otp: someone i have to protect


I don’t want to punish you.
                                                     What, then?

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the red lion is like super protective of Keith as of late and won't let any of the paladins near him which frustrates everyone, especially lance. So lance loses it in group text and the red lion just tells him that Keith is her precious child and she felt someone had a lot of hormones towards him and was protecting him from anybody with ill intentions. Lance realizes it's him since he's been pining hard and can't stop staring at Keith. Lance is embarrassed and red lion is having lots of fun😡👽

i reeeeeally liked this request dude!! thanks for sending it in!! :)

red, just now: lance is pining. it’s SCIENCE

lance: wtf no

keith: wtf yes

Overwatch Chatroom: Y/n will be missed

I’m on Mobil so it won’t look pretty.
- Forest


Y/n has started a chatroom.

McCree, Genji, Tiddy Man, D.Va, Junkrat, and Mercy have logged in.

Tiddy Man: Is there something you need, Y/n?

Tiddy Man: ….



Y/n: that is not important right now.

Y/n: reaper is out to kill me over a simple mistake. I just wanted to say my goodbyes before he finds me.

Genji: What did you do exactly?

Mercy: He’ll get over it eventually. It’s not like he’ll actually kill you.

McCree: whatever you did, he’ll get over it.

Junkrat: Reaper just broke down a door. What did you do, missy?

Y/n: I may have accidentally dropped paint on his cloak while painting..

Mercy: does he realize it will wash off, right?

McCree: wash his cloak, darlin

Y/n: the paint I use doesn’t wash off..

D.Va: rip. You’ll be missed

Genji: But will he really hurt you over something so simple.

Tiddy Man: Doesn’t he have other cloaks?


Reaper has logged on.

Junkrat: rip Y/n



D.Va: Chill???

Tiddy Man: Hana, this is Gabriel Reyes you’re talking to.

Genji: typing*

Reaper: ..Tiddy man??

Tiddy Man: Please change my name.

McCree: dont

D.Va: dont

Mercy: Gabe, leave y/n alone. She’ll buy you a new cloak.

Reaper: her death will be quick and painless, I promise.

Y/n has changed Tiddy Man’s name to Hanzo.

Hanzo: Thank you.

Hanzo: Tell me where you are so I can come help you.


D.Va: I see why he wants to kill you.

Junkrat: oh hey, I found her.

Reaper: WHERE IS SHE!?


Mercy: I’m actually worried now, don’t tell him.

Mercy: Someone restrain Gabe



Genji: Reaper don’t hurt her.

Reaper has logged out.


D.Va: rip you’ll be missed.

Y/n has logged out.

Mercy: Genji make sure he doesn’t get to her! I’ll be there in a bit.

Genji: I’ll protect her for as long as I can.

Genji has logged out.
Mercy has logged out.

Junkrat: how cute.

D.Va: omg otp

McCree: should we help?

Hanzo: we probably should

Hanzo has logged out.
Junkrat has logged out.
McCree has logged out.
D.Va has logged out.


