otp: some sugar to go with that spice

Title: Sugar, spice and everything nice

word count:  961

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Pairing: Kacchako

~Previous one~

Uraraka sneezes lightly and peeks out from under her quilt to look over at Bakugo. He has his back turned towards her and is peacefully napping away on his own mattress. She wonders how someone can even muster the courage to close their eyes in this bitter cold but quickly remembers what his quirk is and sighs. She thinks about how nice it must be to be a living heater and how much money that would save on gas.

She hears the winds blowing outside and hides her face under her blanket. The brunette tries rubbing her hands together for some warmth and at last curls up into a ball as a last attempt to stand up to the bitter cold.

A few days ago, Aizawa-sensei had announced that the students of the heroics department would be going on an excursion trip for some days and after studying at UA for three years, everyone knew well enough that their little trip was going to be anything but fun. Since it was their final year at school, their training regime had gotten a lot stricter than before and keeping up with the customs, the students had been taken to a simulation field which had been transformed into a snowy mountain. The temperature had been set extremely low and they had been provided with nothing but a tent and basic necessities to survive the cold.

Before leaving on their journey, they had been split into teams of two and as fate would have it, Uraraka and Bakugo had been paired up. Now, it wasn’t as if she didn’t want to team up with him, quite the contrary actually. She was thrilled to be his partner. They had finally become “friends” as she would call it, not to mention the fact that Bakugo had been her training partner for almost one year but the latter had been ignoring her for quite some time now.

The Gravity hero knew he would go back to being ‘Bakugo’ during their fights and trials on the trip so she wasn’t really worried about that but it was eating her away how he had suddenly stopped taking to her. So in a pure Uraraka-esque manner, she had confronted him about it only to get a grunt and an annoyed face before she backed off.

She peeks out from under her blanket and looks at her watch to check the time. Finally deciding that she isn’t going to get any sleep if drastic measures are not taken, she looks over her shoulder towards her blonde-haired partner and nods determinedly. Picking up her pillow the brunette makes her way over to her neighbor and lies down. She counts the time in her head for how long it would take him to notice and gets her response three seconds later.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  Bakugo says in his menacing voice but Uraraka holds her ground and wraps her hands around his waist.

“Trying to sleep.” She says, tightening her grip around him. She can’t help but notice how warm his blanket is compared to hers and nuzzles her head into his back.

“If you don’t get out in three seconds-”

“Don’t move, I’ll make you float.”

He gets cut off by her and looks down towards her hands. The explosion quirk screams inwardly for even allowing her to touch him.

He hears her giggle and get comfortable in his space. That’s when the stupid feeling start coming over him again. It always happens whenever she’s around or whenever he thinks about her. He tries his best not to think anything of it but that’s the thing.

Nothing works out right whenever Uraraka Ochako is involved.

She strips him of his ability to think or act straight. And sometimes it evens feels as if he’s floating or a whole zoo is rumbling inside his stomach.

His feels his chest tighten and his face get warmer.

“Bakugo…” She says in a muffled voice and breathes on his back, sending sparks over his body, “Are you still ignoring me?”

She unravels her arms and turns away in the opposite directions making him realize that he’s been holding his breath. He scowls and scratches the back of his head awkwardly.

Is he ignoring her? To be honestly he doesn’t even know himself. What he is sure of is that he’s running away from something and the possibility of realizing it scares him to no end. He isn’t sure of his feelings and being with her makes them even more messed up.

“Don’t waver me.”

Uraraka’s eyes widen in surprise.  It’s not the kind of answer she was hoping for and she is not sure of what to make of it. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and starts to draw circles on the floor.

They stay quiet for some time before she feels him move behind her. Curiously she turns her head around to see his face dangerously close to hers and backs off in surprise.

“Wha-what are you doing.” She blushes and looks away nervously.

“Trying to sleep…” He says quietly with his eyes still closed. Uraraka blinks a few times before realizing he’s trying to get back at her. She sticks her tongue out and pouts cutely.



The brunette tries to make his face out in the darkness and hears him breathe a little out of pace. Little does she know, it took him all the strength he had in him to pull off the stunt he just did.

“I’m not ignoring you… just give me some time.”

His words don’t make sense to her anymore so she decides to give him what he’s asking for and closes her eyes to go back to sleep.