otp: single and ready to mingle

I just had the best idea for an anniversary. Instead of buying one of those cheap blah anniversary cards that you can get at the story, buy them ALL. Every. Single. One. Even the ones that are celebrating 50 years together and the ones for the wrong gender. ALL OF THEM. Then write something unique in all of the cards and put random little gifts in the envelopes. Then, put all of the cards in a box EXCEPT ONE and wrap the box like a present. When you give your significant other the present and card, say something about how “sorry I am for getting you one of those store bought cards with no meaning, since the only way those cards could have any meaning is if you put all of them together. I think that the present will have that amount of meaning though!” Then when they open the box, dump all of the cards onto their head like they just won the Superbowl.

Lemme tell y'all a story.


I was in a relationship for five months. I was actually pretty happy with him. Everything seemed to be going just fine and we both enjoyed each other’s company. I thought he was really cute. However, things became difficult to work through…I’m not going into full detail about how it lead to the break up, but let’s just say that it should definitely be a requirement to get to know someone TRULY before you date them. My ex dumped me on the day that would have been our five months, actually. It was on March 29th. He called me on the phone and said, “Yeah so I don’t think this is working out. I never really loved you. My feelings were never true for you. Bye." 



Thank you SO much for showing me just how much of an asshole you really are. I don’t need you, bitch. What a pile of cunt. Now I have come to this realization of just how ugly my ex really is. His personality is absolute shit. I was hurt in the beginning, looking like this

but look at me now.

I am doing just fine without him. In fact, I don’t even miss him, not one bit. I’m hot shit; he isn’t. I’m on level 10; he’s on level fUCKING 1. 


Let’s get to the real shit. So, May 3rd is prom. When I became single again, I was really stressed out and worried that I wouldn’t have a prom date, because I thought my ex and I were going to go together. My friends saw how upset I was. They told me they were looking around for a date for me, but I felt like it was already too late…until April 22nd…today.

You guys, seriously, this is the best thing that has happened to me this month. It was during my Japanese class, which I have fifth period. About 5 minutes into the class, one of my really good friends came into the class. He had a big poster with the word "PROM” written in big letters, and a 12-dozen rose bouquet. He said, “Uh, is there a Cassandra Smith in here?”, and I was just sitting at my desk like “Yo~”. Then came the question, “Will you go to prom with me?”, and ya know what I said. I said YES! I ran up to give him a hug and my class went wild, screaming and clapping for me like

My best friend came up to take a picture of us, and as she was on her way, she “accidentally stepped hard on someone’s feet. Guys, this is the best part. Why? That was my ex boyfriend’s feet that she stepped on. She "apologized” and gave him a death glare like

This is why I love my best friend. This is why I love my friend who asked me to prom, RIGHT in front of my ex’s face. The little fucker was just sitting there looking extremely disappointed in himself like

(btw nothing against Tom Hiddleston, I fucking love him)

Oh, boohoo. Look at what you’re missing out on. He was probably thinking to himself, “Wow I fucked up. Cassie is so beautiful and I lost her. God I am so fucking stupid." 

Yeah. That’s right. Bitch I’m the shit.

He’s probably always at home like

While I’m over here like

Yeah. That’s right. I don’t need you.

And that was the highlight of my day.



Being single is not a curse it could be far worse it’s something to embrace and face. It’s a reason to smile and be happy for a while. Would I love to be in a great relationship? Of course I would but I’ve never been in a good relationship so those are hard to come by. I try and do my best and maybe someone will come my way and be the girl for me but until then I’m always going to be positive and happy. Never put your happiness on hold if you are single being single doesn’t mean be sad it just means you haven’t found that special someone to share this happiness with!! :)