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I’m tired of the constant shipping war, of the constant fandom war. Like, stop. I ship johnlock. I believe in tjlc. I didn’t like s4. Do you ship sherlolly or adlock? Maybe sheriarty? Can’t make sense of tjlc? Loved s4? That’s fine by me, I’m not the shipping police and neither are you. Nobody is. Stereotypes suck. Just because I’m tjlcer doesn’t mean I hate everyone who doesn’t agree. I can follow pro s4 blogs without wanting to prove them wrong. I ship what makes me happy, so are you. Stop generalising, just stop. Fandom isn’t made for hate and bullying.

Molly : (attempting to reconcile after a minor fight) Could you just bring Sherlock to me?

Mrs. Hudson : Well, he locked himself in the bathroom.

Molly : Just tell him I said something.

Mrs. Hudson : Said what?

Molly : Anything factually inaccurate.

*two minutes later*

Sherlock(to Molly) : I’m sorry, the sky is blue because it’s reflecting the color of the ocean?

Sherlock is speaking at a panel, a sort of fan/deductive-reasoning-education thing that John reluctantly helped arrange. At least half of the questions have something to do with asking who Molly is and what their relationship is. After trying to change the subject, by the eighth question, he interrupts: “Yes, this is Molly Hooper, and yes I am in love with her. Can we move onto some more relevant questions now?”

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And a sentence prompt from my favorite prompt list (I can link you if you want): "Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they'd lock us up?"

AN: Okay, not the longest story, but I hope you enjoy this little drabble anyway. It was certainly fun for me, and it definitely cheered me up a bit. 

“What do you think would be the best way to murder someone?”

Molly Hooper dragged herself out of her favorite book to look at the man whose head rested against her shoulder.

Sherlock’s eyes met hers and she couldn’t help it: she smiled. Thought they’d only been….whatever they were for a few weeks, she was happier than she’d ever thought was possible. She thought he was too. He had sad days of course, but that was to be expected given everything that happened with his sister and Victor. She did her best to help him through it with patience and kindness and he told her more than once that she did more than she even knew.

Now, on one of their lazy weekend afternoons, she seriously considered his question. “Are you asking about a specific person?”

“Just need an intellectual exercise, Molly,” he answered.

She was suddenly reminded of Mary and John’s wedding when he’d said something similar. She’d actually found herself doing the same thing when she was at work and bored out of her mind. “Right. Well, I’ve always been rather fond of poison.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “What kind?”

“Aconite,” she said decidedly. “It’s easy enough to find and the only post-mortem sign is asphyxiation. I could easily explain that away with strategically placed fingerprints that conveniently look nothing like mine..”

The look he gave her was nothing short of admiring and tiny prickles of pleasure went down her spine. “Brilliant, Molly Hooper.”

She couldn’t help the flush that came to her cheeks. She loved the way he said her full name, but even more than that she loved the affectionate expression in his eyes. “Thank you,” she said. “But now it’s your turn. How would you kill someone?”

He took a moment to consider the question, briefly shutting his eyes and pressing his fingertips together in his classic “think pose.” She’d never told him, but she thought he looked especially fit when he did so. “Guns and knives accomplish the purpose,” he said finally. “But they’re so…..messy. Besides, any idiot can kill someone with a gun - just point and shoot.”

“True. It’s not very clever,” she commented.

“Not very clever at all,” he  said. “But I have to agree with you.” He gave her an almost wicked grin. “Poison is rather fun, isn’t it? There’s so many opportunities to sneak it in somehow.”

She couldn’t help but tease him a little back. “Absolutely. And you’re lucky I love you, Sherlock Holmes.” She poked her finger pointedly to his chest. “Because trust me, I could poison even you and make it look like an accident.”

He looked up at her and his fingers touched hers long enough to send her pulse racing. He knew it too, because he touched the inside of her wrist and promptly smirked. “And you’re lucky I love you too, Molly Hooper,” he said in a voice even deeper than his normal one. “Because Mycroft and I together could find a way to do the same to you.”

She glanced down at him to give him a face, but when she saw that glint in his eye she couldn’t help a fit of laughter- and he quickly joined her. She loved this ease with him so much, the constant ability she had to always be herself. She let herself chuckle like she hadn’t in months.

“Oh, Sherlock,” she said when she managed to control her giggles. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

“Probably,” he said with almost a bored air. “But I wouldn’t care too much because for one, I’m certain we could find a way to escape.”

“And two?”

