otp: sheeit

“I’m closing the gates. It’s a suicide mission for you. I want to slam hell shut, too. OK? But I want to survive it. I want to live and so should you. You have friends up here. Family. I mean, hell, you even have your own room, now. You were right, OK? I see light at the end of this tunnel. And I’m sorry you don’t. I am. But it’s there. And if you come with me, I can take you to it. I am smart. And so are you. You’re not a grunt, Dean. You’re a genius. When it comes to lore — you’re the best damn hunter I have ever seen. Better than me. Better than dad. I believe in you, Dean. So please, please, believe in me, too.”
                                                                                 - sam winchester


Clay Davis - Sheeeiiit