way too often
  • as if she didn’t know he was talking to her
  • His voice when he is worried because of someone
  • His care for Remus
  • Fights for his friends
  • The lack of empathy. He’s good with people close to him, though.
  • And much too good with her
  • and she doesn’t get why
  • And also she hates it when he asks “Are you alright, Evans?”
  • He has a constant need for admiration
  • But he is also so caring for everyone he loves
  • and admires his friends
  • Because they mean the world
  • Sirius and James together
  • All the time
  • James playing off in front of him instead of talking to her normally
  • James excusing for stupid things he did or said without really knowing why they were stupid
  • Because he doesn’t think enough
  • Forgets stuff so easily although someone (mostly Remus) explained it a minute before
  • His laugh when he realizes that Sirius somehow managed to remember every word (just because it was Moony who had talked)
  • His constant need for justice
  • But also revenge, and though she really hates it, she feels warm because it’s just how he shows his affection for others by defending them
  • His tries to aks her out
  • And his face that changed during the years when she said no
  • And his eyes that showed real disappointment, slowly growing, year by year, day by day
  • And finally his eyes when she says yes
  • and he thinks he misheard
  • and so he asks again
  • and she repeats
  • and he starts blushing
  • and this is the most adorable thing she ever saw

Also, I think the scene where Sana is praying and also remembering everything that happened with Yousef the day before is so powerful. It emphasises the struggle she’s going through. It’s very explicit how there are two parts in her identity that are trying so hard to get along: her faith and her feelings for a non-muslim boy.

In earlier clips, we saw how Sana wasn’t able to pray in peace because 1) she was at a party and some random people bothered her and 2) the music was too loud at home. But now we’ve seen it’s not something around her that’s making it difficult for her to pray; now it’s inside of her. It’s not even Yousef, it’s Sana thinking about him. Now she can’t go to another room or ask somebody to turn the volume down because now it’s something she can’t control.

This is Sana’s shame as its fullest.

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there
Nineteen Stars
Meg & Dia
Nineteen Stars

“Nineteen Stars”-Meg & Dia

I decided that tonight is a Meg & Dia night. This album is all I listened to in high school.This song will always be one of my favorites. I just love it. Tonight is good.

Don’t tell me you’re done for
I don’t need to hear you’re done for
You can tell me what you were running from,
I need you more than you need you
I can see you’re really, really running
May I ask you where you’re gonna run to?
And you think you’re living as a ghost now
Not quite heaven’s ugly angel

We all feel like we’re breaking sometime
I won’t let you go tonight

Stay awake, stay awake, survive
I’ve got nineteen stars that I gave your name tonight
I wanna scream, wanna scream your name
Starlight, my life can save
You’re my wish tonight

Don’t tell me nothing matters
I’ll tell you what would matters
Bare feet in the summer
Open windows at night
You think that no one needs you
You have nothing to see through
Well I need you, I need you
Don’t I count in this fight?

It’s morning now, time to suffer again
A safety that drunk can’t find

Stay awake, stay awake, survive
I’ve got nineteen stars that I gave your name tonight
I wanna scream, wanna scream your name
Starlight, my life can save
You’re my wish tonight

No one can catch me the way that you catch me
The way that you keep me when I’m out of time
What if I need you when I can’t see you
And I’m running out of light

No one can catch me the way that you catch me
The way that you keep me when I’m out of time
What if I need you when I can’t see you
And I’m running out of light 

Stay awake, stay awake, survive
I’ve got nineteen stars that I
Stay awake, stay awake, survive 
Stay awake, stay awake, survive 
Wanna scream, wanna scream your name,
Starlight, my life can save
You’re my wish
You’re my wish
Oh you’re my wish, my wish 
You’re my wish tonight