Kill mE

sentence prompts
  1. “What if I say no?”
  2. “Get out.”
  3. “I dreamed of you last night.”
  4. “I don’t know if you noticed… but we’re in a party”
  5. “You can dance with me… if you want!”
  6. “DON’T LOOK!!”
  7. “I think people hug at this point.”
  8. “I’ll take you.”
  9. “Why didn’t you call me?”
  10. “Would you stop that?!”
  11. “I loved you.”
  12. “Yeah I was there.”
  13. “Don’t say that.”
  14. “I’ll take the couch.”
  15. “You lied to me.”
  16. “Maybe you didn’t love me after all.”
  17. “Take my hand.”
  18. “SO… you think I’m hot?”
  19. “What are you doing?””Hiding.”
  20. “Let’s run. Together.”
  21. “Wow! you’re good at this!”
  22. “I think we should stop seeing each other.”
  23. “You have a picture of me? On your fridge?” 
  24. “Do I know you?”
  25. “I thought we could go back to whatever the hell we were!”
  26. “Did I just say that?”
  27. “Breathe, okay? Just breathe.”
  28. “Stand behind me.”
  29. “But I don’t want to leave.”
  30. “Tell me a secret.”
  31. “DON’T PRetend with me!!”
  32. “I saw you, right there.”
  33. “I-I just wanted to say that I uh, I missed you.”
  34. “I’m not lying.”
  35. “You look… okay. I MEAN-”
  36. “I knew I’d find you here.”
  37. “You still remember?”
  38. “I guess I just wanted to know if you missed me.”
  39. “All I needed was my friend.”
  40. “I like your new place.”
  41. “You left!”
  42. “Do you know any jokes?”
  43. “Are you hungry?”
  44. “I’m not supposed to be here.”
  45. “Do I even wanna know?!”
  46. “Take me home… please?”
  47. “Hey just be cool.”
  48. “You have pretty hands.”
  49. “I’m sorry.”
  50. “Sorry I woke you up.”
  51. “It’s about to rain, get inside.”
  52. “So… friends?”
  53. “I’m his/her best friend.”
  54. “I got you, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
  55. “We can leave, you know?”
  56. “Did I interrupt something?”
  57. “I’m trying, okay?”
  58. “OH MY GOD YOUR EYES!!!”
  59. “Why didn’t you ask me instead?”
  60. “Sing to me.”
  61. “What’s my prize?”
  62. “I don’t want to see you anymore.”
  63. “You’re so cute!!!”
  64. “I was trying to protect you.”
  65. “I’ll kill you.”
  66. “And then you laughed.”
  67. “I didn’t know where to go to.”
  68. “I was having a nightmare.” 
  69. “I know this song.”
  70. “I need someone to hear me.”

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Are you interested in Inuyasha and Kagome pairings outside of InuKag?

To be quite honest, ‘Nony — no. I’m not a multi-shipper at all. It’s cool that other people enjoy multi-shipping, it just isn’t my bag. For me, it’s InuKag or bust. 

This is largely because I genuinely think Inuyasha and Kagome are perfectly suited for each other, and I have a hard time imagining them with anyone else (especially once they’ve met and started developing a friendship). Their temperaments, their characters, the things they value—they’re a match for each other. 

Inuyasha needs someone like Kagome: someone totally free of his era’s prejudices, someone who sees and values him as a person first and foremost; someone kind and patient enough to see beyond his gruff puppy act—to uncover and understand who he truly is—but also someone with the spunk and attitude to go toe-to-toe with him, someone whom he can’t steamroll with his temper or formidable will. An equal, a partner in everything, and someone who will treat him as such. And, maybe most importantly, someone to show him that other people can be worth the risk, that truly trusting someone can enrich one’s life in untold ways. Kagome is that for him (and a whole lot more, really, but I’m trying not to make this an essay). 

Kagome needs someone like Inuyasha: someone whose strength of will matches her own, someone who challenges and inspires her (one of the reasons I think Hojo never had a chance: he’s way too mellow, Kagome needs someone with a spirit equal to hers); someone with a kindness that complements her own, buried though it is beneath layers of defense mechanisms, someone who does his best to protect and take care of people; someone who will have her back, who will put her well-being before his every time; someone who will be honest and upfront with her, someone ultimately undaunted by her moods and temper and insecurities, who will be there for her through them all, a rock and support; someone who cherishes and respects her for exactly who she is, not for their idea or expectation of her. Inuyasha is that for her, and a whole heck of a lot more. 

In summary: InuKag is the OTP and I ain’t even sorry.    

Even if Supercorp doesn’t happen romantically, the writers better not screw up their friendship. This is the first female friend Kara’s had that’s actually stuck around. A best friend that’s not Alex. Someone she genuinely loves. Someone she’s willing to protect. Someone she believes in.Someone that she can talk to about stupid things like NSYNC and otps. And someone that loves her the same. I don’t care if they make them a couple I just need them to remain friends no matter what.

