otp: shut up of course it was

hunk [about lance’s birthday]: i’ll bake you the best cake ever, what’s your favorite flavor?

lance [smiling]: hmm, i think i’m a vanilla boy

keith [under his breath]: course you are

pidge [choking in the background]:

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okay but power bottom!jimin riding sub jungkook? and not letting him cum? *eyes emoji*

- “I want to touch you, hyung nghh-” - “You don’t deserve to touch me yet”

- Jungkook helplessly lies in their bed, whining and trembling

- Jimin grinding on his thighs, moaning loudly just to make him suffer

- Jungkook gasps, moans and whines the whole time

- Jimin sits on his lap, touching his boyfriends member and enjoys how it twitches between his small fingers

- “Jimin, please-” desperately Jungkook begging

- Jimin rides him so hard until Jungkook is about to cum but stops the second before he could

- sweaty bodies

- Jungkook closes his eyes because seeing Jimin all sweaty, hot and panting is just too much for him to handle

- Jimin kisses his upper body, touching his muscles while waiting for him to calm down a bit

- As soon as Jimins thinks the younger one is ready again, he rides him, moaning loudly to turn him on even more

- “Hyung, please! I beg you.. please..please let me cum!” - “convince me that you deserve it.” and damn- Jungkook totally convinced him with his tongue and body

- Jimin jerks him off but stops right before he could reach his climax

- Jungkook actually started to cry a bit because he could’ve came already six times but wasn’t allowed to

- Jimin finally finished his little game and lets Jungkook reach his climax- of course inside of him

- They lie about twenty minutes in bed, trying to calm down and stop trembling and panting

- “You cried!” - “Shut up,brat..”

- Jimin teases him and Jungkooks says he’ll never do it again, but next evening Jungkook is begging the whole time

idk why but i was thinking that because sasuke is so incredibly observant, he’d probably notice some slight changes so easily, and it would be the cutest thing. like when sakura got pregnant with sarada and her breasts started growing in size, he must have been so fucking adorable when he finally realized that they’d grown.

they’d be in the middle of loving foreplay, all slow and attentive, where she would have just told him to ease up a little bit because she’s gotten quite sensitive lately. he’d be paying especially considerate attention to her breasts, pressing less firmly than usual, his touch particularly gentle around her nipples. and then he’d move to fully close his hand around her breast, grabbing the whole of it to knead and brush, prompting a fleeting thought in his mind that she felt a little different today; more full, weighted.

and he’d blink and pause, questioning to himself, had they maybe grown in size? pulling himself away from her lips or her neglected breast, he’d look down at her, lightly testing the fullness in his grip, and he’d realize that yes, she had. and they felt a little plushier, too, in this entirely pleasant way.

and sakura wouldn’t know that he’d have taken notice of this—instead, she’d think he was unsure of whether or not he was being gentle enough, that he was worried about hurting her. so she’d tell him with the sweetest tone, “i know i asked you to be a more careful because they’ve been a little more sensitive lately, but you don’t have to be that careful, sasuke-kun…”

to which sasuke would pause again, looking up to meet her eyes for a long moment, before his lips would tug and he’d say, “im not worrying. im just noticing that your breasts are quite…” a faint smirk would play at his mouth, “…different.”

her cheeks would flush. “d-different?”

“hmm. bigger.” her blush would darken, his eyes would gleam. he’d kiss her again, kneading her breast quite appreciatively. “softer.”

the redness to her cheeks would now be absolutely feverish. she’d smack his shoulder a bit, before pulling him against her to bury her face in his neck. “sasuke-kun! stop embarrassing me…”

he’d just chuckle a little, so softly. “i like them,” he’d say.

“like this?”

“however. they’re always nice.”

giggling, she’d pull back, and kiss his cheek. “that was cute.”

he’d kiss her again just to shut her up.

(because of course, ‘cute’ is not something he ever wants to be used to define him.)

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Are you still doing those drabbles? I'm loving them. You're so awesome at writing bechloe. Could I put two together? 19 and 38

Sorry this took so long!


“We were never meant to fight on our own,” Chloe said, pulling Beca to her feet.

“I told you to leave,” Beca said, wincing as she put her weight on her broken leg.

“I know you did,” Chloe said, pulling Beca’s arm over her shoulder. “But you also must have known I wouldn’t ever leave you. I’m here for you, you know that.”