The tenderness in his eyes warmed her heart. “Two, I would have everything I need anyway.”

Even though she knew the answer, she asked the question anyway because she would never grow tired of the answer. “And what’s that?”


Pride Is Not the Word I’m Looking For

For @artbylexie who’s got pneumonia! She requested:a Sherlolly case abroad, but it’s Molly who’s been invited, not Sherlock. He doesn’t handle it very well at first, but he’s super proud and supportive of her. 

“Think of it, Molly, an entire week!”

“In the South Downs, yes, it sounds lovely,” Moly agreed.

“Oh hang the location! But a locked door murder, that’s the thrill! Oh I do love my job!” he clasped her face in his hands, kissing her forehead. “Tea please!” and he flopped onto the couch.

She shook her head, reaching for the kettle anyway. “Fine, but you’ll pour out.”

“Of course,” he answered. She’d started requesting something in return when he made his demands of her, usually if he demanded access to the lab, she’d ask he open the door for her, and he did. Or if he asked for tea or hot chocolate, she asked that he be the one to pour it, and he did. Mary Watson said it took a Hooper to teach a Holmes, John said it was that he was finally seeing sense and returning all the thousands of favors he owed Molly. Molly knew deep down Sherlock was a good man, and that he was just plain old finally allowing himself to be that good person.

“Have you packed at all?” Molly asked, carrying the tray into the lounge, setting it on the coffee table.

“I will when I get in, I wanted to rush over to tell you,” he sat up, reaching for the pot of tea. Just then his phone buzzed.

“Might be Lestrade, better get that,” Molly said and picked up Toby, swaying back and forth.

He allowed himself to admire her, just for that moment. She was at ease, cuddling that ridiculously large cat, and looking rather charming, impatiently waiting for him to get off the phone.

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I’m going to do this for Molly Hooper, underrated fave.

1. What is the biggest headcanon deviation from the canon material that you have incorporated into the way you write your muse? Why did you come up with it?

Well, Sherlolly is canon, so that’s no longer a deviation ;)

I feel like what was a headcanon about Molly became validated by later seasons of Sherlock. I saw that there was a lot of strength under her famed “mousiness”–and some of my earliest published fanfics were about her standing up to and for Sherlock in unexpected ways. So basically, Molly is scrappy! And what’s wonderful is that I think the series really showed that over time. Who can forget when she slapped high!Sherlock??? AMAZING 10/10

7. For movie or TV muses, what is your muse’s favorite scene? Why? Can you show a screenshot?

Need I even say why

Twenty Years - a Sherlolly Retirement!Lock fic

Well, Sherlolly, Warstan and Mythea hehe! Plus, Rosie Watson & Victor Holmes <3

a birthday gift to my lovely friend, @sherlollian2016m! I hope you enjoy it, darlin!

Tucked away in the English countryside, stood a cozy cottage, the backyard containing a most beautiful garden, along with a couple of hives set up for beekeeping. Molly Holmes walked down the small garden path to find her husband checking up on the beehives. It was a lovely spring day; not too hot, not too cool. He turned to flash her one of his eye-crinkling smiles. Her heart still hammered in her chest at the sight of him, even after all these years.

“Hey you,” she smiled as he pulled her in for a warm embrace.

“Hello,” he murmured into her hair. It looked like a mix of cinnamon, salt and pepper. Sherlock’s own onyx curls were sprinkled with grey here and there. “How is it that you look more beautiful every day?” Molly stood on her toes to press her lips to his tenderly.

“The same way that you look more handsome each day,” Molly replied, her nose rubbing against his.

“Mm, I love you,” Sherlock spoke softly. “Twenty years. How have you managed twenty years of marriage to me?”

“To be fair, I’ve managed you for thirty years in total,” Molly giggled. “As to how? Because I love you so much, Sherlock. Plus, the shagging is good.” They laughed together. Today was their twenty year wedding anniversary and soon their family would arrive to celebrate with them. They completely disregarded the sound of car doors as they continued to snog each other senselessly. Outwardly, they had aged but inwardly, they were still young at heart.

“Look at you two, still going for it like a couple of teenagers,” John Watson laughed with Mary after finding them in the garden. Victor Hamish Holmes, followed after with his hand laced with Rosie Watson’s, now Holmes.

“Hi,” Molly beamed, giving everyone hugs. Sherlock hugged his best friend, then Mary and his son and daughter-in-law.

“Ugh, sentiment,” a familiar voice called out.

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