Kara Danvers deserves that.

you know what i hate is that canon has shown us how on point regina’s reflexes are. robin has first-hand witnessed it. there’s a pretty high chance regina could’ve stopped that crystal or moved out of the way, and robin must have known that, but he still jumps in front of her. no thought about it, he’s just like, “i got good reflexes too, and they say protect regina.”

or even yet, there was thought about it, and he still decides “it’s the wife, take no chances” and dives. what kind of idiot. so pure and full of love. why do i do this to myself

To those trying to demonize Maggie for arresting Lena Luthor on tonight’s episode. I have a couple of things I would like to point out.

One: Maggie Sawyer is a cop. A detective. She’s doing her job. The evidence is there in front of her to inform her that Lena committed a crime. Even if it’s only one piece of evidence, it’s enough to know that Lena could be extremely dangerous. Arresting her is for the safety of the people/aliens in National City right now. It’s getting her off the streets and then the rest of the investigation can end up proving her innocent or guilty. Plus Kara’s interrupting her doing that job, she can’t just let it slide because it’s the sister of her girlfriend.

Two: Lilian Luthor is the reason so many people died in Maggie’s safe space. If she’s a little tense, a little snappish? Can you really blame her? Lilian Luthor has escaped, the Kryptonite heart has been returned to Metallo and CADMUS is still at large. In the grand scheme of things, as someone who likes Aliens and fights for them as well as protects against them, I think it only fair to cut Maggie Sawyer some slack. Not that anyone seems to be able to do that at all. But, I digress.

Three: It has nothing to do with your OTP. That’s it. That’s all I have to say on that matter. It. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Your. OTP.

Spiritassassin headcanon that every time someone insults Baze, Chirrut appears yelling, “Fight me!” And, like, look, it’s Baze Malbus so it’s less people insulting him and more just people being so fed up with how perfect he is so they’re like sitting in the courtyard being all, “And then there’s Baze Malbus at it again. Perfect handwriting. Perfect answer. Just, ugh, perfect.” And then there’s Chirrut wheeling around the corner, robes flapping, screaming, “FIGHT ME!” And the other initiates are just looking at him like he’s lost his goddamn mind because, what.

It eventually gets to the point where Chirrut just shows up shouting, “Fight me!” whenever someone other than him says Baze’s name. Which gets rather annoying when Baze is introducing himself to new people. 

“Hello. I’m Baze…”


*long suffering sigh*

Eventually Baze just gives up, takes Chirrut everywhere, allows Chirrut to introduce him, only hears his name in Chirrut’s mouth, which he turns it into “I love you” every single time because Chirrut. 

Things I am done with in this fandom

a.k.a.: reasons I refuse to read fics about my own OTP unless recommended by someone I trust:

—Lucissa getting divorced

—abuse by anyone in the Malfoy family to any of the others

—either Lucius or Narcissa cheating

—especially with anyone their son’s age

—especially Hermione

—or, on the list of people who aren’t their son’s age, Snape

—either being rude/cold to the other

—situations in which one dies and the other doesn’t give a shit

—situations in which Lucius chooses Voldemort over his family

—situations in which Draco is ungrateful for how much his parents have done to protect him

—any form of sexual contact with Draco, who is THEIR CHILD

—the assumption that their marriage was forced by anyone or that they don’t love each other



Aaron reacting to being told that “no one else comes close” to him

#look at this precious little baby who can’t believe he ever would be that important to someone yet someone would put him first.

More Spiritassassin things

(More things no one asked for but that I wanted to do anyway. I stole this from someone else and then removed things that were similar to the last one.)