“I’m gonna get you killed,” Beca said, gritting her teeth. “I can’t really run away can I?”

“Well you won’t need to if I can get us to the roof. Aubrey radioed saying that a rescue copter is on the way,” Chloe said.

“You should have left me,” Beca said trying not to cry out in pain.

The endless hoard of zombies that had surrounded the abandoned building they were in knew there was something inside, but Beca didn’t want to give them more incentive to start breaking through doors.

“We’re going to get out of this,” Chloe said, her voice straining from the effort it took to half-carry Beca up the stairs. “We just have to keep going.”

Beca felt another wave of guilt at the sound of Chloe struggling. If it wasn’t for her, Chloe would probably be on the roof by now and would be one step closer to being rescued.

The next step they stood on snapped at the weight of both of them, and caused them to fall.

Beca felt blinding pain shoot through her leg and thought for an alarming second that she was about to pass out.

“You have to go without me,” Beca said, her face pale. “I can’t… I can’t walk on this. I can’t keep going.”

“Yes you can,” Chloe said, breathing heavily as she pulled Beca up. “You have to. You can’t leave me on my own, so you have to keep going.”


“No arguments,” Chloe said.

Beca had to bite down on her tongue to stop herself from screaming as they carried on climbing the stairs.

They reached the top floor, and there was a hatch and a ladder which would get them onto the roof.

Beca wanted to tell Chloe that she couldn’t climb it. That the pain would be too much. But the redhead was looking at her with a fierce look of determination.

“I am not leaving you,” Chloe said. “You are my girlfriend, and I am not leaving you to die here. So you are going to pull yourself up that ladder, and then I’m going to follow you.”

It was a long and agonising climb, but Beca finally managed to pull herself onto the cold concrete of the roof. She could already here the helicopter in the distance. She’d never heard anything sound so wonderful.

She lay on her back looking up at the stars and soon Chloe was beside her.

She could hear the redhead panting as she slammed the roof hatch shut. She could hear her fumble in her backpack and then the sky was bathed in the red light of a flare. When she closed her eyes, she could still see it.

“Becs, look at me,” Chloe said, suddenly appearing over her. “Just… just stay with me, okay?” Chloe helped her sit up. “Aubrey will be here soon.”

“You saved me,” Beca said, resting her head against Chloe’s chest.

“Of course I did,” Chloe said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

hc where after spending a few days with team voltron, rebels and allies, lotor walks up to keith “you and the red paladin are together i take it?” keith rolls his eyes annoyed “i am the red paladin” at the prince’s silence, he realizes what he just said, old habits die hard i guess “oh, you mean lance” he finally looks up, face blushing immediatelly “wait-no, me and him-lance and i-we aren’t” keith sighs playing with his fingers “no, we are not” keith looks over his shoulder to see lance apparently laughing at something hunk said before turning back to the prince “have you ever been in love, lotor?” he just snorts “i don’t believe in such things as love” keith can see deep down he’s hurt but he’ll let it slide “of course” is lotor’s time to sigh “how about you?” keith’s hand tightens around his blade, thinking about most of his life "i never did“ he collects himself before turning to his team once again, smiling weakly this time ”but now i’m not so sure anymore

every steve/tony argument ever

the world: is fucked and in immediate peril

tony: how about this pragmatic but morally dubious solution

steve: TONY NO that’s imperfect and therefore wrong

tony: ok, what should we do instead then?


hc where once team voltron, allies and rebels reunite lance runs to hug keith and say “i missed you, man” before realizing what he’s doing and who’s watching them, prince lotor included, so he steps back blushing “i mean we all did of course” meanwhile keith wonders if his hood can reach his fucking toes


¡DaveJohn time!

Dibujo que estaba haciendo antes de hacer el sorteo en mi página de facebook(?)
Lo decidí terminar para no dejarlo en los que no he terminado XDDD
¡John malo! ¡No es culpa de Dave no ser un cuervito! >:’((



John: Dave, you are afraid of heights?
Dave: what. no. of course not.
Dave: shut up.


Dave: dude, if you let me down i will torment you all your life.


