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The Roundtable with Sue was fantastic - Una/Wanda were hilarious, Andrew Scott was charming and gorgeous - notes coming tomorrow because there is so. much.

Today is Una & Steven on the car scene in TLD, Steven & Mark’s panel, and Andrew talking about the rooftop scene in TRF.  I’ll try to send comments through the day.

If they didn’t had so much budget why did they spend it for things like explosions, a helicopter and an aston martin?!! Noone expected that from BBC Sherlock. Most of the fans (if they liked S4 or not) just wanted a normal season. Sherlock and John solving crimes together. Okay it was cool to see Mrs Hudson with an aston martin but noone was asking for it. They should have spend their money in a better way and fixed all the plot holes f.e. the jpeg image aka Johns blog.

Sherlocked secrets Ssshhhhh

First day of Sherlocked LA, and lots of interesting tidbits! Got to do one of those meet and greet over wine deals, where we got to ask questions. I asked Mark if he was going for an “unreliable narrator” thing with the set things changing within episodes, e.g. The 221 hallway light. He was surprised and said he hadn’t noticed it, and no it was just a mistake. He said any differences were just mistakes. Someone asked him about the lighting if the skull picture, and he said it was a lightbox behind the pic, and that in some scenes it was just too bright so they dimmed it in post. So absolutely no meaning behind it, and he seemed quite sincere about that and even commented that people read too much into things like that, and that they don’t aim for that (meaning subtle meta meanings). Later I brought the same thing up to Arwen, and he said one of the lights had gotten broken and they couldn’t find an identical one, so they just threw a similar one up. Then he explained that there were 2 sets for the stairs, split by the landing, so that’s why you see both different lights in the same scene. Really kind of sad about all the meta we make up that is absolutely not there at all.


OMG I’m Crying because i love them so much OMG 😢😭💙
My Favourite:
1- OMG Andrews Scott your Jim Moriarty is Showing and wtf is that man behind them doing 😂
2- the way Ben is setting 😂😂😂
3- that group pic OMg look at Martin and Sian 😂😂 they’re so cute