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Baze is more likely to have his feelings hurt if a joke hits wrong, though by this point he knows Chirrut’s every tone so they don’t really land incorrectly anymore. But when they young, oh when they were young, it was Baze whose heart hurt quite a bit because Chirrut said something and didn’t understand the impact it would have and Baze didn’t realize that the beautiful lovely boy was just playing.

Physically. Well. They both have quite a few bruises and scratches from both sexual escapdes as well as just general sparring and wrestling. Although Chirrut has been known to toss things at Baze occasionally with more force than he means to when Baze is distracted and then there might be an actual sort of injury but those aren’t on purpose.

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Our Hellbound Victory

Unknown to Roy and Riza it may just be their own philosophies that save them.

Move forward no matter what.

Protect the ones you love.

Those lessons have sank deeply into those they touched.

Song: Victory-Two Steps from Hell

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Flame and Hawk’s Eye’s fic can be found here

Random notes I made while editing under the cut

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Dan: Phil Lester sucks

Phil: lol okie

Someone else: Phil Lester sucks

Phil: lol oki-

Dan: no

Dan: wtf

Dan: how dare you have the audacity to attempt to hurt this angel

Dan: no

Dan: don’t

Dan: I will mess you up

Dan: he’s just a small tree boy finding his way in life

Dan: he is a bundle of joy

Dan: step to me motherfucker

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I love how Levi has treated Mikasa from the moment he saw her as a voice of conscience, a modulating presence. And what's great about their interactions, it's a big deal in SNK where abuse of power and it's effects is a major theme. Where her pain is often overlooked by others and not dealt with textually, Levi's treatment runs counterpoint. He's always respected her and makes an effort to communicate better around her. If you look at the scenes where she speaks up, most obviously in the (1/2)

(2/2) forest of giant trees but even in the scene at Eren’s bedside or after Armin’s first kill, Levi improves upon his interactions and puts others more at ease by making himself better understood. He hears her and she helps him.

I also noticed that Levi always corrects himself when Mikasa calls him out/misunderstands him, like in these scenes:

Levi isn’t very good at expressing himself, and even Hanji is shown “translating” his words sometimes. But when it comes to Mikasa he always elaborates more so she understands where he’s coming from, which means her presence is actually helping him learn to communicate better. Shipping aside, I think their relationship is super healthy and beneficial because they help each other come out of their comfort zones. Levi is learning to speak his mind more thanks to her, and Mikasa is slowly learning to accept and trust people outside her close niche of friends by allowing Levi into her life. 

I like that you brought up how Mikasa’s pain isn’t bluntly dealt with on-screen. Mikasa is so unappreciated it’s not even funny. Her peers respect her, but they don’t appreciate her or make time for her as much as they ought to.

From the very beginning, Mikasa never quite fit in:

Mikasa looks like a lonely girl in a school cafeteria that wishes she could be included with the other girls. This scene happened right Eren walked out on her when she was right in the middle of a conversation. 

Everyone in the squad has someone they could really rely on, but Mikasa hadn’t gained a single new friend since joining the military.

Mikasa is such talented girl, but she’s not vain and over confident, just like Levi. Deep down, I think Mikasa is just extremely lonely and that’s why she comes across as “clingy” because she actually wants someone who treats her the way she treats the one she cares for. And you know what? She deserves to have someone looking out for her. She’s always looking out for everyone but herself, yet she never gets rewarded for her selflessness.

But ever since her and Levi appeared in more scenes together, I can’t help but to feel ecstatic because I feel like she FINALLY found someone who she could relate to, someone who help her come out of her shell, someone could appreciate her and give her the respect she deserves.

Levi isn’t intimidated by her abnormal strength because he’s just as abnormal strong as her. Mikasa isn’t very good at expressing herself, and this is probably why she never made new friends, but Levi isn’t either so they’re definitely on the same social level with each other.

I love Mikasa and I just want her to have SOMEONE who has her back for a change. I want her to have someone who actually takes her seriously and doesn’t dismiss her feelings (even as wild as they may be, like when she insisted Eren was alive after being defeated by Annie). I want her to have someone she can relate to, someone of equal strength she can fight alongside with and protect her, someone who cares about the things she cares about–and the only person who fits this criteria is Levi.  