Very well. In the future, I like to know the menu in advance for my lunches. Yes, ma'am. This afternoon’s main course will be the smoked salmon with lemon butter and watercress. And if I may suggest the Oolong Formosa tea. Fermented tea from Taiwan, featuring an attractive amber hue, a gentle multi-taste, yet a robust and fully-developed aroma.

oh wait,,,,,

trini piggyback kim despite kim telling her that she might not because of heights but trini just give this look of ‘im still doing it princesa’ and ye with PR powers, she was able to do held her up like no biggie deal and kims giggling and trinis just >:///C (but loved it) then of course trini tripped over later on because she got tired (because of course powers had limits, how do they forget abt that??? wall dad is disappointed^tm!!!)

annnnd evenutally, kim decided to carry her bridal style and trinis like, “KIM PUT ME DOWN!” “Never!” but trinis lowkey loved it because at least shes safe in her arms and well wow dangly the rest is up to big fluffs of gayness how can we not!!! 

I don’t understand why some people are so butthurt about shipper hyping up their otp like, isn’t that normal thing to do?? Of course there are some people that overhyped their otp but it’s something that makes them happy. So why people are so pressed about it?

‘They just standing side by side, what is so real about it?? What’s with the overhyped about it?“

Why can’t you just shut up and go focus on your own otp rather than your non otps cause it won’t give you any happiness if you see it. If you think your otp is so freaking real, then go focus on them.

Plus, shippers of all otp need to stop saying other people are delusional for shipping their non otps. You are one of them too, don’t forget that. Stop fighting about who is more real, instead just hype them out in your own otp fandom.

Please do remind yourself that, if you don’t like a certain otp and its fandom, do not follow them and block then. Easy and you won’t even get annoyed with it.

(The reason I’m saying this too it’s because people keep on saying that jikook shipper are taking a bit too far but i have seen other otp saying stuff like
'why didnt the jikook fan acc get deleted?’ 'it’s just full of trash’ 'annoying’
let me just remind that every fandom has it own bad apples so please, don’t act like yours are pure.)

What's Tarry - a conversation
  • Me: What are you rea- *sees her phone* Fan fiction. Of course.
  • Her: *middle finger
  • Me: Uh, no thanks. I don't want to go 'off' to 'fuck' you.
  • Her: Go fuck Tabby then.
  • Me: Shut up. What is it, anyway?
  • Her: HP.
  • Me: I gathered that from the names I could read, idiot. What ship?
  • Her: Tarry.
  • Me: But your OTPs Drarry... What's tha- *le moment of realisation* Holy shit no it ain't.
  • Her: *smirk*
  • Me: Is that Harry and You-Know-Who?
  • Her: *smirks and nods*
  • Me: That's gross. Plotline?
  • Her: [something along the lines of] Dudley rapes Harry and he has sex with Tom for Christmas.
  • Me: *looks horrified* Is everything you read that fucked up?
  • Her: *disinterested* This is one of the more disturbing ones. I do read a lot of Drarry smut, though.
  • Me: *gags* Ugh, gross!
  • Her: Well, there's also Snarry, Hinny (ugh, Hinny) and Tarry, as I mentioned.
  • Me: That's gross.
  • Her: You write the stuff!
  • Me: No, I write normal fan fiction. And Percy Jackson fanfics at that!
  • Her: Nico di Angelo gets kidnapped in your 'The Skittles Incident'
  • Me: But I've never written smut!
  • Her: You read it, though.
  • Me: No I do-
  • Her: I saw your phone earlier. It said 'why have you become my Drarry drug- er, fanfic dealer?' Gotcha
  • Me: Not so fast, Vicky. That was my friend!
  • Her: So you send her fanfics.
  • Me: Fuck.
Orion’s Belt | 5+1

Characters: Sawamura Eijun, Kuramochi Youichi, Takigawa Chris Yuu, Harada Masatoshi, Azuma Kiyokuni, Shirakawa Katsuyuki, Amahisa Kousei
Summary: 5 people who got Sawamura’s contact information through unconventional means. 1 who actually got it through… honest means (?) from Sawamura.
Warning: AllSawa…? Crack.
Note: 2 days till Eijun’s birthday…

1. Kuramochi Youichi

He actually wasn’t trying to get Sawamura’s number or anything. There really wasn’t a reason for it. He was the idiot’s roommate. Why would he ever need to call Sawamura?

But then Wakana sent this really cute picture over text. What? What was that picture? Why does he have to tell you?

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do you think that gay ships are better than straight ships?

No. I think all ships are equal, regardless of what gender is involved. Would I like more LGBT+ representation? Of course. But my list of OTP’s has a mix of mlm, wlw, mlw, etc. if I think there’s chemistry I’ll ship it.