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It's been a while - Vocal Lesson 3

I’ve worked out a great way to warm up the mouth and vocal chords and it’s very simple!

In an arpeggio 1st 3rd 5th 3rd 5th pattern 

  1. Front of mouth (Lips) - MAY ME MY MO MOO
  2. Teeth - TAY TEE TY TO TOO
  3. Tip of tongue - LAY LEE LY LO LOO
  4. Back of tongue (upwards movement) - GAY GEE GY GO GOO
  5. Glottal Vocal - HAY HEE HY HO HOO
  6. Open Vowels (Open Voice) - AY E I O OO


I seriously almost died from laughing too hard


Watch on vocalcoach67-blog.tumblr.com


Singing with Style


This book is not only theory based but also practical.  It is also packed with many powerful scales along with breathing techniques which will aid you to ‘sing in style.’  This book has also has been written in such a way that you can monitor your progress as you work through each exercise.    Singing lessons can be expensive.  Within this book it will teach you all the skills that you should expect from a vocal coach.  This book contains dual tuition, while you are learning to sing; you will also be taught how to play basic piano to accompany your voice!

This publication also comes with clear illustrated pictures which you can follow in order to aid understanding and guidance. It covers many areas from:


·         Vocal health and food to avoid.

·         Singing audition preparation and how to avoid the pitfalls.

·         Comprehensive breathing and diaphragm techniques

·         Powerful scales which will create a forceful voice

·         Pronunciation to create a full and rich sound

·         Building your vocal stamina

·         Finding your vocal register

·         Microphone technique

·         Octave workshop





cover by Gabriela Gunčíková

Singing Student at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and lead vocalist for Trans Siberian Orchestra

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Natalie freaking Weiss emailed me back and told me that she’d be interested in giving me singing lessons once she’s off tour of Les Miserables, and told me to keep in contact because I made her night. 


AND she told me to follow her on twitter and I don’t even have one but I think I’ll make one just to follow her and I can't breathe right now you guys I can't breathe. 

i teach guitar, singing, and songwriting lessons! :-)

i have a few students that i’ve met off of tumblr and a few have been taking lessons with me for over a year now. i like to create a fun and relaxing environment in my home in la mirada to work on music with anyone who is interesting in learning guitar, voice, or songwriting. it’s been a really fun experience for the students i have so far and i am looking to expand and teach more people! no prior experience nessecary, and if you do, that’s awesome! i don’t charge much– only $20 per half hour and $30 for a full hour of learning and jamming. please send me a message or email me at theaquadolls@yahoo.com if you are interested! :~)


On a lip roll- work through a comfortable octave of your voice start of the lower note and slide up to the highest and back down again while rolling your lips (like you may do to make a silly noise at a baby or if you were cold or mimicking a horse). This will loosen your lips and warm your voice out without putting an strain on your vocal chords but using lots of air.

On a Ah – now start siren-ing with your mouth open and using your voice. Starting on the lowest note you can produce working up to the highest make an Ah sound and slide your voice up and down, like an emergency siren! Push your voice further with each siren, starting a little lower and going up a little higher until your siren in longer and covering your whole range.

On other vowel sounds – do the same as with the Ah but work through the other vowels sounds. E I O U. Do not focus too much on these just perhaps one siren per vowel to get your voice and jaw working a little.

On a ‘NG’ – this may seem a strange and difficult noise to make but it is great for making a nice smooth siren and achieving a nasal tone. 

10 interesting things to do on YouTube when you’re bored

When netflix gets boring, it’s raining, your friends are working and like me you have 4 months of summer vacation from school/university/college you need stuff to do. I was messing around on youtube and found 10 cool things to teach yourself when you’re bored. 

1. Learn vocal riffs, runs and trills - with vocal coach Ginger Salem, there are lots of exercises and cool vocal tricks so this will provide hours of entertainment and it’s easier to do than you think! She has lots more tutorials for other singing tips so her channel is a must! 

2. Learn the cup song from Pitch Perfect - This is the video i used to teach myself the cup song. It’s tricky but so satisfying when you nail it and even better when you can do the cup song and sing the words too!

3. Learn to contour (for beginners)/ Learn to contour like a make-up artist - Lets be honest girls, we all want to know how to do this properly! 

4. How to make Nutella Cupcakes you can do this with anyone or yourself. This channel has lots of recipes for delicious treats so if Nutella doesn’t do it for you, the channel is worth a browse around! 

5. Tricks to teach your dog - endless fun for you and your furry friend

6. How to cut your own bangs- whether you want to cut some in or just a trim! I do 100% recommend investing in hair dressing scissors, they are £15 from a drug store but they give you such a better finish! 

7. 30 minute full body workout- If you can keep yourself motivated these youtube work out videos will save you a small fortune on gym memberships- just make sure to give yourself plenty of room! 

8. Sing karaoke channel- enough said! 

9. Build your confidence for the new school year with 3 quick tips! 

10. Make your own bath bomb - if patience and time are your strong suit give this ago, will save you a fortune in LUSH in the long term! 

singing lessons.

I used to be part of the choir back in England, and believe it or not I was one of the top girls back at home but once I moved to the States and heard all the amazing voices around me, I stopped singing.

But now I’m wanting to get back into it, however I’ve forgotten all the breathing techniques and everything else that goes with it.

I was going to take a Musical Theatre Voice class in the Spring but I don’t have time for it but hopefully/maybe next year.

Dying for singing lessons.

But I’m too poor to actually get them.