Nearly Everyone in this series has that one person they click with, and whether you see them as your OTP, a BROTP or NOTP, it’s hard to deny the fact that Mikasa and Levi most definitely click together and them forming a bond together is emotionally beneficial to both of them, and when they team up together there is nothing that could stop them.

This OTP is kinda runing my life, and because I Medici is not a show centered on love whatsoever I don’t have as much material as I’d like to analyze the interaction between the lowlife that is Cosimo and my badass queen of the universe!Contessina. 

But the fact is, how did Cosimo hear about Ezio? Marco Bello didn’t tell him, so it means he was in contact with a servant or he had someone watch the house for her protection. So even if he’s a complete asshole and absolutely undeserving he does care about her, he just made pretty sure no one knew about it.

He fell for the nostalgic memory of his youth, not for Maddalena. She was Bianca 2.0, and he would have find himself bored of her too, eventually. He just didn’t knew until he was free to do as he pleased and found out he didn’t care as much as he tought. But it still doesn’t make it okay.

To see him preaching about loyalty when he cheated under his wife’s roof is quite rich and I was just so happy to see her scream in his face and tell him that maybe she should have let him die. 

But the hate!sex has kinda confused me.it reminded me a bit of their first meeting/kiss. She spoke her mind, made him somehow angry (controlled/controlling Cosimo angry, not an easy accomplishment) and as assertion of power he kissed her. Only this time around she pushed him away, and five seconds later they were having sex, frantically so. It was a bit awkward, there was no kiss, no nothing, just the sex, but she was into it so it didn’t make me squirmish like the first night, where she was clearly unconfortable with it all.

But they are just so confusing. He doesn’t share much, but he clearly trusts her to be on his side whenver he needs her, and even when he doesn’t want her to be. He went to her to tell her that he was going to pay the mercenaries, and though she managed the family business while he was away she doesn’t need to, anymore, and it’s not like he needs her approval, so actually he went to her because he needed her opinion, he wanted to see what she would say about that, and about Albizzi’s death. She told him he enver surrendered to the signoria so he just wasn’t really trying, and after that he found a way to save Albizzi’s ass, because Contessina knew he was holding himself back and that pushed him to act, so she clearly matters. She is his right hand and his friend even more than Marco Bello, in a way.

He’s angry that she would get close to another man, but he counts on duty to keep her, which is not the same as to say he belives her love to be stronger than a fling. When she tries to speak of his duty he kisses her, because that is his duty too, and his right. Being the husband he has the upper hand, but she doesn’t just accept it, she takes part in it. Let me be vulgar here, Cosimo is a little shit but he never took any liberties with any woman, even with Maddalena he never initiated anything, he never tried to impose his will and he has never really been instinctive, he calculates everything but with Contessina he has 0 self control. He’s one to use his sharpness to win his wars, not phisical power, with Contessina he just acts first and thinks later. And in fact when it’s over he just gets away from her and stares at her and he looks vulnerable. For how controlled he appears when he leaves the room he seems more like a puppy running away with his tail between his legs.

The closed door Maddalen found to welcome her was clearly a sign that his fascination with her was over and the walk along the memory lane had gotten boring, but I knew already she was going to be pregnant so I wasn’t surprised by the promo. But I’m resentful because he got tired of his new toy but felt outraged that someone else (Marco Bello) would pick it up. And it seems like he still won’t take into account his wife’s feelings. I’m just so tired of his infinite parade of bullshit, seriously.

PS: and for anyone else that’s cofused about Albizzi’s death, that’s historically unaccurate. He lived to die of old age in Ancona. They took liberty with his story to add some drama. Oh, and about the historically unaccurate, where’s the second son of Cosimo e Contessina? Piero is supposed to have a younger brother (another younger brother, other than the one he’s going to have thanks to his assholish dad and Madalena)


LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || A Beautiful Friendship (1x15)

That’s why you have backup.

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Spy Bis--💘: who developed a crush on the other first? 💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other? 💙: who is more protective? and also the veerrry last one but I ran out of characters on the copy/paste

ask me about my OTPs and I’ll love you forever

  • 💘: who developed a crush on the other first? 

Y'know, I honestly don’t know for sure. I’m inclined to say Varin, because before their lives went to hell he was even more okay with the idea of having feelings for someone than Enonn was, so he wouldn’t shut out a crush quite as fast. (Of course, he still acknowledged that in their line of work, having feelings for someone is bad for your health, but hey, what’s the harm in a pointless crush, right…)

  • 💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other? 

Varin is the master of suave yet cute texts and tastefully framed dick pics. Of course, Enonn is also the master of smooth/cute texts and absolutely gorgeous nudes, so it ends up being a fairly long thread of tooth-rotting sweetness punctuated by the occasional beautiful blue nude. As far as who’s more likely to instigate, however… Varin. 

  • 💙: who is more protective? 

They’re about equal, but in fairly different ways. Varin’s protectiveness is born from a childhood spent keeping himself and his brother from starvation, which has left him with a deep-seated desperation to make sure those he cares about just stay alive no matter the cost to himself. He will run himself ragged to make sure she stays alive, well, and happy—while Enonn will do the same just to ensure he doesn’t literally stress himself to death.
Her brand of protection is also, I think, a little more non-tangible and preemptive; trying to cut off their relationship to ensure no one could use their feelings for one another against them, for instance. Varin would take a blaster bolt to the heart for her; Enonn would snipe the other bastard first, before they ever had the chance to fire.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


*probably will follow spoilers so …*

  • When I heard the Hedwig’s Theme I started crying so hard you have no idea. I never left the Wizarding World, but in that moment I felt like I’m finally home after all this time and I was so happy, so so happy. 
  • Newt Scamander. My baby Newt Scamander. My husband Newt Scamander. Protect him to all costs, if someone touches him I will go on a killing spree. ,,Mommy’s here" melted me and his awkward self was just too much for my heart, but what was the last straw that filled my heart with love and everything good was Newt x Animals. That is the OTP of OTPs, TRUE LOVE in it’s purest form. Eddie Redmayne was so GOOD (he’s always good but this is the Wizarding World and everything automatically becomes better). I was sold from the first second I saw him as Newt.

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  • The animals are so beautiful. My favorite was the Thunderbird and the Occamy as aesthetic quality, but come on the Niffler and the Bowtruckle stole my heart, especially the Niffler. I want one for Christmas bonus: Jacob covered in jewellery saying ,,They run that way" to the police 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Btw Jacob. Jacob Kowalski is a gem. He made me laugh so much. He was charming and funny and perfect (I use this word too much). And he got his bakery YAYYYYYYYY. But he lost his memories Booooooo. I hope he gets them back in the second movie you know like Simon Lewis and too hell with the law. Justice is more important.

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  • I was blown away by how powerful Queenie Goldstein is. She seems silly and kinda stupid, but she’s so smart and a incredibly powerful Legilimens. One of the hardest arts in magic comes to her easy as breathing. And she’s so kind and lovely. I love her.

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  • Porpentina Goldstein didn’t deserve the shit MACUSA gave her. She’s so damn strong and good and she was right all the way so they really should give themselves a face slap. 

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  • It’s amazing how much Tina and Queenie remind me of Astoria and Daphne. They have the same dynamic and even alike personalities.
  • Credence. I will be your mom. I will protect you my baby. He deserved better. Much more better and I am so mad about how they ended his storyline. HE FUCKING DESERVED BETTER

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  • I kinda wanted to smack Percival all movie and now I know why. Period. But seriously? 
  • And the magic. Oh my Magic.

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In conclusion